Kami no Tou: Tower of God: Series Finale – Critical Examination

The Tower of God Finale: Exploring the Events and Unveiling the Hard Truth

This article dives into the finale of the Tower of God anime and discusses some key aspects of the episode. While avoiding spoilers, we explore the context provided by the season and analyze the character development, particularly focusing on Rachel and Bam. The Tower of God anime has captured the attention of many viewers, and this article aims to provide insights into the finale and the possibility of a second season.

1. The Complex Characterization of Rachel

In the finale, the anime offers a deeper exploration of Rachel’s perspective compared to the source material. Although some crucial passages were omitted, the portrayal succeeds in presenting her in a slightly less negative light. However, despite these attempts, Rachel’s actions and choices still paint an unfavorable picture. While it’s evident that she was manipulated by Yu and Hwaryun to some extent, she willingly implicated herself in their schemes. It becomes apparent that Rachel lacks the willpower to achieve her own goals and instead chooses to betray a more deserving individual, namely Bam.

In her conversation with Headon, Rachel’s vulnerability is exposed, and her true nature is revealed. She resorts to using others to compensate for her lack of ability and hopes that someone else will eliminate Bam instead of having to do it herself. The motivations behind Yu and Hwaryun’s actions remain unrevealed, but their emphasis on the term “savior” hints at its significance within the tower. Despite the complexity of Rachel’s character, her jealousy, cowardice, ruthlessness, and shamelessness make her an undeniable antagonist.

2. Bam’s Fate and the Manipulation of Others

The finale confirms that Bam is alive; however, his destiny now falls into the hands of those who perceive him as a powerful weapon serving their own purposes. Although we have gained valuable insights into Bam’s character throughout the season, he remains enigmatic, even to himself. The constant exploitation by others has become a recurring theme in his life, making this new twist somewhat expected. The only new aspect was the presence of friends who valued Bam for who he truly was, and tragically, they have now been taken away from him.

It is crucial to note that this season merely scratches the surface of SIU’s complex Tower of God story. It serves as a prologue to the main narrative, meaning that ending the anime here would be somewhat unsatisfying. Nevertheless, the prologue comprises some of the finest material in the entire series, with both peaks and valleys lying ahead. The world of Tower of God offers captivating characters and storylines, leaving viewers yearning for a continuation of the anime.

3. The Potential for Future Seasons and the Financial Considerations

One aspect to appreciate about the Tower of God adaptation is how Telecom Animation Film managed to produce a well-executed and high-quality anime. The production exceeded expectations, boasting an exceptional cast and benefitting from the musical contributions of Kevin Penkin. While the anime remained faithful to the source material without indulging in stylistic flourishes, its primary objective was to introduce viewers to the appeal of the original story.

Expanding on the Tower of God anime and continuing the narrative beyond the prologue raises financial concerns for the production committee. As Tower of God originated as a web manhwa, the potential for significant revenue generation may be limited. Despite this obstacle, a continuation of the anime would allow fans to explore the vast potential of the Tower of God universe.


The Tower of God finale left viewers with a sense of both closure and anticipation for what lies ahead. While the anime successfully contextualized the events of the season, much of SIU’s intricate story remains untapped. Rachel’s complex character, intertwined with Bam’s fate, enriched the narrative and sparked both admiration and contempt. As Tower of God progresses, there are countless captivating storylines and characters awaiting exploration. The future of the anime adaptation ultimately relies on financial considerations, but the potential for a continuation is undeniable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Rachel the main antagonist of Tower of God?

No, Tower of God features a multitude of characters with their own motivations and alliances. While Rachel plays a crucial role and exhibits antagonistic traits, the story encompasses a more complex web of relationships and conflicts among various characters.

2. Will there be a second season of the Tower of God anime?

The possibility of a second season remains uncertain. Although Tower of God has garnered significant popularity, web manhwa adaptations face financial challenges. The decision to continue the anime ultimately depends on the willingness of the production committee to invest in the franchise.

3. Does the source material provide more depth than the anime adaptation?

Yes, the web manhwa serves as the foundational source for the Tower of God anime. While the anime captures the essence of the story, the source material provides additional details, character development, and plot intricacies that deepen the overall narrative.

4. Are there other notable characters worth exploring in the Tower of God universe?

  • Yuri Jahad: A fierce and determined princess of Jahad who plays a significant role in Bam’s journey.
  • Khun Aguero Agnes: A strategic and intelligent character who becomes a loyal ally to Bam and plays a crucial role in their adventures.
  • Rak Wraithraiser: A powerful and loyal companion with a humorous personality. Rak’s strength and loyalty make him a fan-favorite character.
  • Hatsu: A skilled and disciplined swordsman who showcases impressive combat abilities throughout the series.
  • Anak Jahad: Another princess of Jahad, Anak is bold and possesses a strong sense of justice. Her dynamic character adds depth to the Tower of God universe.

5. Should I read the source material after watching the anime?

If you enjoyed the Tower of God anime and crave further exploration of the story, reading the web manhwa is highly recommended. The source material offers additional layers of character development, plot intricacies, and overarching storylines that enhance the overall Tower of God experience.