Kamisama Dolls: Gripping World – Episode 2 Analysis

Kamisama Dolls: A Competent but Unexceptional Anime Series

After watching the second episode of Kamisama Dolls, it is clear that my initial opinion of the series remains unchanged. While it boasts a polished and well-executed production, it fails to excel in any particular aspect, providing solid entertainment without any outstanding features.

Introducing New Characters

In the second episode, there is a slight slowdown in pacing to allow for the introduction of additional supporting characters and the development of the main leads. One notable character is Kuuko, the head and sole member of the True Science Club at N University, where Kyouhei and Hibino are also students. Kuuko, with her fascination for conspiracy theories like Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monsters, has managed to alienate her fellow club members with her provocative behavior. While it is amusing to witness Sawashiro-san’s talent in her role as a quirky and eccentric character, I hope Kuuko’s exaggerated personality is toned down in future episodes.

The Complex Sibling Dynamic

This episode sheds more light on the complex relationship between the main characters, Kyouhei and his younger sister, Utao. Utao, who displays tsundere tendencies towards her brother, clearly adores him and seeks his attention and approval desperately. Conversely, Kyouhei appears to be harsh towards his sister during her training with the Kami. However, subtle moments throughout the episode, such as when Kyouhei is briefly alone with the Kami, suggest that he may possess an innate talent for controlling the power but has chosen to refrain from using it. His caution hints at past experiences where losing control had dire consequences, alluding to a deeper, morally-driven narrative.

Kyouhei, in contrast to typical male leads in anime, exhibits a level of maturity and composure, though he remains shy and prone to anxiety around his classmate, Hibino. He approaches life with a cautious mindset, likely influenced by his past that is only glimpsed through flashbacks. However, the presence of Utao and Kukuri challenges his safe approach and pushes him to confront his beliefs about controlling supernatural powers. The bond between Kyouhei and Utao appears to be the foundation of the series, adding an emotional depth to the story.

A Blend of Tones

Kamisama Dolls seems poised to strike a balance between various tones rather than focusing on a specific one. The second episode leaned towards light-heartedness, eliciting laughter when Utao accidentally dumped Kuuko and her companion into a lake or when she attempted to manipulate her game controller using Kukuri. However, there are indications that the series will veer towards intense action and potentially dark and violent moments. The underlying darkness within the village’s story and the reappearance of Aki, whose role remains uncertain as either a villain or victim, add intrigue and suspense to the narrative.

Support for Earthquake Recovery

Notably, the animation studio, Brains Base, included a message of support for the people of Ibaraki, where the series is set, in their anime. As it is the first instance of such a notice, Brains Base deserves commendation for their display of empathy. This act suggests that they prioritize depicting real-world issues and actively contributing to the recovery efforts following the devastating 3/11 East Japan earthquake.


In conclusion, Kamisama Dolls offers viewers a competent anime series that blends elements of humor, action, and darkness. While it may not stand out among its peers, its solid execution and intriguing character dynamics make it worth watching. As the series progresses, the complex sibling relationship, the exploration of supernatural abilities, and the mysteries surrounding the village will likely captivate audiences.


1. Is Kamisama Dolls suitable for a high school audience?

Yes, the series is appropriate for high school viewers, with its blend of action, humor, and exploration of supernatural themes. However, some scenes may contain intense moments and violence, so parental discretion is advised.

2. What makes Kamisama Dolls different from other anime series?

Kamisama Dolls sets itself apart through its unique sibling dynamic and the repercussions of controlling supernatural powers. The nuanced relationships between the characters and the underlying darkness in the narrative contribute to its distinctive appeal.

3. How does Kamisama Dolls balance its different tones?

Kamisama Dolls achieves a balance between light-hearted moments of comedy and intense action sequences. While episodes may lean towards one tone more than the other, the series maintains an overall blend of tones to keep the viewers engaged.

4. What impact does Brains Base’s message of support have?

Brains Base’s inclusion of a message supporting the recovery efforts following the 3/11 East Japan earthquake demonstrates their commitment to real-world issues. It serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength of the affected communities and showcases the studio’s empathy.

5. What can viewers expect from future episodes of Kamisama Dolls?

As the series progresses, viewers can anticipate further exploration of the complex sibling relationship between Kyouhei and Utao, more intense action sequences, and revelations regarding the mysteries surrounding the village and Aki’s role in the narrative.