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The Astonishing Success of Kingdom Manga

It was recently announced that the manga series Kingdom has achieved a remarkable milestone, with over 92 million volumes sold. This exceptional sales figure positions Kingdom as one of the top-selling manga series, despite the fact that it has never received an English license. While Kingdom is available in other languages, it is perplexing why English publishers have chosen to overlook a series that holds great commercial appeal in the Western market.

The Strategic Battle for the Future of Qin

The recent events in Kingdom’s narrative have brought forth a climactic battle for the future of Qin. The character Meng Yi’s facial expression when Diao’s name was mentioned has piqued the curiosity of readers. The battle is led by Changping, who faces the daunting task of being vastly outnumbered by his opponents. He cleverly formulates a strategy based on the “Lightning Belt” technique, aiming to quickly and decisively defeat the enemy by taking out their commander, Duke Rongdi.

Assisting Changping in this crucial battle are his aide-de-camp Jie Yi and Meng Yi, who supports Jie Yi’s coordination efforts. However, the most critical position falls to Diao. She must coordinate the movement of Rongdi’s rear guard without direct communication with the commander. Changping’s strategy relies heavily on building a metaphorical “wall” around the enemy command, with Diao at the center, to execute a rapid and precise strike.

Rongdi, aware of the imminent threat, comprehends that retreating would only lead to his demise at the hands of Changping’s forces. He chooses to confront the charging enemy commander directly, knowing that this is his best chance to preserve the hatred for Qin and inspire future rebellions. This flaw in Zheng’s grand plan to unify China raises intriguing questions about the challenges he will face in the days to come.

The Motivation of Defenders versus Invaders

An essential aspect of battles, both in the pages of Kingdom and in real life, is the disparity in motivation between the defenders and the invaders. Even though Zheng’s partisans are vastly outnumbered, their determination remains strong. They face an army filled with mercenary soldiers, conscripts, and highly motivated individuals who despise Qin, making it difficult for the invaders to sustain their will to fight once Rongdi falls.

Changping and Jie Yi recognize this reality and strategize a full retreat, leveraging the concept of retreat as a way to spread dismay among the enemy ranks. Diao plays a crucial role in parting Shang Lu’s army, creating an opening for Rongdi’s forces to escape. This decisive move effectively leads to the end of the battle for Xianyang, leaving Fan Wuji, who has no knowledge of his wounded and captured son, with no choice but to retreat as well.

The Surprising Role of Changping

In the end, Changping emerges as the linchpin of the entire battle. Despite being viewed as an ally during the battle for Zui, Changping’s true allegiance remains undisclosed. This revelation surprises Xin, who humorously thanks Changping on Zheng’s behalf, expressing anticipation for their future collaboration. Changping’s decision to switch sides is rooted in his shared dream of a unified Middle Kingdom with Zheng as its rightful leader.

Meanwhile, Xin seeks affirmation from Changwen, an old acquaintance, regarding their total victory. With Lu Buwei seemingly defeated, the fate of Lu Buwei and the Queen Dowager becomes a significant question. Although Lu Buwei possesses exceptional talents and the Queen Dowager is Zheng’s mother (someone whose transgressions he has forgiven in the past), it appears that their presence in the Qin court is no longer tenable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Kingdom manga receive an English license in the future?

As of now, there is no official information regarding the possibility of an English license for the Kingdom manga. However, given its tremendous popularity and commercial appeal, fans remain hopeful that English publishers will recognize its potential and provide an official translation for a Western audience.

2. Are there plans to adapt Kingdom into an anime series?

While an anime adaptation of Kingdom has not been announced, fans of the manga eagerly anticipate the possibility of seeing their beloved characters come to life on screen. The success of the manga and its dedicated fanbase make it a promising candidate for an anime adaptation in the future.

3. How does the Battle of Xianyang impact the future of Qin?

The Battle of Xianyang marks a significant turning point in the history of Qin. With the successful execution of Changping’s strategy, the defeat of Duke Rongdi, and the retreat of his forces, Zheng’s path toward unifying China gains momentum. However, challenges and opposition from various factions within the kingdom are anticipated as this ambitious plan unfolds.

4. Is Kingdom based on historical events?

While Kingdom is a work of fiction, it draws inspiration from the Warring States period in ancient Chinese history. The manga incorporates real historical figures and events, intertwining them with fictional characters and narratives to create an engaging story that captures the essence of that tumultuous era.

5. Where can I read Kingdom manga?

Currently, Kingdom manga can be read in its original Japanese language. However, fans around the world eagerly await official translations in various languages, including English. Online platforms and manga distribution websites may provide access to Kingdom manga in different languages as they become available.


The impressive achievements of the Kingdom manga series, with over 92 million volumes sold, highlight its widespread popularity and the captivating storytelling within its pages. The climactic battle for the future of Qin, strategically orchestrated by Changping and his devoted students, leaves readers on the edge of their seats. As the narrative unfolds, the challenges, triumphs, and complexities faced by the characters continue to enthrall fans. With a loyal following and a compelling storyline, Kingdom solidifies its place as a highly regarded manga series that captivates readers worldwide.