Legion of Super Heroes (2023) Film Review: A DC Movie Adventure

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Legion of Super-Heroes: A Missed Opportunity in the DC Animated Canon


Jeff Wamester’s Legion of Super-Heroes is a film that falls short of expectations in the DC animated lineup. While DC’s animated films have often stood out in the superhero genre, offering creative and risk-taking narratives, Legion of Super-Heroes fails to deliver the same level of excitement. This article will explore the shortcomings of the film, analyzing its storyline, character development, and missed opportunities for innovation.

The Tomorrowverse and Its Visual Personality

Legion of Super-Heroes is the fourth installment in DC’s “Tomorrowverse,” an attempt at creating a shared universe within their animated canon. This universe, initiated in 2020 with Superman: Man of Tomorrow, maintains consistent animation style and recurring voice actors. While the new visual approach adds more expression and fluidity to the characters, it lacks the sheer beauty that the previous animation style achieved. Director Jeff Wamester, who had previously helmed Justice Society: World War II and Green Lantern: Beware My Power, brings a safe and serviceable approach to Legion of Super-Heroes, mirroring the overall tone of the film.

A Missed Character Exploration

The film centers around Supergirl, who has recently arrived on Earth after being stranded in space for several decades. While an interesting premise, the storyline quickly veers off into a generic My Hero Academia-style plot, as Supergirl finds herself enrolled in the Legion Academy, a school that trains future superheroes. The introduction of Brainiac 5 and a group of eccentric misfits adds some entertainment value, but their character development feels generic, lacking the depth and uniqueness necessary to engage the audience.

An Inconsistent Narrative

One of the most frustrating aspects of Legion of Super-Heroes is its inability to establish a coherent theme or focus. The film initially presents itself as a fish-out-of-water story, exploring Supergirl’s struggle to adapt to Earth and its culture. However, it quickly abandons this concept in favor of a detective mystery plot, relegating the school premise to the background. Unfortunately, the central mystery fails to engage viewers, as it follows predictable beats and lacks originality. As the narrative progresses, it becomes apparent that the writers are unsure of Kara’s main character arc, resulting in a confusing and unsatisfying conclusion.

Moments of Entertainment and Mediocrity

While Legion of Super-Heroes falls short in several aspects, it does offer some redeeming qualities. The characters may feel like cardboard cutouts at times, but they provide moments of entertainment, particularly in their comedic missteps when using their powers. The climax of the film takes an unexpected turn with elements of body horror, giving a refreshing and chilling twist to an otherwise lackluster experience. However, any positive momentum is disrupted by an unnecessary and forced romantic subplot that does nothing to enhance the overall story.

A Lack of Boldness and Creativity

Ultimately, Legion of Super-Heroes fails to stand out among its animated superhero counterparts. While it boasts solid voice performances and maintains a level of enjoyable engagement throughout, it lacks the innovative and risk-taking qualities that can be found in other DC animated films. Casual movie fans looking to explore the DC animated catalogue are advised to skip this film and instead opt for the bolder offerings that the studio has produced. Legion of Super-Heroes doesn’t necessarily do anything wrong, but it also fails to leave a lasting impression.


In conclusion, Legion of Super-Heroes falls short of its potential, delivering a safe and disappointing addition to the DC animated canon. With missed opportunities for character exploration, an inconsistent narrative, and a lack of boldness and creativity, the film fails to differentiate itself in a genre that thrives on innovation. While it offers moments of entertainment, they are overshadowed by the overall mediocrity of the experience.


1. Are there any standout performances in Legion of Super-Heroes?

While the voice performances in the film are solid, there are no particularly standout performances that elevate the overall experience.

2. Does Legion of Super-Heroes explore Supergirl’s struggle to adapt to Earth in depth?

Unfortunately, the film does not fully explore the potential of Supergirl’s adjustment to Earth, opting instead for a generic school premise that fails to provide meaningful character development.

3. Is Legion of Super-Heroes visually impressive?

While the new animation style adds visual personality to the characters, it lacks the breathtaking beauty of the previous style seen in the DC animated films.

4. Can Legion of Super-Heroes be recommended to casual movie fans?

For casual movie fans looking to venture into DC’s animated catalogue, it is advisable to skip Legion of Super-Heroes and explore the bolder and more creative offerings that the studio has released.

5. Does Legion of Super-Heroes offer anything unique or original?

Regrettably, Legion of Super-Heroes fails to deliver anything particularly unique or original, missing opportunities to stand out among other animated superhero films.