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Love Sarah: A Heartwarming Culinary Drama with Flaws

Love Sarah, directed by Eliza Schroeder, is a heartwarming bakery drama that exudes a Chocolat-like charm. However, despite its well-meaning intentions, the film falls short of perfection. The titular character, Sarah Curachi, is an Ottolenghi-trained pastry chef whose tragic cycling accident occurs just as she is about to fulfill her dream of opening a bakery in Notting Hill. As Sarah’s best friend Isabella struggles to sell the empty space, she teams up with Sarah’s daughter and estranged mother to bring to life Sarah’s bakery dream, aptly named “Love Sarah.”

A Talented Cast Brings the Characters to Life

The strength of Love Sarah lies in its exceptionally talented cast, who effortlessly captivate the audience and make us fall in love with the characters. The endearing story unfolds with an abundance of smiles, leaving viewers in a good mood long after the credits roll. However, while the film succeeds in creating an enjoyable and heartwarming experience, it falters when attempting to craft a believable narrative for its protagonists and their endeavors.

Improbable Coincidences and Unlikely Twists

One aspect where Love Sarah veers off course is its reliance on improbable coincidences and unlikely twists. For instance, Sarah’s daughter Clarissa, an aspiring dancer, conveniently finds herself involved in the bakery when she becomes homeless after a breakup with her boyfriend. She coincidentally ends up sleeping in her mother’s empty shop, setting the stage for Isabella to discover her the next morning. It turns out that Clarissa is not truly homeless, as she has a grandmother, Mimi, whom she can reach out to, leading to another series of unlikely events. Mimi, a retired circus star, coincidentally wrestles with her own guilt as she was in the midst of reconnecting with her estranged daughter when Sarah’s accident occurred. These improbable twists, although intended to add intrigue, often detract from the overall credibility of the story.

Lost Messages in a Changing London

Love Sarah’s release coincides with a time when certain aspects of the film, specifically its emphasis on cultural diversity and messages of acceptance, may face challenges. The film portrays the bakery’s success as relying on Mimi’s idea to cater to customers who are not originally from London, offering them a taste of home through their favorite pastries and cakes. While this concept is meant to convey a message of human connection and inclusivity, recent events, such as Brexit, have altered the societal landscape, potentially impacting the resonance of this message with audiences.

Embracing the Feel-Good Elements of Love Sarah

Despite its flaws, Love Sarah still holds appeal as a feel-good culinary drama with remarkable performances and delectable treats that leave viewers craving Japanese matcha cake. Director Eliza Schroeder’s intentions are clear in wanting to deliver a film that promotes acceptance and connection. Therefore, it is best to approach Love Sarah with an open mind, focusing on its positive and heartwarming qualities rather than scrutinizing its imperfections. The film invites us to savor its enjoyable narrative and immerse ourselves in the heartfelt moments it provides.


Love Sarah may not achieve the level of perfection it aspires to, but it succeeds in delivering a heartwarming and delightful experience. Its talented cast, endearing story, and mouthwatering delicacies charm viewers, despite the film’s occasional narrative missteps. While some aspects may feel out of touch with the contemporary cultural climate, Love Sarah has the power to leave audiences with a genuine sense of warmth and longing for more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Love Sarah based on a true story?

No, Love Sarah is a fictional film that tells the story of Sarah Curachi’s dream of opening a bakery and how her loved ones come together to fulfill that dream after her tragic accident.

2. Is the bakery featured in the film a real bakery in Notting Hill?

No, the bakery portrayed in Love Sarah is a fictional creation for the purposes of the film. It does not exist in real life.

3. How can I watch Love Sarah?

Love Sarah is available to watch on Hulu, as well as on various digital platforms and through on-demand services. Check your preferred streaming or rental platform for availability.

4. Who are the main actors in Love Sarah?

The main cast of Love Sarah includes Candice Brown as Sarah Curachi, Shelley Conn as Isabella, Shannon Tarbet as Clarissa, Celia Imrie as Mimi, and Rupert Penry-Jones as Matthew, a Michelin-star-winning chef who plays a pivotal role in the story.

5. Does Love Sarah address any important themes?

While Love Sarah primarily focuses on the journey of fulfilling a bakery dream and the bonds between three generations of women, it also touches upon themes of grief, forgiveness, and the power of coming together to achieve shared goals. These themes add depth and resonance to the film’s heartwarming narrative.

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