Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 3rd Season: Anime Adventure Unveiled – Episode 17

The Harvest Festival and the Mystery of the Legend Leaf

The Harvest Festival has finally concluded, but there are still unanswered questions lingering in the air. One of the prominent concerns is how to make the Legend Leaf bloom, as it is the most valuable part of the festival. As the clock winds down and the competition nears its end, finding the solution becomes more critical than ever.

Unveiling the Enigma of the Legend Leaf

Lead, the unsung hero of the festival, starts to unravel the mystery. He recalls a lesson from Suzy-sensei about using magic to make flowers bloom, known as “Quan Quan.” While Lead’s initial attempts prove fruitless, he wonders if the only missing ingredient is mana. However, it turns out that Iruma’s ally, Ali-san, has depleted all their mana. Luckily, there is a nearby demon who has been siphoning mana from enchanted playmates for the past four days. Without hesitation, she agrees to lend her hand to Iruma.

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Although this connection doesn’t immediately yield the desired results, it is a crucial step toward solving the enigma. Naphula enters the scene with their “Rainbow Watering Can,” adding another layer to the equation. When all the elements are combined, the Legend Leaf finally blooms. While this moment may initially seem underwhelming, it carries immense significance. Worth 100,000 points, it should theoretically guarantee victory. However, there are other important aspects intertwined in this sequence.

An Intriguing Encounter and Point Distribution

During the Leaf’s emergence, an enigmatic figure named “Is it you?” appears solely to Iruma, disregarding Lead. This mysterious presence likely signifies a significant missing demon. Its importance will likely be revealed in due time. Now, the focus shifts to distributing the earned points. As predicted, Clara remains indifferent and solely wants Team Iruma to win. Interestingly, Naphula, also known as Ampsey, is a student council plant, and their rescue was part of the Legend Leaf trial, which had gone uncompleted until now. The Leaf’s quirky appearance adds to its absurdity, but its pre-bloom statement piques curiosity, expressing a desire to meet the least “demonish” demon.

A Twist in the Harvest Festival Ranking

Regarding the Harvest Festival and the Dalet bump, Orobas initially celebrates their miraculous victory with 58,000 points. However, Jazzy intervenes, highlighting the Vase of Endings’ rarity, valued at 20,000 points. This revelation tips the scales in Team Iruma’s favor, pushing them above the competition. Orobas experiences conflicting emotions, but ultimately embraces his position. Nonetheless, the matter of Ocho remains unresolved, leaving us to wonder who plays the role of Wormtongue while waiting to unveil the true identity of Saruman.

Impending Revelations and Promotions

The upcoming weeks promise tantalizing discoveries about the true nature of the Legend Leaf. Yet, the moments of “Is it you?” and “The least demonish demon of them all” stand out as the episode’s pivotal moments. However, Iruma and Lead’s promotion holds practical importance. Additionally, the Young King’s role raises questions about potential conflicts. Will there be a “there can be only one” scenario? And if so, who will prevail?


The Harvest Festival may have ended, but its aftermath leaves us with more questions than answers. While the Legend Leaf blooming and point distribution bring a sense of closure, the lingering mysteries surrounding the enigmatic encounters will undoubtedly shape future events. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming episodes, we await the unveiling of the true nature of the Leaf, the resolution of unresolved matters, and the fate of our beloved characters.


1. How does one make the Legend Leaf bloom?

To make the Legend Leaf bloom, a combination of elements is necessary. Utilizing magic, known as “Quan Quan,” plays a role, but it is not solely dependent on mana. It requires the assistance of a mana-filled demon and Naphula’s “Rainbow Watering Can” as well. By merging these components, the Legend Leaf finally sprouts.

2. What is the significance of the “Is it you?” encounter?

The enigmatic figure that solely appears to Iruma, uttering the words “Is it you?” suggests the presence of a crucial missing demon. This encounter adds an intriguing layer to the unfolding narrative, leaving us in anticipation of future revelations.

3. How are the points distributed in the Harvest Festival?

The distribution of points in the Harvest Festival depends on individual decisions. Clara, one of the competitors, prioritizes Team Iruma’s victory and disregards personal gain. Meanwhile, Naphula, as a student council plant, was involved in the Legend Leaf trial, representing an essential aspect of point distribution.

4. What is the significance of the Vase of Endings?

The Vase of Endings holds significant value in the Harvest Festival, contributing 20,000 points to the team that possesses it. This revelation alters the ranking and ultimately secures Team Iruma’s victory. Its importance signifies the intricate nature of the festival’s mechanics.

5. What can we expect from the upcoming episodes?

The forthcoming episodes promise to unravel the mystery surrounding the Legend Leaf further. Additionally, the fate of Ocho and the potential conflicts within the Young King’s realm will be addressed. Anticipate a blend of revelations, character growth, and unforeseen challenges in the Harvest Festival Arc.