Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 3rd Season: Anime’s Wondrous Realm – Episode 20

The Unique Appeal of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

I must say, the incredible versatility of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun is nothing short of amazing. It sets this series apart from other shounen shows, and that’s something I wouldn’t change for the world. However, when a series can excel in so many different modes, the writing sometimes tends to aim for that same level of success. This was evident in the Harvest Festival arc, which, by Iruma-kun standards, followed a relatively conventional shounen storyline. Although it retained the show’s unique sensibility, I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing at times.

The truth is, even if this week’s episode of Iruma-kun isn’t necessarily better, it offers a higher level of satisfaction. The series has the potential to be multifaceted, but it’s episodes like this that truly capture its essence. Many shows could attempt something like the Harvest Festival, though not in exactly the same way. However, how many of them could deliver an episode as hilariously charming as this one? Mairimashita! Iruma-kun couldn’t sustain this level of comedy every week, as it wouldn’t maintain its uniqueness as a series. Nonetheless, I do wish we could experience it just a little more frequently.

A Visit to Lead-kun’s House

The two chapters that comprised this episode offered an equally fantastic experience. First, we witness a visit to Lead-kun’s house. Surprisingly, Iruma makes a rare request to Sullivan – a gaming console. Without hesitation, Sullivan fulfills Iruma’s request, allowing Team Shota to reunite. In this season, Lead has taken the spotlight as the frontrunner within the “rest of the class” group. He started by becoming Iruma’s training partner and continued to shine during the festival. The friendship between Lead and Iruma has grown significantly, and it exemplifies a typical male middle school friendship more than his relationships with Azz and Clara.

The entire sequence at Lead’s place was pure hilarity. The whole “boku-ore” situation had me laughing out loud; it perfectly represents the dilemma of a pronoun-obsessed Japanese individual (notice how Iruma immediately went back to using “boku” to refer to himself). Then, there was the encounter with the slightly pervy porn mag, with Iruma disclaiming any interest whatsoever. This authenticity was incredibly refreshing. And just when things couldn’t get better, Shakky (voiced by Yamamoto Nozomi) made her appearance. As someone with two older sisters, I found this encounter all too relatable. Shakky’s transformation upon realizing that Lead’s guest was the Chairman’s grandson added another layer of comedy gold. The hilarious “otouto” debate brought everything to a glorious climax (poor Lead).

Iruma-Ameri Interaction

Finally, we witnessed the season’s first significant interaction between Iruma and Ameri. It starts with a vibrant staged reading by Iruma, planting the seed of an idea in Ameri’s mind – bake something for Iruma as a congratulatory (and pre-engagement) gift. As soon as she mentioned being banned from the kitchen by Henri, the direction this was going became clear to me. Even with Opera-san’s special cookie recipe in hand, disaster was inevitable. It’s evident that these two are clueless in the kitchen, and Iruma’s fear of wasting anything (including eggshells) stems from his experiences with abandonment.

Poor Opera becomes the tragic victim here, forced to supervise these two cyclonic forces of kitchen destruction. In the end, the cookies are made, but only because Opera micromanages every step. While Iruma plans to share the cookies with others (which will apparently be the basis of the season finale next week), Ameri has only one recipient in mind (well, Henri is an afterthought). Any time these two are together, it becomes quite apparent just how much of a kid Iruma is compared to Ameri, regardless of their actual age difference. Ameri ends up having to physically lift Iruma onto the counter to present the gift. While he’s undoubtedly overjoyed, his excitement may not be for the same reasons that a more mature individual would have (like Ameri).

In Conclusion

All in all, this episode of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun is absolutely fantastic. No other shounen series can charm viewers in quite the same way. The blend of innocent whimsy and snark is as potent as any dish in Opera’s repertoire. It’s remarkable how deeply developed the cast is, considering that Iruma-kun accomplishes this without heavily relying on most of the main characters. While the series is exceptional in all its various forms, there’s no doubt that episodes like this one hold a special place in my heart.


1. Will there be more episodes featuring Lead-kun’s character development?

Lead-kun’s character has indeed become more prominent this season, and it’s likely that we will continue to see his growth and development throughout future episodes.

2. Are there any other manga references in this episode?

This episode primarily focuses on original material, but it’s possible that subtle nods or references to the manga exist within certain scenes or dialogue.

3. Can we expect more comedic interactions between Iruma and Ameri?

While the relationship between Iruma and Ameri certainly provides moments of comedic gold, it’s difficult to predict if and when their interactions will occur again in future episodes.

4. Will the upcoming season finale revolve around Iruma sharing cookies with others, as hinted in this episode?

Based on the hints provided, it’s highly likely that the season finale will revolve around Iruma’s plan to share the cookies he made. However, there may also be additional surprises and developments in store.

5. How does the voice acting contribute to the comedic moments in this episode?

The voice acting performances in this episode, particularly during the hilarious scenes at Lead’s house and the kitchen mishaps, greatly contribute to the comedic tone and enhance the overall enjoyment of the episode.