March 2023 New Movies on Digital/VOD This Month

March 2023: Exciting New Movies on Digital & VOD

This month, we can expect a wide range of exciting new movies to be released on digital and Video on Demand (VOD). From festival favorites to highly anticipated releases, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Let’s explore the list of movies that will be available to watch from the comfort of our own homes in March 2023!

US Releases

In the US, viewers can look forward to a diverse selection of films hitting digital and VOD platforms this month. Here are some notable releases:

American Bolshevik

American Bolshevik, directed by Julie Marron, tells the captivating story of the coyote, considered the most hunted animal in America. Through interviews with experts and individuals connected to the topic, this documentary explores the expansion of coyotes throughout the country and efforts to peacefully coexist with them.

The Park

In The Park, directed by Shal Ngo, a mysterious virus starts wiping out all adults, leaving society in the hands of children who are now in control. The story follows rival kids battling for dominance in an abandoned theme park, where danger lurks and survival becomes their ultimate mission.

A Little White Lie

A Little White Lie, directed by Michael Maren, is a fish-out-of-water comedy about Shriver (Michael Shannon), a down-on-his-luck handyman who is mistaken for a famous writer that has been in hiding for over two decades. This case of mistaken identity leads him on an adventure at a college literary festival, where he unexpectedly finds love.

The Burial

Directed by Michael Escalante, The Burial follows Molly, who joins her boyfriend’s family reunion at a remote cabin. However, the trip takes a dark turn when their true purpose is revealed, leading to a conflict against pure evil that Molly must confront.

Calvaire – HD Remaster

Calvaire – HD Remaster, directed by Fabrice du Welz, is a thrilling horror film released during the height of the New French Extremity movement. It tells the story of a traveling entertainer who becomes the captive of a dangerously unhinged innkeeper.


Consecration, directed by Christopher Smith, follows Grace, who goes to a convent in Scotland to uncover the truth behind her brother’s suspicious death. As she delves deeper into the investigation, she uncovers murder, sacrilege, and a disturbing revelation about her own past.

The Donor Party

In The Donor Party, directed by Thom Harp, recently single Jaclyn (Malin Ã…kerman) is determined to become a mother by any means necessary. Alongside her best friends, she plans an unconventional sperm heist while celebrating an oblivious friend’s birthday, leading to unexpected outcomes.

Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence, directed by Alessandro Antonaci, Daniel Lascar, and Stefano Mandalà, tells the story of Emma, who returns to her family home in Italy when her father is severely injured. Alone in the house, she encounters a haunted radio that connects her to an evil entity. As supernatural forces grow stronger, she must unravel the dark secret behind the radio’s curse to survive.

End of Loyalty

End of Loyalty, directed by Hiroshi Katagiri, is an action thriller centered around Grant, the son of a notorious crime family seeking retribution after his father is killed. However, his grief turns into violence, and his friend Ray, a federal agent, tries to prevent him from descending into darkness.

Ghost Town

In Ghost Town, directed by Owen Conway, a drifter takes on a job as a barman in an Arizona town in 1877. After a series of bizarre and horrifying deaths, he becomes the target of suspicion and finds himself entangled in a supernatural mystery that plagues the town.

Palm Trees and Power Lines

Palm Trees and Power Lines, directed by Jamie Dack, revolves around Lea, a seventeen-year-old girl spending her summer break aimlessly. An encounter with an older man named Tom leads to unexpected consequences as red flags about his true intentions slowly surface. Lea finds herself in a situation she couldn’t have imagined.


Directed by Matt Nable, Transfusion tells the story of a father and his young son who attempt to reconnect after a devastating loss. As the father, suffering from PTSD and without an identity after retiring from the military, falls into the criminal underworld, he discovers what he’s willing to do to protect his son.

The Year Between

In The Year Between, directed by Alex Heller, Clemence Miller, a college sophomore, returns home after a mental breakdown. Struggling with a bipolar disorder diagnosis and adjusting to life back in the Illinois suburbs, she must learn to live with her well-meaning but frustrated family and find balance in a world that seems determined to hinder her.


Lonesome, directed by Craig Boreham, explores the unexpected connection between two young men, Casey and Tib, who find solace in each other but struggle to navigate their feelings in a society marked by isolation and prejudice.


In Rebroken, directed by Kenny Yates, Audra receives her dream home as a graduation gift but soon realizes that uninvited guests harbor deep animosity towards her as the new owner. Audra must navigate a supernatural mystery to escape the dark forces haunting her new home.


Directed by Yoko Okumura, Unseen follows Sam, a gas station clerk who receives a misdialed call from Emily, a woman running from her murderous ex-boyfriend in the woods. Stranded without her glasses, Emily relies on Sam’s eyes through a video call, leading to a thrilling and suspenseful fight for survival.

These are just a few of the exceptional movies coming out in the US this month, covering various genres and captivating storylines. Be sure to keep an eye out for these releases on digital and VOD platforms!

UK Releases

UK viewers can also look forward to a fantastic lineup of movies releasing on digital and VOD this month. Here are some highlights to keep an eye out for:


In the UK, audiences can finally watch Living, directed by Oliver Hermanus. This thought-provoking film portrays the life of an ordinary man who yearns to break free from his monotonous routine. He embarks on a journey to transform his dull existence into something remarkable and truly lived.

Bad City

Directed by Kensuke Sonomura, Bad City takes audiences on a thrilling journey through the Japanese underworld. As viewers explore the brutal and battle-filled city, they encounter Hitoshi Ozawa, a notorious figure in the crime scene, leading to high-stakes confrontations and action-packed sequences.

Adopting Audrey

Adopting Audrey, directed by Michael Cahill, tells the story of Audrey, a woman who has faced multiple disappointments in life. Fired from her job and estranged from her family, she finds solace and inspiration in the world of adult adoption, embarking on a new path with unexpected challenges and heartwarming connections.

The Irish Mob

The Irish Mob, directed by Rob McCarthy, delves into the criminal underworld of Dublin. Led by crime boss Val Fagan, the gang faces intense pursuits from Garda detectives, who are determined to disrupt their operations. As tensions rise, Fagan must use all means necessary to maintain his reign over the ruthless Dublin underworld.

The Virgin Suicides – New 4K UHD Restoration

The Virgin Suicides – New 4K UHD Restoration, directed by Sofia Coppola, is a modern classic that has been restored to its stunning beauty. This atmospheric film set in 1970s America follows the lives of the Lisbon sisters and the impact of their mysterious behavior on the neighborhood boys obsessed with them.

These are just a few of the captivating films coming to the UK on digital and VOD this month. Stay tuned for their releases and prepare to be entertained by these thought-provoking and visually stunning stories.


March 2023 brings an array of exciting new movies to digital and Video on Demand platforms. Whether you’re in the US or the UK, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From thrilling adventures to captivating dramas, these films offer a diverse range of stories, characters, and emotions. So grab some popcorn, settle into the comfort of your home, and enjoy these cinematic wonders!

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