March 2023 New Movies/Shows to Stream This Month

March 2023: New Movies and Shows to Stream on Various Platforms

In the month of March 2023, get ready to indulge in a plethora of exciting new movies and shows available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+, Shudder, Paramount+, and more. This article will guide you through the must-watch releases and provide comprehensive information on what to expect. Are you ready to embark on a streaming journey filled with captivating stories and thrilling entertainment? Let’s dive in and explore the options.

New Movies to Stream in March 2023

Looking for some fresh cinematic experiences? Here are the top new movies coming to your favorite streaming platforms this month:


Can’t get enough of the Disney magic? Disney Plus brings you a selection of captivating movies and shows to enjoy:

  • “The Boston Strangler” – Release Date: March 13
  • “Finding Michael” – Release Date: March 3
  • “Chang Can Dunk” – Release Date: March 10
  • “Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming with Dave Letterman” (special) – Release Date: March 17
  • “Prom Pact” – Release Date: March 31


If you’re a fan of independent and international cinema, MUBI has some intriguing releases in store for you:

  • “Holy Spider” – Release Date: March 10
  • “Mr. Bachman and His Class” – Release Date: March 7
  • “Saint Omer” – Release Date: March 22
  • “Please Baby Please” (UK & Ireland) – Release Date: March 31


Netflix, the undisputed streaming giant, continues to provide a diverse range of original movies and series this month:

  • “MovieBunker Reviews” – Click on the link above for the full list of movies and shows with trailers, release dates, and synopses.


For horror enthusiasts, Shudder has something eerie and suspenseful to offer:

  • “Spoonful of Sugar” – Release Date: March 2


Other streaming platforms are also joining the March madness with their own selection of exciting releases:

  • “Code of the Assassins” – Release Date: March 3 (Hi-Ya!)

New Shows to Stream in March 2023

Looking for some binge-worthy TV shows? Here are the new series coming to various streaming platforms this month:


Apple TV+ brings you a lineup of original series and movies, including the highly anticipated Season 3 of “Ted Lasso”:

  • “Ted Lasso” – Season 3 – Release Date: March (exact release date TBA)


Disney Plus never disappoints with its wide array of family-friendly shows:

  • “The Mandalorian” – Season 3 – Release Date: March 1, with weekly episodes and finale on April 19
  • “Kiff” – Release Date: March 15
  • “Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts” – Season 2 – Release Date: March 15
  • “Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.” – Season 2 – Release Date: March 31


HBO Max keeps the momentum going with captivating series:

  • “Perry Mason” – Season 2 – Release Date: March 6
  • “Rain Dogs” – Release Date: March 6
  • “Succession” – Season 4 – Release Date: March 26


Hulu presents a variety of shows to keep you glued to your screens:

  • “Up Here” – Release Date: March 24
  • “Dragons: The Nine Realms” – Season 5 – Release Date: March 2
  • “Unprisoned” – Release Date: March 10


Netflix, the reigning streaming king, continues to provide exciting original shows to satisfy every genre preference:

  • “MovieBunker Reviews” – Click on the link above for the full list of shows with trailers, release dates, and synopses.


Paramount+ has some enticing shows lined up for your viewing pleasure:

  • “The Challenge World Championship” – Release Date: March 8
  • “School Spirits” – Release Date: March 10
  • “Rabbit Hole” – Release Date: March 26


Peacock offers intriguing shows that will keep you hooked:

  • “Queens Court” – Release Date: March 16


Prime Video provides a mix of thrilling and dramatic series:

  • “The Power” – Release Date: March 31
  • “Daisy Jones & The Six” – Release Date: March 3
  • “Most Dangerous Game: New York” (Roku Channel) – Release Date: March 10
  • “Class of 07” – Release Date: March 17
  • “DOM” – Season 2 – Release Date: March 17
  • “Swarm” – Season 1 – Release Date: March 17
  • “Die Hart 2: Die Harter” (Roku Channel) – Release Date: March 31


Don’t forget to explore other streaming platforms that have their own unique shows in store:

  • “THE CONFESSIONS OF FRANNIE LANGTON” (BritBox) – Release Date: March 8 (North America, Australia, South Africa & Nordic Markets)

March 2023: Season Finales

March also brings the culmination of some highly anticipated series. Make sure to catch these season finales:

  • “Walker” – “Independence” – Season Finale Date: March 2
  • “The Winchesters” – Season Finale Date: March 7
  • “Kung Fu” – Season Finale Date: March 8
  • “Poker Face” – Season Finale Date: March 9
  • “Unprisoned” – Season Finale Date: March 10
  • “The Last of Us” – Season Finale Date: March 12
  • “Wolf Pack” – Season Finale Date: March 16
  • “Carnival Row” – Season Finale Date: March 17
  • “Servant” – Season Finale Date: March 17
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