Maybe I Do Review Film 2023 Rom-Com

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Maybe I Do: A Mediocre Rom-Com With Missed Opportunities

Maybe I Do, the debut film feature by Michael Jacobs, brings together a star-studded cast to tell the intertwined stories of three couples and their pivotal moments in relationships. Led by Emma Roberts as Michelle and Luke Bracey as Allen, the film explores the ultimatum of marriage or breakup that puts their love to the test. While Maybe I Do manages to offer a breezy and inoffensive take on the multi-generational romantic comedy genre, it falls short in terms of originality and performance. Despite the film’s universal themes, it struggles to connect with viewers, leaving them feeling disconnected from the characters.

Lacking Relatable Characters and Chemistry

In any successful romantic comedy, relatable characters play a crucial role. Even if flawed, through their interactions with their love interests, we learn to love and root for them. However, Maybe I Do’s script is filled with stilted dialogue, resulting in a lack of chemistry between the star-studded cast. The characters’ relationships feel shallow, making it difficult for viewers to invest in their journey. Emma Roberts and William H. Macy deliver respectable performances, portraying hopeless romantics in search of their happy endings. On the other hand, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon’s characters suffer from a lack of depth in the script. Keaton’s portrayal of Grace feels one-dimensional, lacking agency, while Sarandon’s performance as Michelle is insufferable and fails to redeem the character.

A Lackluster Blend of Romance and Humor

Maybe I Do not only falls short in terms of romance but also fails to deliver on the comedic front. Whether it’s Sam’s exaggerated emotional reactions to romance movies, Howard’s awkward encounters with unwanted guests, or the neighbor’s intrusive shouting, the humor feels contrived and detached from real-life experiences. A successful rom-com strikes a balance between heartfelt romance and genuinely funny moments, but Maybe I Do struggles to find that equilibrium.

Uninspired Set Designs That Reinforce Disconnection

While the set design may not be the first aspect that comes to mind when thinking of rom-coms, it can significantly impact the overall atmosphere and connection between characters. Unfortunately, Maybe I Do fails to utilize imaginative backdrops, further reinforcing the disconnection viewers experience. The sparse and unconvincing locations, such as Michelle and Allen’s home, lack the authenticity required for two people deeply in love to share their lives. It’s as if these settings are mere stock images rather than places with genuine emotional resonance.

A Forgettable Climax and Conclusion

Maybe I Do’s flaws culminate in its lackluster climax and ultimately inconsequential conclusion. While it’s true that a rom-com doesn’t necessarily have to change one’s life, exceptional films in this genre have the power to captivate, move, or entertain audiences on a deeper level. Unfortunately, Maybe I Do misses the mark in too many ways to leave a lasting impression. Reflecting on memorable rom-coms like Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), it becomes clear that Maybe I Do lacks the narrative beats and emotional resonance necessary to create a truly impactful experience.


In conclusion, Maybe I Do fails to impress with its unimaginative script and stilted performances, despite featuring a star-studded cast. While it attempts to explore relatable themes of fear, self-discovery, and finding true love, the film falls into the safety net of formulaic rom-com conventions. With characters lacking relatability and chemistry, a lackluster blend of romance and humor, uninspired set designs, and an inconsequential climax, Maybe I Do fails to leave a lasting impression on viewers.


1. When will Maybe I Do be released in theaters?

Maybe I Do is set to be released in US theaters on January 27, 2023.

2. Who are the main stars in Maybe I Do?

Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey play the leading roles of Michelle and Allen in Maybe I Do. The film also features acclaimed actors such as William H. Macy, Diane Keaton, and Susan Sarandon.

3. Does Maybe I Do offer anything unique in the romantic comedy genre?

Unfortunately, Maybe I Do doesn’t bring anything particularly unique or groundbreaking to the romantic comedy genre. It largely follows the formulaic conventions of the genre, resulting in a lack of originality.

4. Are there any standout performances in Maybe I Do?

While the overall performance of the cast in Maybe I Do falls short, Emma Roberts and William H. Macy manage to deliver respectable portrayals of their characters. However, Diane Keaton’s role lacks depth and Susan Sarandon’s performance fails to redeem her character.

5. Can Maybe I Do be considered a must-watch rom-com?

Regrettably, Maybe I Do doesn’t rise to the level of a must-watch rom-com. Its flaws, including a lack of relatable characters, chemistry, and compelling storytelling, prevent it from standing out among the more memorable films in the genre.