Mob Psycho 100 III: A Journey through Anime’s Finale and Series

The Bittersweet Farewell of Mob Psycho 100

As fans of long-running anime series, saying goodbye can often elicit a mix of emotions, and the conclusion of Mob Psycho 100 is no exception. While there is undoubtedly a tinge of sadness, the satisfaction of witnessing an adaptation that stayed true to its source material without compromise prevails. Under the guidance of a talented studio and director, this series was able to tell its story on its own terms, leaving no room for regrets. It stands as a testament to the kind of adaptation every great manga deserves but often fails to receive.

An Unsurprisingly Satisfying Ending

The ending of Mob Psycho 100 can be described as “unsurprising in a good way.” From the very beginning, creator ONE has remained thematically consistent in this series, which led us to expect a narrative trajectory that adheres closely to those themes in the final leg of the story. However, it became clear that the meeting between Tsubomi and Shigeo could not serve as the literal dramatic climax. Tsubomi, though an important character symbolically, holds minor presence in the story. A climax centered on their confession would have left us feeling cheated.

Instead, the ultimate resolution had to revolve around Mob and Reigen. These two characters are not only the most important, but they also embody the central symbology of the series. They are mirror-images of each other, each living a lie and suppressing their true selves. However, this facade does not define them – it is merely a thread within a larger fabric. Mob has already played a significant role in helping Reigen reconcile his inner conflict; it is only fitting that, in Mob’s darkest hour, Reigen returns the favor.

Tsubomi’s Vital Role and Unveiling Her Mystery

Tsubomi, a steadfast girl, waits faithfully for Shigeo even in the most ludicrous circumstances. Although we never truly got to know Tsubomi well, ONE masterfully made her a mysterious and semi-mythical figure within the narrative, mirroring Mob’s perspective. Yet, it would be intriguing to dive deeper into her character, as she comes across as incredibly forthright and direct. Undeniably, Tsubomi plays a vital role in helping Shigeo navigate through the darkest phase of his life up to this point.

The Unwavering Loyalty of Reigen

Reigen, on the other hand, has come to terms with the contradiction he embodies, something Mob has not yet achieved. There is not a shred of doubt that Reigen would ever abandon Mob in his time of need. It is not merely a matter of gratitude or love, but a reflection of Reigen’s true nature. The real Reigen is fiercely loyal and thrives in the face of adversity. Even as Serizawa relents and falls away, Reigen charges forward. While ??? dismisses Reigen as a fraud who manipulated his powers for personal gain, Mob still gravitates towards him when in dire need.

As Mob succumbs to the dominance of “Shigeo,” it appears that Reigen’s influence falls just short. However, ONE introduces a surprising twist in the form of Ekubo’s return. Although this move may be controversial, the unforeseen reappearance of Dimple seems fitting as Mob desperately needed him during this time. As an entity with an existential nature, Ekubo’s return acts as a beacon that beckons him back.

Reigen’s Final Moment and Mob’s True Acceptance

Ekubo’s return allows Reigen to stand beside Shigeo at last, albeit privately. The words Reigen shares with Mob are no secret to the latter. Mob is well aware that, professionally, Reigen is a fraud. However, what Reigen fails to understand is that Mob chose to stand by him despite his false front. It is not Reigen’s persona that Mob loves but Reigen himself. Everything Reigen offered to Mob was genuine, and this is how Mob perceives him – the version Reigen cannot see when looking in the mirror. In a way, Mob becomes for Reigen what Tsubomi represents for him – someone who accepts them for who they truly are, not as they appear to be.

The Struggle for Self-Acceptance in Adolescence

The battle to accept oneself, rather than constantly judging, is particularly arduous during adolescence. This struggle continues for many throughout their lives, and some never conquer it. Shigeo and Reigen exemplify both aspects. Ultimately, it is Reigen’s courageous admission – even his disdain for the part of himself he presents to the world – that breaks down Mob’s resistance. Mob embraced Reigen when Reigen could not embrace himself. Mob’s growing circle of friends and his family accepted him even when he could not accept himself. Perhaps witnessing Reigen face his own reflection provided Shigeo with the strength to do the same.

Addressing the Scale of Destruction and Moving Forward

If there is one minor quibble with this conclusion, it lies in the relatively easy brushing over of the massive scale of destruction and Shigeo’s responsibility for it – both emotionally and practically. Naturally, there was never enough time to explore this aspect fully within a single episode. Nevertheless, it remains a minor annoyance. Despite moving away from the Spirits & Such realm, Mob has not moved on from being Reigen’s friend. His decision to climb the pole and attempt to save the cat signifies his choice to not solely rely on Shigeo, and ultimately, things work out fine.

A Bittersweet Journey Comes to an End

Bidding farewell to a beloved character after witnessing their growth over the course of several years is never easy. However, this bittersweet moment aligns thematically with the uncertainty of life that must be embraced. We have witnessed Mob’s transformation and his arduous journey towards self-acceptance throughout three seasons, marveling at his increasing strength. Whatever challenges lie ahead, he is now better equipped to face them, thanks to Reigen’s inspiring example. This character arc stands as one of the finest in anime, among several others in this exceptional series.

As an anime series, Mob Psycho 100 emerges as a resounding success story, leaving a lasting impression. While farewells are often accompanied by a longing, I am grateful for the rewarding and satisfying experience it has provided. As we anticipate the upcoming adaptations of other cherished manga series, I can only hope that they receive the same level of treatment and care. Perhaps it is ambitious to expect such quality repeatedly, but the benchmark set by Mob Psycho 100 serves as an inspiration for future adaptations to aspire to.


In conclusion, the final episodes of Mob Psycho 100 deliver a poignant and memorable ending, highlighting the importance of acceptance, loyalty, and growth. As we say goodbye to the characters we have come to love, there is a sense of sadness, but also a deep appreciation for the exceptional storytelling and adaptation. The journey of Mob and Reigen reminds us of the struggles we all face in our quest for self-acceptance, particularly during our formative years. It is a testament to the power of genuine connections and the impact we can have on each other’s lives. Mob Psycho 100 has left an indelible mark on the world of anime.