Mob Psycho 100 III: Exploring the Animated Abyss – Episode 08

A Mind-Bending Episode of Mob Psycho 100

I have to admit, the latest episode of Mob Psycho 100 left me perplexed and bursting with thoughts. It took a surprising turn with the introduction of space aliens in a series that already includes telekinesis and telepathy. While those abilities are not grounded in reality, they are somehow more believable than encountering extraterrestrial life. It was an unexpected blend of sci-fi and surrealism, challenging the viewers’ expectations.

Unparalleled Visuals

One aspect that truly stood out in this episode was the unconventional use of visuals. The animation style took a daring leap, alternating between high frame rates and intense movements to hazy and indistinct scenes. This intentional choice gave the episode a dreamlike quality, reminiscent of experimental series like Space Dandy. The visuals added to the overall brilliance of the episode.

A Narrative Trojan Horse

This episode cleverly unfolded as a narrative Trojan horse. It began with a seemingly grounded plotline, depicting a typical excursion up Mud Boat Mountain. The mundane events, including Mob’s carsickness and the group getting lost, built an ordinary foundation. Alongside these events, tensions rose as Tome questioned Takenaka’s telepathic abilities and accused the boys of playing a prank on her. It set the stage for an unexpected twist.

An Alien Encounter

Despite the initial disbelief, Takenaka’s spell to summon aliens surprisingly worked, catapulting the storyline into uncharted territories. Pink, translucent aliens with mesmerizing eyes appeared, offering a language barrier and a spaceship equipped with a tractor beam. The aliens, seemingly middle schoolers themselves, engaged in playful games, shared snacks, and exchanged gifts. The juxtaposition of human and alien interactions added a touch of adolescent authenticity, while a bewildered Reigen observed from his alien beanbag chair.

A Twist Within The Twist

Just as the episode seemed heartwarming and nostalgic, a second twist emerged. The aliens decided to keep Inukawa, leaving him unable to communicate without Takenaka’s translation abilities. This turn of events took the story to a darker place, with hints of mistreatment and exploitation. However, it also allowed for an imaginative exploration of the aliens’ world, as Inukawa became a hero in their eyes. Eventually, Inukawa managed to express his desire to return home, leading to a bittersweet resolution.

A Unique Blend of Genius and Intrigue

Reflecting on this peculiar episode, whether it was a stroke of brilliance or simply a bizarre interlude remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the exceptional storytelling and artistry utilized in this episode create a synchrony that encourages us to embrace its enigmatic nature. The departure from the series’ usual tone and narrative connects with viewers on a deeper level, leaving room for interpretation and discussion.


The outlandish encounter with space aliens in Mob Psycho 100’s latest episode challenges the boundaries of reality within the series. Surprising twists, stunning visuals, and emotional moments make it an unforgettable installment. While it may deviate from the overarching storyline, this unique detour offers a fascinating exploration of Mob’s world.


1. Will the aliens play a significant role in future episodes?

While the episode implies the importance of the aliens being girls, their role in future episodes remains uncertain. Mob Psycho 100 often surprises viewers, so it’s possible they may reappear in unexpected ways.

2. How did Inukawa’s friends react to his disappearance?

The episode doesn’t provide explicit details regarding the reaction of Inukawa’s friends. Although their efforts to retrieve him weren’t shown, it can be assumed that they were concerned and made attempts to bring him back.

3. What was the message behind the dreamlike visuals?

The dreamlike visuals served to enhance the surreal and otherworldly atmosphere of the episode. It created an immersive experience and conveyed a sense of wonder, urging viewers to question the boundaries of reality.

4. How do the aliens communicate with their human visitors?

While a language barrier exists between the aliens and humans, Takenaka’s abilities somehow transcend this obstacle. His telepathic powers allow for limited communication, enabling interaction and understanding between the two groups.

5. What impact will this episode have on Mob’s character development?

The episode’s events will likely have a lasting impact on Mob’s character development, showcasing his ability to adapt and address unexpected situations. It provides an opportunity for further exploration of Mob’s emotions and growth.