Naked Zombie Girl Is Back Review 2022 Film Horror Movie

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The Exciting and Surprising Journey of Naked Zombie Girl is Back


When I first heard about a short film titled Naked Zombie Girl is Back, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. The concept of a “grindhouse superhero” in the zombie genre sounded like a unique approach. While the zombie genre has its fair share of tropes and clichés, there are always opportunities for films within this genre to deliver excitement and profundity. In the case of Naked Zombie Girl is Back, written and directed by Rickey Bird Jr., the film not only avoids disaster but also offers a thrilling experience with impressive effects and action that will keep audiences engaged.

Setting the Stage: The Sequel and its Plot

Naked Zombie Girl is Back serves as the sequel to Naked Zombie Girl (2014), both films created by Rickey Bird Jr. The storyline revolves around a courageous woman, played by Nicole Cinaglia, who finds herself pursued by a gunman, portrayed by D.T. Carney, amidst a horde of the undead. During the intense chase, her clothes get torn off, leaving her to fight for her life while completely naked.

Impressive Craftsmanship Despite Limited Resources

One aspect that stands out in this short film is the remarkable craftsmanship, considering the apparent budget constraints. Rickey Bird Jr. demonstrates his skill in making the most out of limited resources. The prosthetics, makeup, and blood effects are well-executed, contributing to the authenticity of the scenes. Additionally, the retro 80s-inspired soundtrack enhances the overall tone while maintaining a delightful touch of campiness. The cinematography is particularly commendable, effectively creating a sense of urgency and disorientation without resorting to shaky-cam techniques. The fluidity of the camera movements keeps viewers engaged without inducing motion sickness, a much-appreciated aspect of the film.

An Exploration of Dialogue and Visual Storytelling

Although Naked Zombie Girl is Back may not break new ground in terms of its writing, it still delivers a solid narrative within its thirteen-minute runtime. As expected in the zombie genre, there may not be a surplus of unexpected twists and turns, given the limited duration. However, one aspect that sets this film apart is its minimal use of dialogue. Characters communicate primarily through non-verbal cues, relying on body language and facial expressions to convey the story visually. This unique approach adds an intriguing layer to the zombie genre and prompts curiosity as to how it would translate into a feature-length film adaptation.

The Titular Naked Zombie Girl

Avoiding Objectification: A Delicate Balancing Act

When discussing Naked Zombie Girl is Back, it’s impossible to overlook the presence of the titular character, a naked woman throughout most of the film. The handling of such a portrayal could easily veer into problematic and uncomfortable territory. However, the film deserves credit for largely handling this aspect appropriately. While there are occasional shots that may be perceived as objectifying, they are a minority. The focus remains primarily on portraying the determination on the zombie girl’s face as she fights to survive. Full-body shots predominantly highlight the copious amounts of blood covering her body as she fearlessly wields a chainsaw against the undead. The character’s nudity is not framed in a sexual manner, with minimal emphasis on her intimate areas. Ultimately, the story centers on her resilience and prowess in combat.

A Pleasurable Experience for Zombie Film Enthusiasts

Naked Zombie Girl is Back undoubtedly appeals to fans of the zombie film genre. While part of me yearned for more emphasis on campiness, I appreciate the filmmaker’s decision to maintain a delicate balance, preventing the film from crossing into the realm of explicit pornography. Rickey Bird Jr. walks this fine line, successfully delivering a thrilling experience without compromising artistic integrity. If the idea of watching a naked woman fearlessly battle hordes of zombies sounds enticing to you, I highly recommend giving Naked Zombie Girl is Back a chance.

Upcoming Screening at Screamfest

To further pique your interest, it’s worth noting that Naked Zombie Girl is Back will be featured at Screamfest on October 16, 2022. This provides an excellent opportunity for horror enthusiasts to witness the excitement and creativity of this intriguing short film.


Naked Zombie Girl is Back proves to be a genuinely enjoyable and surprising journey within the zombie genre. While it may not revolutionize the genre, the film succeeds in providing a thrilling experience with its solid effects, impressive craftsmanship, and action-packed sequences. Its unique approach to limited dialogue adds an intriguing dynamic to the storytelling. Furthermore, the film handles the portrayal of a naked female character with relative sensitivity, focusing more on her strength and determination rather than exploiting her nudity. With its upcoming screening at Screamfest, Naked Zombie Girl is Back is poised to captivate audiences with its blend of excitement and artistic merit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Naked Zombie Girl is Back a sequel?

Yes, Naked Zombie Girl is Back is a sequel to the original short film Naked Zombie Girl (2014), both created by Rickey Bird Jr. This continuation expands on the story and continues to explore the thrilling world of a determined woman fighting against undead hordes.

2. Who are the main actors in Naked Zombie Girl is Back?

The film stars Nicole Cinaglia as the titular Naked Zombie Girl and features D.T. Carney as the gunman pursuing her. Both actors deliver captivating performances that contribute to the intensity and excitement of the film.

3. How does Naked Zombie Girl is Back differentiate itself from other zombie films?

While Naked Zombie Girl is Back adheres to some common elements found in the zombie film genre, it sets itself apart through its emphasis on visual storytelling and minimal use of dialogue. This unique approach provides a fresh perspective and distinguishes the film from others within the genre.

4. Can Naked Zombie Girl is Back be enjoyed by audiences unfamiliar with the zombie genre?

Certainly! While fans of the zombie genre may find certain elements more familiar, the film’s gripping action, impressive effects, and suspenseful sequences can be enjoyed by a wide range of viewers. Naked Zombie Girl is Back offers a thrilling experience that transcends the confines of any specific genre.

5. Where can I watch Naked Zombie Girl is Back?

Naked Zombie Girl is Back will be showcased at Screamfest on October 16, 2022. This renowned horror film festival provides an ideal platform to witness the excitement and creativity of Naked Zombie Girl is Back. Stay tuned for future opportunities to experience this thrilling short film.