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Nope: A Review of Jordan Peele’s Latest Thriller

A Unique Blend of Horror and Social Commentary

Nope is a highly anticipated film that packed with allegories, messages, and tension-filled moments. However, does it manage to arrange all of these elements coherently without feeling overinflated? Well, let’s explore this intriguing movie experience together.

A Mysterious Journey With Unpredictable Twists

The Unconventional Storyline of Nope

Nope stars Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer as OJ and Emerald Haywood, siblings who own a ranch in an isolated countryside. Although one would expect their biggest concerns to be related to the horses’ health or monthly rent, they encounter a phenomenon far stranger. A mysterious flying object begins causing bizarre occurrences in their town, and it’s definitely not a bird or even Superman. Instead of fleeing to a more populated area, the siblings decide to document this unexplained phenomenon, even though it may jeopardize their personal well-being. It may seem unrealistic, but it reflects the overwhelming desire for viral fame that exists in our contemporary society.

Expectations and Premise

The Anticipation for Nope

As a horror movie enthusiast, I had reasonably high expectations for Nope. Being a film from the talented Jordan Peele certainly boosted my excitement, considering his successful track record with movies like Get Out and Us. However, what particularly captured my attention was the film’s premise itself. Most movies revolving around aliens and extraterrestrial civilizations tend to explore sci-fi settings, such as alien solar systems. In contrast, Nope seemed to promise a return to the more old-fashioned alien stories, where regular people stumble upon UFOs, reminiscent of episodes from The Twilight Zone. This unique blend of horror and nostalgia had the potential to deliver an exceptional movie experience.

The Fear of the Unknown

The Element of Horror in Nope

Nope masterfully captures the essence of horror by utilizing the fear of the unknown. The unidentified flying object at the core of the film naturally instills a sense of fear and anticipation in both the characters and the audience. Neither the characters nor the viewers have any clue about the object’s origin, intentions, or mechanisms. This anticipation builds throughout the film as we wonder how the extraterrestrial entity will make contact. Yes, alien invasions have been explored in cinema before, but the extensive knowledge surrounding the topic makes it increasingly difficult to predict the nature of the encounter. Will there be laser beams, toxic gases, or eerie interactions with the local wildlife? The film cunningly plays with these expectations, especially in its early stages, progressively unraveling the mysteries that lie ahead.

A Balancing Act: Story and Character Development

The Importance of Engaging Story and Characters

In any horror film, a series of scary moments strung together is insufficient. A well-crafted narrative and well-developed characters are essential to immerse the audience fully. Perhaps it seems obvious, but Jordan Peele appears to have overlooked this fundamental aspect in Nope.

Peele weaves a multitude of social commentary into Nope, exploring topics ranging from viral videos and surveillance culture to the influence of cinema, African American history in film, capitalism, and even TMZ. While thought-provoking, these themes often override the movie’s basic structure and impede its narrative progression.

The film’s pacing feels erratic, akin to a ride on an unsteady horse. The first two-thirds of the film appear to lack a clear sense of direction, resulting in a prolonged haunted house experience. As we reach the climax, the movie abruptly transitions into a final act that feels rushed and disoriented. While the characters manage to escape a perilous situation, their subsequent irrational decision-making undercuts their established personas and leaves the audience questioning their motivations.

A Lack of Emotional Connection

The Underdeveloped Dynamics Between Characters

The performances of Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and the supporting cast are earnest and commendable. However, the dynamics between the central characters, OJ and Emerald, remain underdeveloped. The film attempts to evoke emotion by employing the common trope of revisiting an innocent action or catchphrase from the beginning and transforming it into an impactful moment. Unfortunately, this emotional payoff feels unearned due to the lack of character establishment throughout the movie.

Moreover, Nope includes several scenes and characters that initially appear irrelevant to the main plot. One notable example is a subplot involving a chimp that intermittently appears throughout the story. Its relevance puzzled me, and even after prolonged reflection, I was left with more questions than answers. Only by researching and reading related articles did I comprehend the connection between these seemingly disjointed elements and the film’s overarching themes. While clever, this reliance on external analysis for full appreciation detracts from the film’s potential impact.

The Struggle with Ambitious Storytelling

Ambition and Execution in Nope

Jordan Peele’s ambition is evident in Nope, much like an overly ambitious chef attempting to serve a multi-course meal from different cuisines. Each dish is served as soon as it is ready, without considering the need for a proper sequence. This impairs the film’s ability to present its grand vision cohesively.

Nope stands as a testament to Peele’s horror technique, with competent cinematography and editing that effectively capture the genre’s essence. However, the overall execution of his ambitious vision falters due to the lack of structural clarity and character development.

A Conclusion Shrouded in Confusion

Reflecting on the Reception of Nope

Perhaps, as an audience member, I may not fully grasp the intended message or purpose behind Nope. One could argue that by meticulously analyzing every scene, even down to the tiniest details, the film’s pieces might eventually fit together. However, this raises the question: Should one need to invest additional effort to comprehend a movie after the first viewing? An initial encounter with a film should engage, captivate, and leave a lasting impression. Sadly, Nope leaves many viewers confused and disengaged, ultimately questioning whether a second viewing would be worthwhile.

FAQs about Nope

1. Is Nope a direct sequel to Jordan Peele’s previous films, Get Out and Us?

Nope is not a direct sequel to Get Out or Us. While all these films share Jordan Peele’s unique vision and style, Nope tells an independent and self-contained story.

2. Can Nope be considered a science fiction film?

Nope can be categorized as both a horror film and a science fiction film. While it incorporates elements of extraterrestrial encounters, its primary focus lies on creating a tense and suspenseful atmosphere.

3. Who would enjoy watching Nope?

Nope would appeal to fans of Jordan Peele’s previous works, lovers of horror and suspense, and those seeking a thought-provoking movie experience.

4. Does Nope deliver a satisfying conclusion?

The conclusion of Nope may leave