Ore Monogatari: Heartwarming Romance – Series Review

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The Ending of Ore Monogatari

As we reflect on the ending of Ore Monogatari, it becomes clear that the finale both showcased the series’ charm and revealed its limitations. While the ending may have been predictable in many aspects, it was the natural choice considering the title and focus of the show.

A Non-Ending for a Non-Stop Romance

Ore Monogatari has always been unique in its portrayal of romance, with Takeo and Rinko’s story lacking the typical romantic mystery found in other anime series. Throughout the show, both characters have been refreshingly open about their feelings for each other, leaving little room for suspense in this final arc. It was obvious that Rinko would never choose anyone other than Takeo, making the events of the last episode unsurprising but still endearing.

The Path to the Finale

While the outcome of the final act was expected, the journey to get there was still worth exploring. It was not in Ore Monogatari’s style to make major characters into villains, so it was no surprise that Ichinose played a role as an antagonist. His relationship with Takeo reminded viewers of the debates in other series, such as Chihayafuru, where characters grapple with conflicting emotions.

True to Themselves

In the closing episode, each character stayed true to their nature. Takeo, though initially worried about standing in Rinko’s way, ultimately decides to fight for her. Rinko never wavers in her commitment to Takeo and never considers Ichinose as a potential mate. Suna, although in a somewhat peripheral role, remains steadfastly loyal to Takeo. And Ichinose, though dedicated to his art and conviction that he and Rinko were meant to be together, never pushes her against her will.

A Touch of Fun and Progress

It was a delightful touch to see Takeo saving Ichinose and finally summoning the courage to say Rinko’s name aloud. Despite their relationship’s lack of dynamism, it remains refreshing, honest, and transparent. There is progress here, not just in verbal affirmations, but in Takeo acknowledging that Rinko has the agency to make her own choices. By disrespecting himself, Takeo disrespects her decisions.

Exploring Alternative Endings

While the series could never have ended focusing solely on Suna’s romantic life, it may have been more rewarding to dive deeper into the friendship between Takeo and Suna. Their bond is the most emotionally resonant in the series, and it deserved more than an afterthought in the finale. Nevertheless, the final shot of Takeo’s head not even fitting in the frame perfectly encapsulates his role and provided a fitting image to conclude the series.

The Legacy of Ore Monogatari

While Ore Monogatari may not be deemed a masterpiece, it undoubtedly brought numerous positive elements to the table. The series excelled in handling significant moments, such as the crises involving Suna’s father and Takeo’s mother having a baby. Moreover, it shone in its portrayal of futile romances and unrequited love, injecting a bittersweet quality that made it stand out. These secondary storylines outshone the main romance in many instances.

Suna’s Friendship and the Unconventional Choice

However, the lasting impression of Ore Monogatari lies in the friendship between Suna and Takeo. Their modern-day bromance showcases depth and complexity, surpassing the romantic storyline. Suna’s enigmatic character, willingly accepting the role of a supporting character even in his own life, adds intrigue. The series deviates from the norm by presenting Suna’s choice not to pursue love merely for the sake of it as a legitimate life decision. This unconventional statement distinguishes Ore Monogatari from other manga and anime series.


In conclusion, the ending of Ore Monogatari strikes a balance between predictability and charm. While it follows a path that was expected, it remains heartfelt and endearing. The exploration of secondary storylines and the depiction of an honest friendship add depth to this series, making it a worthwhile watch for fans of romance and character-driven narratives.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will there be a second season of Ore Monogatari?

As of now, there are no official announcements regarding a second season of Ore Monogatari. However, fans can always hope for future adaptations or continuations of the series.

2. Is the manga still ongoing?

Yes, the manga for Ore Monogatari is still ongoing. Fans who want to continue the story can find further developments in the source material.

3. How does Ore Monogatari compare to other romance anime?

Ore Monogatari stands out from other romance anime due to its unique portrayal of an open and transparent relationship. Its emphasis on secondary storylines and deep friendships adds depth to the genre.

4. Did the finale wrap up all loose ends?

While the finale of Ore Monogatari focused primarily on the central romance, some secondary storylines may have felt unresolved. However, the overall conclusion provided a satisfying end to the main narrative.

5. What makes Ore Monogatari different from typical romance manga?

Ore Monogatari defies conventions by presenting a character, Suna, who consciously chooses not to pursue love. This choice challenges the traditional narrative arc found in many romance manga, making Ore Monogatari stand out in the genre.