Oreimo: Bittersweet Conclusion – Episode 12 Review

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So ends Oreimo – the “good end”, that is

The conclusion of the popular series Oreimo left viewers with a sense of satisfaction, although the true ending of the special episodes still remains a mystery. While many fans may have the same expectations for the ultimate outcome, there is still hope for a surprising twist.

Kirino’s miraculous personality change

At the beginning of the last episode, Kirino’s sudden transformation from her previous self is still intact. She greets her brother Kyouske with a pleasant “Good morning” and “Thank you,” goes out of her way to make breakfast for everyone, and overall exhibits a considerate and kind demeanor. While Kyousuke may find this change a bit unsettling, he decides to go with the flow for the time being. However, his curiosity is piqued when he discovers the reason behind Kirino’s behavior.

Midnight release madness

Kirino reveals her desire for Kyouske to wait in line with her at Akiba for the midnight release of a new eroge she has eagerly been anticipating. Given his past history of being a pushover, there is no doubt that Kyousuke will comply with her request. During their time at Akiba, a humorous encounter with Akagi adds an unexpected twist to the plot, leaving viewers questioning the true nature of their relationship. Eventually, Kyousuke finds himself in Kirino’s bedroom playing the game at 1 AM, which leads to the revelation of the real motive behind Kirino’s altered behavior.

An opportunity in America

The story takes a fascinating turn as Kirino announces her departure to America the following day. She has been offered a tempting opportunity to receive track coaching overseas. To Kyousuke’s surprise, he stumbles upon the airplane ticket that Kirino had intended to show him before getting cold feet. This ticket serves as a means for Kirino to test if he cares enough to beg her to stay. However, when Kyousuke refuses to do so, Kirino reacts with extreme violence, unleashing her frustration on him. Despite this, a twist unfolds as Kirino ultimately changes her mind.

The mysterious album

The contents of the album, which Kirino had planned to share with Kyousuke, never see the light of day. It is highly likely that it contains pictures of Kyousuke, either with Kirino or by himself. This could symbolize affection in the “good end” or serve as a foreshadowing of the impending “true end.” However, the episode concludes in a rushed manner, leaving viewers to process a whirlwind of revelations. It’s possible that the writers may have attempted to cover too much ground in a limited timeframe. Nevertheless, the show ends with Kirino remaining in Japan, reverting to her tsundere behavior, and Kyousuke grinning with a sense of accomplishment. The interpretation of these events is left to the audience.

Mixed feelings about the ending

While the majority of the episode successfully captivated audiences, the final moments left some feeling slightly disconnected. Kirino’s abrupt return to her violent tendencies seemed too sudden and extreme for some viewers’ tastes. However, this unconventional ending effectively concludes the series while maintaining an element of ambiguity. Will Kuroneko soon have a new nickname for Kyousuke? What remains hidden within the album? And is Akagi truly hard gay? To uncover the answers, fans must patiently await the special episodes, which will deviate from the timeline established in episode 11.

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