Ousama Ranking: Yuuki no Takarabako: Captivating Series Review

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The Intriguing Finale of Yuuki no Takarabako

Yuuki no Takarabako’s final episode proved to be a captivating conclusion, leaving room for future events to unfold, potentially setting the stage for a second season. This series, much like Made in Abyss, seems to be positioning itself as a bridge to future storylines, even though the source material may be limited. Despite some mixed reception throughout the season, it’s evident that this finale aimed to leave the audience wanting more.

Mixing Solid Episodes with Core Plot Development

The overall season of Yuuki no Takarabako has been a mixture of standalone episodes and those that contributed to the core premise of the series. Interestingly, two episodes specifically stood out in terms of seamlessly enhancing the main storyline. Episode 4 and the final episode both revolved around Ouken, effectively expanding upon the foundation laid in the first season. The final episode, in particular, could easily have fit as the 24th episode of the initial season, seamlessly tying up loose ends.

The Fascinating Arc of Desha, Despa, and Ouken

Among the various storylines in the series, the arc involving Desha, Despa, and Ouken remained one of the most compelling and intact. Ouken, with his tragic disposition, Despa serving as an entertaining character, and the enigmatic Desha, still had much potential to be explored. Episode 4 dived into their backstory, while the finale pushed their narrative beyond what was previously seen in the parent series. Whether directly adapted from the manga or not, this episode enhanced the unfinished nature of their arc.

The Complexity of Desha’s Character

Desha, while not traditionally affable, possesses a unique and profound sense of selflessness. His actions always prioritize the well-being of those he feels compelled to protect, including his brothers. Therefore, it came as no surprise that upon obtaining the #1 ranking and accessing the divine treasures, Desha would attempt to utilize their power to save Ouken. However, the consequences would likely involve sacrificing his own life or sanity, or potentially both. The challenge lies in navigating the pitfalls and finding a way to restore Ouken while preserving Desha’s own existence.

An Unconventional Sacrifice

In Desha’s quest to save Ouken, he is forced to commit a morally reprehensible act—sacrificing a demon child. This act displays a combination of evil, self-sacrifice, and selflessness, perfectly aligning with Desha’s character. Despite this sacrifice, Desha manages to rescue Ouken, albeit at the cost of his own memories. As Bojji and Kage embark on their journey, they encounter a shell of a man in Desha, a result of the sacrifices he has made. Ouken, overwhelmed by the weight of his own actions, finds solace in Despa’s attempt to convince him that the deeds committed were not truly reflective of his own character. Time is of the essence as Desha’s plight takes center stage.

Unraveling the Encounter and Setting the Stage for the Future

Ouken’s encounter with the beings within the treasure vault and his confrontation with the God outside it leave many questions unanswered. The full implications of these encounters will likely receive further exploration in a potential second season. Undeniably, this finale has reignited the appetite for more, a sentiment that may not have been as pronounced after the first season’s conclusion. In this regard, Yuuki no Takarabako can be considered a success, effectively showcasing the imaginative prowess of Wit Studio. Ousama Ranking stands out as a unique series, defying the mass-produced mold that often plagues the medium of anime.


The final episode of Yuuki no Takarabako leaves audiences eager for what lies ahead, teasing potential future storylines and developments. This season has been a combination of standalone episodes and core plot developments, with the arc involving Desha, Despa, and Ouken standing out as a captivating and unfinished storyline. Desha’s complex character shines through as he makes sacrifices in his pursuit of saving Ouken, culminating in an act that perfectly encapsulates his morally ambiguous nature. The encounter between Ouken and the divine beings, along with the subsequent stage-setting for the future, piques curiosity and leaves the audience craving more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a second season of Yuuki no Takarabako?

At this time, there has been no official confirmation regarding a second season of Yuuki no Takarabako. However, the finale of the first season and its setup for future events indicate the possibility of a continuation in the future. Fans will have to wait for official announcements to know for certain.

2. What makes the arc of Desha, Despa, and Ouken so intriguing?

The arc of Desha, Despa, and Ouken stands out due to its complex and multifaceted characters. Desha, in particular, showcases a unique blend of selflessness and morally questionable actions, making him a fascinating character to follow. Additionally, the arc still feels unfinished, leaving room for further exploration and development.

3. Does the finale of Yuuki no Takarabako conclude all the storylines?

While the finale of Yuuki no Takarabako wraps up certain plotlines, it leaves others open-ended, hinting at potential future developments. The resolution of Desha, Despa, and Ouken’s arc is particularly significant, but there are still unanswered questions and encounters that may be addressed in subsequent seasons.

4. How does the animation and imagination of Wit Studio contribute to the series?

Wit Studio’s animation and imaginative prowess greatly enhance the overall appeal of Yuuki no Takarabako. The studio’s attention to detail and ability to bring the fantastical elements of the series to life truly make it stand out. The unique art style and visual storytelling contribute to the overall success of the series.

5. Is there potential for further character development and exploration in a second season?

A second season of Yuuki no Takarabako would provide the opportunity for deeper character development and exploration. The complex nature of characters like Ouken, Desha, and Despa leaves room for further growth and the potential to explore their backstories and motivations. Fans can hope for future episodes to shed light on these aspects.