Pamela Anderson’s Fashion Archive to Hit the Market — Look Out for Her Iconic ‘Baywatch’ Suit

Pamela Anderson is set to part ways with her cherished fashion collection.

In an exclusive statement provided to PEOPLE, the multi-talented model and actress shares her intentions of “making space” for her “new journey” by selling her iconic wardrobe. When questioned about whether this would include beloved items like her famous red Baywatch swimsuit, the versatile star replied with a resounding “everything!”

“I abhor wastefulness,” says the 56-year-old Anderson. “It’s more sensible to declutter my mind and my closet, making room for the exciting new phase in my life. I’m eagerly anticipating others deriving joy from these pieces.”

She adds, “My personal style has undeniably evolved over the years, and it fills me with delight to think that others will experience the same joy I did. There’s no reason to hold onto it all. These memories are meant to be shared.”

While there’s no fixed date for when Anderson will commence the sale of her fashion treasures, she intends to part with “absolutely everything” thoughtfully and sentimentally, with the items being made available on her website.

Anderson has donned numerous iconic looks throughout her illustrious career, collaborating with renowned brands like Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, and Hugo Boss. She even graced the Boss spring/summer 2023 fashion show in Miami earlier this year.

Last month, Anderson candidly discussed her memorable 1990s looks in an interview with Elle, describing her fashion choices during that decade as “bold and unbridled.”

“I don’t know if it was a defense mechanism or something else,” she remarked. “I simply thought, ‘I’m going to have fun.'”

The news of Anderson’s fashion archive sale coincides with her recent appearance at New York Fashion Week, where the Baywatch icon attended the NYFW Pandora Celebrates Lab-Grown Diamonds with a New Diamond District event.

Anderson, who recently starred in the brand’s new campaign supporting its three new lab-grown diamond collections — Pandora Nova, Pandora Era, and Pandora Talisman — alongside fashion luminary Grace Coddington and model Precious Lee, opened up about her partnership with Pandora at the New York City event.

“They’re a sustainable brand, and in the past, there were always obstacles preventing me from doing campaigns with other brands,” explained Anderson. “That was 20 years ago, and I had a limited scope of collaborations. Now, it’s all about fashion, and I’m delighted to embrace it.”

“I adore glamour,” she continued. “I relish being bedecked with dazzling jewelry. While I can appreciate high-end luxury brands, this is more accessible, and I’m enthralled by that.”