Piggy Film Review 2022 Movie Horror

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Release: 2022-10-07Genre: HorrorDuration: 99 minsBudget: $ 2,400,000

A bullied overweight teenager sees a glimpse of hope when her tormentors are brutally abducted by a mesmerizing stranger.


Release: 2022-10-07Genre: HorrorDuration: 99 minsBudget: $ 2,400,000

A bullied overweight teenager sees a glimpse of hope when her tormentors are brutally abducted by a mesmerizing stranger.

Bullying and the Horrors of Body Shaming Explored in Carlota Pereda’s Piggy

A Universal Concept

Bullying is an experience that resonates with almost everyone, as it often targets our vulnerabilities, such as weight, height, appearance, or dress. The impact of such cruelty can be deeply painful, leading to feelings of contempt towards those who inflict it. While most of us wouldn’t wish harm upon our tormentors, dark thoughts may still linger within us. Carlota Pereda’s Piggy delves into the story of Sara (Laura), a teenager who endures relentless bullying that ultimately leads to a shocking and violent conclusion.

The Sweltering Heat of Rural Spain

Set in a small town in rural Spain during a scorching summer, Piggy introduces us to Sara as she grapples with the oppressive heat. At the local pool, Sara becomes the target of a group of girls who subject her to relentless abuse about her weight. Stripped of her clothes and left stranded, Sara’s life takes a twisted turn when she witnesses her bullies being kidnapped. As the town launches a search for the missing girls, Sara grapples with the choice of aiding the police or embracing a darker path of self-discovery.

A Harrowing Portrait

Piggy immediately immerses viewers in a harrowing portrayal of Sara’s life. She feels disconnected from the world, battered by a lack of confidence instilled by her own family, causing her to retreat into introversion. Despite her peculiar and sinister behavior, the film compellingly elicits empathy for Sara, thanks to Laura Galan’s heart-wrenching performance. We are intimately shown the toll that bullying from both family and friends takes on her fragile mind.

A Cruel Poolside Scene

One particular scene at the pool showcases the film’s ability to create an intense sense of unease. As Sara endures ruthless bullying from a gang of young girls, the discomfort is palpable, leaving viewers itching to intervene and halt the cruelty themselves. This sequence effectively sets the stage for Piggy’s exploration of character and its chosen themes.

A Struggle for Narrative Justification

Originally based on a 2018 short film, Piggy encounters challenges in justifying its expansion into a feature-length narrative. While the first and final acts exhibit confidence, the middle section falters as it delves into a police investigation and Sara’s psychological struggles. Although Piggy remains engaging, it meanders during this segment, failing to offer fresh insights already covered in the film’s earlier moments. The emotions and toxicity that permeate Sara’s world become somewhat one-dimensional, slightly detracting from the overall impact.

Unveiling the Harsh Realities

Despite not delivering the extreme violence portrayed on its poster, Piggy unfolds as a brutal and unflinching exploration of body shaming and the horrifying consequences of bullying during adolescence. Laura Galan’s mesmerizing performance as Sara captivates the audience, and the picturesque landscapes of rural Spain provide a stark contrast to the film’s disturbing content. While Piggy may suffer from narrative bloat and occasional meandering, it successfully emerges as a compelling cinematic achievement, effectively conveying its thematic points in surprising and thought-provoking ways.


Carlota Pereda’s Piggy tackles the universal issue of bullying with a particularly cruel focus on body shaming. Through a captivating performance by Laura Galàn and the skillful depiction of Sara’s torment, the film illuminates the anguish and horrors caused by such behavior. While it navigates some narrative challenges, Piggy ultimately emerges as a worthwhile and impactful piece of cinema that engrosses viewers and incites important conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Piggy based on a true story?

No, Piggy is not based on a true story. However, the film authentically explores the harsh realities of bullying and body shaming that many people face in their lives.

2. What is the message of Piggy?

Piggy aims to shed light on the devastating consequences of bullying and body shaming, emphasizing the need for compassion and understanding in our society.

3. Does Piggy contain graphic violence?

While Piggy tackles dark themes and moments of violence, it is more focused on the psychological impact of bullying rather than graphic depictions. The film relies on tension and the exploration of emotions to resonate with its audience.

4. What sets Piggy apart from other horror films?

Piggy distinguishes itself by exploring into the psychological and emotional aspects of horror rather than relying solely on gore and jump scares. It offers a deeply unsettling and thought-provoking experience that stays with the viewer long after the credits roll.

5. Are there any related resources to learn more about bullying?

Yes, several organizations provide valuable resources and support for those affected by bullying. Some notable examples include StopBullying.gov, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, and Stomp Out Bullying. These resources offer information, helplines, and strategies to combat bullying and promote a safer environment for everyone.