Project Wolf Hunting 2023 Film Review

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Project Wolf Hunting: A Carnage-Filled Action-Horror Spectacle

KIM Hong-seon’s Project Wolf Hunting is a blood-soaked, action-packed film that combines the intensity of Con Air with the thrill of Predator. This over-the-top slasher delivers shockingly violent scenes that can leave audiences perplexed and amazed. While some may shy away from the film due to its explicit violence and gore, it is precisely these spine-chilling scenarios that make it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

A Hyper-Violent Journey

Project Wolf Hunting introduces us to a group of violent criminals and miscreants being transported aboard a massive ship from the Philippines to Busan, South Korea. Among them is the notorious serial killer, Park Jang-du, whose eerie looks and smirks hint at a sinister plan. However, things take a dark turn when Park’s associates orchestrate a takeover of the ship, freeing every prisoner and turning the vessel into a bloody battleground.

Unbeknownst to the criminals and detectives caught in the chaos, a government experiment gone awry has unleashed a Frankenstein-like creature. This unstoppable killing machine, created to be a super-soldier, now hunts both the prisoners and the detectives. The survivors must join forces and navigate the claustrophobic ship, fighting for their lives as the menacing creature lurks around every corner.

A Cinematic Blend of Thrills

Project Wolf Hunting sets itself apart with its B-movie charm reminiscent of hijacking and prison-break films like Skyjacked, Con Air, and the Airport series. However, it embraces a hyper-violent and full-throttled nature that appeals to gore enthusiasts. The crimson-stained visuals and relentless action keep the audience engaged, with no shortage of blood spatter on the floor and the characters’ faces.

Yet, as the film progresses, it transitions from a battle between cops and criminals to a slasher flick, where the creature stalks and brutally kills its victims. While initially entertaining, this shift in tone and the repetitive nature of the kills hinder the film’s momentum. Without varied and innovative death sequences, Project Wolf Hunting loses some of its impact, especially given the confining setting of the ship.

KIM Hong-seon attempts to inject depth into the story with a third-act flashback exploring into the creature’s origins. However, this addition feels unnecessary and disrupts the narrative flow. The flashback appears as an exposition dump, merely connecting the dots and paving the way for potential sequels. Ultimately, the film’s core essence lies in its super-soldier’s killing spree, and the prolonged runtime struggles to maintain the initial tension and excitement.

A Gory Midnight Movie Experience

Project Wolf Hunting is not for the faint of heart. It revels in its splatter-filled carnage and aims to secure the title of “shocker of the year.” The film’s relentless pace and gruesome visuals attract viewers seeking action-horror with B-movie sensibilities. However, its repetitive nature dampens the overall impact, making it feel like an extended teaser for future installments.

If you’re a fan of blood-soaked thrills and can stomach the unrelenting violence, Project Wolf Hunting offers an adrenaline-pumping ride. The film’s chaotic atmosphere and relentless bloodshed make it a contender in the realm of action-horror. Be prepared to witness a symphony of brutality, as every character fights for survival in a world dripping with menace and gore.


Project Wolf Hunting combines the explosive action of Con Air with the menacing thrill of Predator, providing audiences with a graphic and intense experience. While the film starts strong with its B-movie setup, it loses steam due to its repetitive nature and lack of innovative kills. Nevertheless, for those seeking a gore-filled midnight movie escapade, Project Wolf Hunting offers a blood-soaked spectacle that satisfies the thirst for action and horror.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Project Wolf Hunting suitable for all audiences?

Project Wolf Hunting is an intense and violent film, filled with explicit scenes of gore and brutality. It is not recommended for viewers who are sensitive to extreme violence.

2. How does Project Wolf Hunting compare to other action-horror films?

Project Wolf Hunting distinguishes itself with its unrelenting violence and B-movie sensibilities. However, its repetitive nature and lack of creativity in kill sequences may leave some viewers yearning for more innovation.

3. Is there potential for a sequel to Project Wolf Hunting?

The film hints at the possibility of a follow-up with its third-act flashback and narrative choices. Whether a sequel materializes depends on audience reception and the filmmakers’ plans.

4. Can you recommend similar films for fans of Project Wolf Hunting?

If you enjoy the hyper-violence and suspenseful atmosphere of Project Wolf Hunting, you might also appreciate films like Con Air, Predator, and other slasher movies known for their graphic and intense portrayal of violence.

5. When will Project Wolf Hunting be available for home viewing?

Project Wolf Hunting is set to be released on Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD on February 14, 2023.