Proximity Review

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Release: 2020-05-15Genre: Science FictionDuration: 119 minsBudget: $ 0

A young NASA JPL scientist is abducted by extraterrestrials but when no one believes his story he becomes obsessed with finding proof which leads him on a journey of discovery.


Release: 2020-05-15Genre: Science FictionDuration: 119 minsBudget: $ 0

A young NASA JPL scientist is abducted by extraterrestrials but when no one believes his story he becomes obsessed with finding proof which leads him on a journey of discovery.

Proximity: A Visually Stunning but Misaligned Alien Abduction Story

In “Proximity,” writer and director Eric Demeusy takes on the challenging task of presenting a fresh and original alien abduction story. Despite lacking the funding of a major Hollywood production, Demeusy attempts to offer a new spin on this popular sci-fi theme while drawing inspiration from influential works like X-Files and Stranger Things. The result, however, is a film that showcases a multitude of promising ideas but struggles to find its true identity.

Unveiling Proximity’s Plot and Pacing

The plot paves the way for both intrigue and confusion as it follows Isaac (Ryan Massan), a NASA employee who becomes a victim of alien abduction. After his return to Earth, Isaac embarks on a mission to convince the world of his extraterrestrial encounter. The film’s pacing and structure, however, prove to be inconsistent, as if encompassing two separate movies within a single narrative.

In the first half, “Proximity” sets up a slow-burning mystery, as Isaac’s claims and video evidence trigger a media frenzy. While some support his assertions, others dismiss him as an attention-seeking charlatan. Isaac’s encounters with reporters and his appearance on a talk show highlight his discontent with the lack of serious consideration given to his experiences. This initial setup seems primed to lead viewers on an investigative thriller, as a young man desperately embarks on a relentless search for answers.

Unexpectedly, the film undergoes a significant shift in the second half, leaving behind the investigative thriller premise and adopting a more conventional hero’s journey. Isaac finds himself captured by a government agency and embarks on a global adventure, entangled in a series of events that introduce a new set of named characters, leaving behind those previously established. The jarring discrepancy between the two halves of the film creates a sense of disharmony, as if two distinct movies were haphazardly spliced together.

The Dilemma of Proximity’s Potential

“Proximity” showcases a wealth of promising ideas but ultimately falls victim to trying to do too much. If Demeusy had committed to the consistent tonal and narrative themes presented either in the first or second half, the film as a whole would have been significantly stronger. A dedicated thriller revolving around Isaac’s struggle to convince the world of his alien encounter meets the potential of a compelling standalone story. Similarly, an adventure film focused on a group of resourceful young individuals navigating the world while evading a shady government agency and their robotic operatives contains captivating elements. Nevertheless, by combining these separate concepts abruptly, the film’s unity suffers, ultimately diminishing its impact.

Aesthetic Brilliance and Character Imperfections

One notable aspect in favor of “Proximity” lies in its visual effects. Although this marks Demeusy’s directorial debut, his previous work in renowned projects such as “Game of Thrones,” “TRON: Legacy,” and “Stranger Things” is evident in the film’s exceptional visual composition. Overall, the visuals effectively support the narrative, particularly in scenes where floating dishware signifies Isaac’s newfound abilities, creating tension and foreshadowing future events.

The cast of “Proximity” delivers strong performances, given the material they are provided. However, the dialogue suffers from occasional flaws, leaving room for improvement. While not necessarily offensive or cringe-inducing, instances of excessive exposition and self-contradiction emerge throughout the film. One specific scene sees Isaac showcasing ancient paintings featuring UFOs as proof of aliens’ existence, resembling the content of conspiracy theory videos found on platforms like YouTube.

An Aspiring Effort Despite Its Shortcomings

As a critic, I risk nothing in critiquing “Proximity,” while Demeusy has undoubtedly poured his heart and soul into this earnest attempt to create something great. The film never feels like a mere cash-grab but rather an authentic endeavor to craft a memorable piece. It is worth acknowledging that there are genuinely intriguing ideas woven throughout its narrative. With additional revisions during the writing stage, many of its problems could have been rectified.

In conclusion, “Proximity” showcases the potential of its creator, Eric Demeusy, despite the film’s inability to fully realize that potential. While combining various narrative themes and tonal elements, the film fails to achieve a cohesive and seamless whole. Nonetheless, I hope Demeusy continues to pursue filmmaking, as his talent and potential warrant further exploration and development.


1. Is “Proximity” a sci-fi film?

Yes, “Proximity” falls within the sci-fi genre, as it revolves around the theme of alien abduction and incorporates elements of mystery and adventure.

2. Are the visual effects in “Proximity” impressive?

Absolutely! Eric Demeusy’s background in special effects is evident in the film, as the visuals are compelling, effectively enhancing the narrative and creating an immersive viewing experience.

3. Does “Proximity” explore the emotional toll of alien abduction?

While the film touches on the emotional impact of Isaac’s abduction, it predominantly focuses on the external struggles he faces in trying to convince the world of his experience.

4. Can “Proximity” be considered a thriller?

Although “Proximity” initially sets up an investigative thriller premise, it deviates from this trajectory in the second half, transitioning into more of an adventurous hero’s journey narrative.

5. Are there any notable performances in “Proximity”?

Yes, the cast of “Proximity” delivers commendable performances within the confines of the material they are given. Despite occasional flaws in the dialogue, the actors bring their characters to life with conviction.