Queer Eye Season 7 Review

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Queer Eye Season 7 continues to capture the hearts of viewers, proving its enduring popularity five years after its premiere. In an oversaturated genre of reality television, this Netflix series stands out as one of the most uplifting and inspiring shows. With its rebooted version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, which originally aired in the early 2000s, the modern iteration brings together five gay men known as the “Fab Five.” Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan, Karamo, and Tan travel to different cities each season, meeting selfless individuals who are nominated by their loved ones for a transformation that goes beyond physical appearances. The chemistry and positive energy of the Fab Five, who are also close friends in real life, keep fans eagerly awaiting new episodes year after year. Season 7 takes place in New Orleans, promising another exciting and impactful journey.

A Colorful Journey to New Orleans

As Season 7 opens, viewers are immediately immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of New Orleans. Soulful jazz music fills the air, and bursts of colorful scenes showcase the city’s lively spirit. The Fab Five dance among a marching band, setting the tone for an exciting and transformative season. The first episode introduces Lambda Chi Alpha, a self-nominated fraternity at The University of New Orleans. The fraternity members are eager to reinvent their fellowship after the challenges brought by the pandemic. As the Fab Five arrive at the fraternity house, comedic moments ensue as they discover the less-than-ideal living conditions. Bobby’s humorous remark about fragrance plugins and Jonathan’s distress over fake eyelashes left in a grimy bathroom cupboard lighten the mood. These lighthearted moments balance the show, preparing the audience for the empowering transformations that are about to take place.

The Impact of the Fab Five

Each member of the Fab Five plays a crucial role in the transformation process, bringing positivity and guidance to the lives of their nominees. Karamo, the culture expert, focuses on self-worth and mental health, emphasizing the importance of personal growth. Antoni, the cook, showcases meal-prep techniques to save time and promote a healthy lifestyle. Jonathan, the hairstylist, treats each nominee to a stylish new haircut, boosting their confidence. Bobby, the interior designer, works his magic to transform living spaces into personalized sanctuaries. Lastly, Tan, the fashion expert, rejuvenates each contestant’s wardrobe, ensuring their style aligns with their personality. The dedication and genuine delight in the Fab Five’s eyes as they empower their nominees create powerful moments that resonate with viewers.

Exploring Masculinity and Emotional Release

In an emotionally charged moment, Karamo engages the Lambda Chi Alpha members in a thought-provoking discussion about masculinity. The conversation reveals the internalized fears and struggles the frat boys face when it comes to expressing themselves and the fear of being seen as weak. This poignant dialogue leads to a tear-jerking moment when Demario, one of the fraternity members, openly shares his struggles with multiple internships, summer classes, and financial burdens. With empathy and compassion, Karamo teaches the importance of emotional release, offering valuable support and guidance. These earnest conversations demonstrate the profound impact the Fab Five have on the lives of the nominees.

A Journey of Acceptance and Confidence

Episode two introduces Stephanie, a sports-fanatic lesbian whose confidence was shattered after experiencing a homophobic encounter. Over the course of a week, the Fab Five successfully reignite her self-assurance, providing a safe space for her to embrace her identity. Stephanie’s emotional statement, declaring the experience as the biggest blessing of her life, showcases the transformative power of the Fab Five’s guidance and support.

Overcoming Trauma and Finding Strength

In episode three, Jonathan opens up about his own struggles, discussing his HIV diagnosis and the depression that followed. During a heart-to-heart conversation with Speedy, a 20-year-old nominee who was paralyzed in a car accident that tragically took the lives of his mother and aunt, Jonathan provides empathy and understanding. These personal stories highlight the relatability of the Fab Five, emphasizing that despite their fame, they have faced hardships too. Through their vulnerability, they inspire viewers to find resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

The Impactful Nature of Queer Eye

While some may argue that Queer Eye follows a similar blueprint each season, it is the unique and powerful stories of the contestants that make each episode a captivating experience. The show reminds us of the fragility of life and the importance of not taking things for granted. The emotional rollercoaster of laughter and tears keeps viewers engaged and invested in the transformative journeys of the nominees. With seven seasons under its belt, Queer Eye continues to deliver impactful content that resonates with audiences around the world.


Queer Eye Season 7 exemplifies why this beloved reality series has become a cultural phenomenon. The heartfelt transformations, positive energy, and genuinely inspiring moments make it an enduring favorite. Through the authenticity and relatability of the Fab Five, the show uplifts viewers and encourages self-love, acceptance, and personal growth. Whether through emotional conversations, personal stories, or stylish makeovers, Queer Eye continues to make a profound impact on the lives of both nominees and audiences.


1. Can Queer Eye Season 7 be watched without prior knowledge of the series?

Yes, each season of Queer Eye follows a similar format, introducing new participants and their unique stories. While watching previous seasons may provide additional context, Season 7 can be enjoyed as a standalone experience.

2. What makes Queer Eye different from other reality TV shows?

Queer Eye stands out due to its focus on holistic makeovers that go beyond physical appearances. The Fab Five’s genuine care, empathy, and expertise help participants rediscover their self-worth, face their fears, and embrace personal growth. This unique approach sets Queer Eye apart from other reality TV shows.

3. Are the Fab Five genuinely friends outside of the show?

Yes, the Fab Five are not only dynamic on-screen but also maintain a strong friendship off-screen. Their chemistry and camaraderie contribute to the authentic and positive energy that resonates with viewers.

4. Does Queer Eye address diverse topics and communities?

Absolutely. Queer Eye celebrates diversity and inclusivity by featuring participants from various backgrounds and communities. The show strives to represent and uplift a wide range of individuals, ensuring that everyone’s unique journey is valued and respected.

5. Is Queer Eye just about fashion and appearances?

No, Queer Eye goes beyond surface-level transformations. While fashion and appearances are part of the makeover process, the show also focuses on emotional well-being, personal growth, relationships, and home improvements. It aims to inspire participants to lead fulfilling lives and embrace their true selves.