Remembering Angus Cloud: A Look at His Life, Struggles, and Legacy

Angus Cloud, the beloved star of ‘Euphoria,’ touched the hearts of many with his extraordinary talent and warm personality. In this exclusive tribute, we delve into his life, the challenges he faced, and the lasting impact he left behind.

Oakland, California, was home to Angus Cloud, a vibrant artist with a penchant for graffiti and a heart full of creativity. Angus’s mother, Lisa Cloud, lovingly remembers her son’s artistic journey, from his early days of drawing colorful shapes to his later years of spray-painting. But tragically, it was in his own bedroom, adorned with his artwork, that Angus’s life came to an end.

On July 31, at the age of 25, Conor Angus Cloud Hickey, known as “Conor” to his close ones, passed away suddenly. Lisa discovered her son in a lifeless state at his desk that fateful morning. It was a devastating moment, as she realized something was amiss. Desperately attempting to resuscitate him, she screamed for help from her neighbor, reluctant to leave her beloved son’s side. Angus’s passing left an irreplaceable void in Lisa’s heart, as she fondly remembers him as the love of her life.

Two months after Angus’s untimely death, the Alameda County Coroner confirmed that he had succumbed to an accidental drug overdose. The toxicology report revealed the presence of substances like Fentanyl, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine in his system.

Lisa Cloud, draped in her son’s cherished Gucci shawl, spoke about the details of his passing. She emphasized that Angus’s overdose was not a deliberate act but the result of the depressant drugs in his system, which had a severe impact on his central nervous system. In her grief, she found solace in the overwhelming love and support from Angus’s fans. She stressed that he was not just an actor who overdosed but a beautiful soul deeply missed by those who knew him.

In the months leading up to his passing, Angus was grappling with the loss of his father, Conor Hickey, who had battled mesothelioma cancer and passed away on May 18. Just a week before Angus’s tragic overdose, he joined his family, including his twin sisters Molly and Fiona, to spread his father’s ashes in Ireland. Lisa shared the profound grief that had enveloped her son and his siblings due to their father’s loss.

The day before Angus’s passing, he appeared to be in good spirits. With the help of his uncle Kevin Cloud, he had been rearranging his room, paying tribute to his late grandfather, Dr. Preston Cloud, and spending quality time with loved ones. Angus’s last words to his mother before heading out with his friend Daniel Aguilera were, “I love you, mama. You’re the best. I’ll see you in the morning.”

What followed was a poignant night of art creation and remembrance. Angus and Aguilera, both mourning friends lost to fentanyl overdoses years ago, spray-painted a tribute to their late friend on the streets of Oakland. It was a perfect way for Angus to honor his friend’s memory, and Aguilera cherished the memory of their last night together.

However, the night ended tragically for Angus. After returning home, he passed away, leaving Aguilera with guilt over not staying by his side. Angus’s death marked a devastating loss for Aguilera, who had already lost two close friends to fentanyl overdoses.

In 2019, Angus rose to fame with his portrayal of Fezco, the lovable drug dealer with a heart of gold in HBO’s ‘Euphoria.’ Casting director ElĂ©onore Hendricks discovered him while he was working at a chicken and waffle restaurant in Manhattan. Angus’s journey to stardom was an unexpected one, and Lisa fondly remembered her son’s relentless work ethic during his time at the restaurant.

‘Euphoria,’ created by Sam Levinson, resonated with Angus on a personal level, as it delved into the struggles of teenage drug addiction. Levinson, who had battled his own addiction, was emotionally attached to Angus’s character, Fezco. In a heartfelt reflection on Angus’s journey, Levinson shared how Angus’s unique charm and talent had initially spared his character from being written out of the show. Angus’s presence on set was a source of inspiration, and Levinson was determined to support him throughout his challenges.

Angus’s friendship with his co-star Zendaya was deep and genuine. They played characters with a contrasting dynamic but developed a sibling-like bond off-screen. Zendaya praised Angus’s talent as an actor and noted that he never truly believed in his own abilities despite her constant compliments. Their connection was a testament to Angus’s warmth and humility.

Angus faced his own harrowing real-life experience during the filming of ‘Euphoria.’ In an interview, he revealed a near-death incident at the age of 15 when he fell into a construction pit. This accident left him with minor brain damage and introduced him to opioids, prescribed to alleviate his headaches. Lisa believes that Angus’s drug use may have been influenced by his need to manage the pain caused by the accident.

During the early days of ‘Euphoria,’ neither Levinson nor Lisa were fully aware of Angus’s drug use. As his use escalated, Angus’s behavior began to change, affecting his mood and performance. The demands of fame and the allure of pain-relieving drugs made it challenging for Angus to cope with his deep feelings.

The pandemic added another layer of struggle to Angus’s life. A run-in with the police and a resulting injury further exacerbated his drug-seeking behavior. Lisa tried to convince him to undergo surgery for his heel injury, but he resisted, growing increasingly unhappy and unable to manage his pain.

It was only when Levinson suggested rehab that Lisa realized the extent of Angus’s problem. Angus entered a 30-day in-patient program, followed by three months of outpatient rehab, with HBO supporting his treatment. Levinson emphasized the importance of Angus’s sobriety for the success of the show and his commitment to helping Angus overcome his addiction.

Despite multiple interventions and periods of sobriety, Angus’s battle with addiction persisted. His continued drug use, coupled with the devastating news of his father’s illness and subsequent passing, took a heavy toll on him. His grief and inability to cope led him down a dangerous path.

Angus’s friends and loved ones held a memorial service in his honor, where they celebrated his kind nature and fearless spirit. Mike Oz, Angus’s grade school math teacher and the executive director of the Oakland School for the Arts, is raising funds to create “Cloud Park,” a skate park dedicated to Angus’s memory, providing a safe space for young skaters.

Angus Cloud’s impact on those around him and the world of entertainment is immeasurable. He will be remembered not just as a talented actor but as a soul who left a lasting impression of love, creativity, and resilience. As Zendaya eloquently put it, “He was one of the most unique and pure-hearted people I’ve ever met. I hope he knows how loved he is, how much we miss him, and how much better the world is for having felt his glow.”