Ryman’s Club: Ultimate Conclusion – Series Review

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Ryman’s Club: An Anime Series with a Satisfying Finale

Things have been a bit tumultuous lately in Ryman’s Club, but the final episodes of this sports anime brought a sense of resolution that left me thoroughly satisfied. As we all know, endings play a pivotal role in shaping our perception of a show, and in the case of Ryman’s Club, it managed to conclude on a positive note that resonated with my affection for the series.

An Improbable Victory for SunBev

The plotline of SunBev winning the S/J league may be a stretch of credulity, and the duo of Tatsu and Mikoto, with their respective physical impairments, defeating a top-ranked doubles player in Japan seems even more far-fetched. However, in the realm of sports anime with limited episodes, there isn’t always time to adhere strictly to realism. In this context, I appreciate that the show delivered closure, even if it meant deviating from strict plausibility.

Mikoto’s Eye Injury and Determined Spirit

One of the standout story arcs in the series revolves around Mikoto’s eye injury. While the eye itself remained undamaged, it was clear that any injury near such a vital organ shouldn’t be taken lightly. Yet, in Mikoto’s shoes, forfeiting was simply unthinkable, especially considering the strong bond he had formed with Tatsu. Although I was surprised they fully bandaged Mikoto’s eye, the dramatic effect added an extra layer of intensity. However, it’s worth noting that depth perception inevitably suffers when vision is impaired in one eye, making it challenging to compete against formidable opponents.

Takuma, the Obnoxious Opponent

Takuma, the rival character, embodies the obnoxious type of opponent that exists in the world of sports. While his overbearing personality may be exaggerated for dramatic effect, it manages to incite Tatsu’s determination. Eventually, Mikoto removes his eye patch, fully re-engaging in the game. Armed with insights gained from studying the opposition’s DVDs, the duo successfully targets Izumo, exploiting his tell-tale grip adjustments during touch shots. This strategic move facilitates their comeback and levels the playing field.

A Battle of Wits and Friendship

Takuma, unwilling to rely on his partner, declares his wish to win the final match independently. However, Mikoto possesses crucial information about Takuma’s playing style and predicted shot placements. Facing an opponent in perfect synchronization, even someone as skilled as Takuma struggles. As the match teeters between both sides, Mikoto’s wound reopens, causing him to bleed once more. Tatsu contemplates forfeiting, but Mikoto’s unwavering resolve to fight on prohibits such a choice.

The Epitome of Ryman’s Club: The Bond between Mikoto and Tatsu

At its core, Ryman’s Club is a story that centers around the deep bond between Mikoto and Tatsu. It is fitting, therefore, that the resolution of the series revolves heavily around their relationship. When Tatsu clinches the match with a powerful leaping smash, I half expected him to sustain a debilitating ACL injury. Yet, the series opted for a largely happy ending. The two protagonists reaffirm their devotion to each other, Tatsu recovers from his knee injury through rehabilitation, and even Negi Ginger, the team’s lucky charm, is set free (thanks to the winners’ exuberant celebrations). Additionally, the inclusion of Tatsu and Mikoto’s portraits in the national team boardroom sparks a sense of limitless possibilities.

The Exceptional Quality of Ryman’s Club

In the realm of original sports anime, Ryman’s Club stands out as a series of exceptional quality. Unlike many recent counterparts, which have struggled to make a lasting impact, this anime manages to captivate its audience. The production values pleasantly surprised me, and the narrative explores a rarely tackled theme—the passion for sports among working adults. I found the concept of corporate sports intriguing, not solely for the sports itself, but also for the intricate dynamics within a corporate setting. Furthermore, Ryman’s Club succeeds in delivering an effective portrayal of male friendship without resorting to pandering—a pitfall that befalls many all-male sports series.

Acclaimed Performances and Unwavering Devotion

I must commend the incredible performances of the cast, particularly Miki Shinichirou. While Enoki Junya’s portrayal of Mikoto grew on me over the course of the series, Miki’s work was truly exceptional, as expected from his illustrious career. The relationship between Tatsu and Mikoto extended far beyond what initially meets the eye, and the writing, led by Utsumi Teruko, who co-created Sarazanmai with Ikuhara Kunihiko, subtly showcased their deep connection by observing the nuances of Mikoto’s life. In the world of anime, stories that revolve around adults are always a welcome addition, whether in the sports genre or elsewhere. Nevertheless, they must also be of high quality—and Ryman’s Club undoubtedly exemplifies this ideal. I take great pleasure in the show’s resounding conclusion, leaving a lasting impression.


Ryman’s Club, with its gripping storyline, captivating characters, and unique portrayal of adult sportsmanship, has undoubtedly secured its place as one of the best original sports anime series. The satisfying finale, emphasizing the unbreakable bond between Mikoto and Tatsu, serves as a testament to the show’s exceptional narrative and emotional depth. As an avid viewer, I’m delighted to see the series conclude on such a strong note, leaving fans with a memorable and fulfilling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Ryman’s Club based on a manga or a novel?

No, Ryman’s Club is an original anime series, not based on any pre-existing source material. Its story was developed specifically for the anime.

2. How many episodes does Ryman’s Club have?

Ryman’s Club consists of 12 episodes, allowing for a concise storytelling format that focuses on key plot points and character development within a limited timeframe.

3. Are there any plans for a second season of Ryman’s Club?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding a second season of Ryman’s Club. It is always possible that future plans may emerge, but for now, the series remains confined to its initial season.

4. Where can I watch Ryman’s Club?

Ryman’s Club can be streamed on various online platforms, including popular anime streaming services. Check your region’s availability to enjoy this remarkable series.

5. Is Ryman’s Club accessible to viewers unfamiliar with sports anime?

Absolutely! Ryman’s Club offers a compelling narrative that transcends the sports genre, focusing not only on the thrill of competition but also on the sincere bond between its characters. Even if you aren’t well-versed in sports anime, you’ll find the series engaging and enjoyable.