Servant X Service: Reflecting on the Journey – A Series Review

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Servant X Service: A Celebration of Small Victories

Servant X Service concludes its run with an exceptional finale that manages to capture the essence of small victories. Despite initial impressions, this summer series succeeded in its aims, even with its uneven cast and plot. While it may not have been flawlessly executed, Servant X Service proved to be consistently entertaining, especially when it tapped into the strength of its central pairing, making it one of the standout romantic comedies in recent anime history.

A Balanced and Realistic Conclusion

Endings are often challenging to navigate, but Servant X Service triumphs with a conclusion that strikes a delicate balance between realism and absurdity. Unlike previous episodes that struggled with this balancing act, the finale maintains a steady progression of Lucy x Hasabe’s relationship without sacrificing development or resorting to unrealistic leaps. Additionally, the episode addresses the cliffhangers left from the previous week, specifically the revelation of who approved Lucy’s name. Rather than taking the easy way out, the show satirizes the predictable route commonly taken by anime and provides a satisfying resolution.

The Weight of Lucy’s Name

There is an element of suspended disbelief in this scenario, as it is difficult to fathom a parent naming their child with such an eccentric name, and the child obsessively seeking revenge on the wrong person. Nevertheless, the humor and genuine comedic value of this situation make it easy to overlook these incredulous aspects. It is important to remember that the true culprits responsible for Lucy’s name are her parents, not the unwitting Hasebe Pater, who simply gave his assent. The potential consequences of this peculiar name loom over Hasebe and Lucy’s future, much to Hasebe’s dismay and the delight of Chihaya.

An Unexpected Twist and Faulty Blame

Surprisingly, it turns out that Yutaka, Hasebe’s younger brother, played a role in the name debacle. Due to his hospitalization with a cold on the day his father signed the papers, the elder Hasebe was too preoccupied to question the name. While we, Lucy, and Hasebe himself can recognize that Hasebe Jr. bears no responsibility, the premise of the show necessitates this blame. This twist injects a measure of empathy and understanding into Yutaka’s hesitation and dismay. On another note, the identity of Kaoru’s fiancée remains shrouded in mystery, leaving room for speculation about future plot developments.

Humorous and Memorable Characters

Hasebe Sr., portrayed by the versatile Namikawa Daisuke, proves to be an intriguing and amusing character. His description of Lucy’s name as “a hippie name if ever I heard one” leads to a discussion about the peculiar names that crossed his desk throughout his career. The highlight of the episode is undoubtedly his comically shocked reaction to Yutaka’s spit-take. Meanwhile, Chihaya takes the initiative to break the deadlock at the office, irritated by Hasebe Jr.’s self-pity. The script intelligently weaves Hasebe’s predicament together with Ichimiya’s, as the latter offers valuable advice that even Chihaya’s girlfriend reminds him he should have followed himself.

The Perfect Moment of Reckoning

The ultimate moment of reckoning for Lucy and Hasebe is flawlessly executed. It strikes the right balance between seriousness and humor, ensuring that both characters remain true to themselves. Lucy continues to shoulder the blame for everything, despite Hasebe’s objections, while Hasebe fears being assigned blame as well. In an accidental slip of the tongue, Hasebe confesses his true feelings, and Lucy responds with resilience and logic. By insisting that he continues to call her Lucy, she effectively confesses her own feelings. However, their conversation gets repeatedly interrupted, preventing a formal confession-acceptance moment. Nevertheless, Yutaka openly declares his feelings, and Lucy’s response, though hesitant, hints at a positive outcome for their relationship.

Thoughtful Reflections

A Superior Romance

Comparisons between Servant X Service and Working! are inevitable, and while Working! shines in the comedy department, Servant X Service surpasses it in terms of romance. Over the course of two seasons, Working! consistently delivered laughs and employed workplace humor effectively. Surprisingly, Servant X Service’s appeal primarily lies in its romantic aspect. It features one of the most memorable pairings of 2013, defying initial expectations. Although the series deviates from the typical concentration on cute teenage girls, it has obtained moderate success. Another season may be a possibility in the future, though it will depend on the availability of sufficient source material. In the meantime, fans can look forward to a potential OVA in 2014.

A Rare Gem: Mature Romantic Relationships in Anime

Anime seldom showcases appealing romantic relationships between adults, making Servant X Service a rarity in the genre. While the series offers more than just romance, with notable characters like Saya and her perfectly-aimed verbal missiles, it is undeniably centered around Hasebe and Lucy. What sets them apart is their adulthood paired with their ongoing self-discovery journeys. Hasebe leads a somewhat apathetic existence, intentionally avoiding deep emotions, while Lucy grapples with profound self-doubt. The two characters complement each other perfectly, and their interactions feel natural and gently amusing. Their relationship trumps other anime couples by standing strong as individual characters as well. The Hasebe-Lucy pairing remains a highlight of Servant X Service and is one of the standout elements of the entire season.


In conclusion, Servant X Service concludes its run with a fitting celebration of small victories. The finale strikes a balance between realism and absurdity, satisfying audiences with a resolution that remains true to the story’s context. Despite the unevenness in the show’s cast and plot, it delivers solid entertainment, particularly when focusing on the central romantic pairing. Servant X Service sets itself apart by featuring appealing adult relationships rarely seen in anime. With engaging characters and genuine humor, the series leaves a lasting impression on viewers. As the season draws to a close, fans eagerly anticipate the possibility of future installments or OVAs to continue the captivating narrative of Servant X Service.


1. Will there be another season of Servant X Service?

While it is uncertain whether Servant X Service will receive another season, the possibility remains, contingent upon the availability of future source material. However, fans may have the opportunity to enjoy an OVA in 2014.

2. How does Servant X Service compare to Working!?

Both Servant X Service and Working! excel within their respective genres. Working! showcases superior comedy, consistently delivering laugh-out-loud moments throughout its run. On the other hand, Servant X Service stands out with its strong romantic narrative, featuring a memorable and appealing pairing, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

3. Are the characters in Servant X Service relatable?

One of the greatest strengths of Servant X Service lies in its relatable characters. From Hasebe’s laid-back attitude to Lucy’s self-doubt, viewers can see themselves reflected in these struggles and emotions, fostering a connection that enhances the viewing experience.