Shrinking Apple TV Episode 7 Review

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Episode 7 of Apple TV+’s “Shrinking”: A Perfect Blend of Hilarity and Meaningful Moments

Last week, “Shrinking” on Apple TV+ left us stunned with shocking developments and a touch of bittersweetness. However, Episode 7 takes the series to new heights, captivating viewers with its delightful twists and heartwarming scenes. Showrunners Bill Lawrence, Jason Segel, and Brett Goldstein have truly crafted a gem in this episode, which feels like the culmination of a series that has skillfully introduced and endeared us to its characters over time. After spending numerous episodes with these vibrant personalities, the mere act of watching them is reason enough to tune in.

A Time for Growth and Genuine Emotion

With the events of the previous episode still fresh in our minds, Episode 7 opens with Jimmy (Jason Segel) and Gaby (Jessica Williams) having a lot to discuss. Unexpectedly, a series of comical coincidences and a wise word from Paul (Harrison Ford) quickly dispel any awkwardness that may lingered from their tryst. Ford’s portrayal of Paul shines in this episode, showcasing his comedic prowess while exploring deeper into his character’s relationship with his daughter May (Lily Rabe) and the challenges he faces with an illness. The result is a poignant and emotionally charged scene that leaves a lasting impact.

On another note, the repercussions of Alice’s (Lukita Maxwell) attempt to kiss Sean (Luke Tennie) come to light in Episode 7. “Shrinking” cleverly shifts the dynamics of this relationship, expertly avoiding clichés and overdramatization. Sean’s sensible response to Alice’s advances defies expectations, highlighting the healthy character dynamics woven throughout the show. As the episode progresses, Sean and Alice’s relationship blossoms with the guidance of Gaby and Liz (Christa Miller), ultimately exploring topics of friendship, abandonment, and personal growth.

Tangled Memories and Evolving Friendships

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Gaby, as well as Sean and Alice, struggle to come to terms with the consequences of their night together and its impact on their memories of Tia. Tia not only served as Jimmy’s wife but also as Gaby’s best friend. The emotional weight of this situation culminates in a powerful scene expertly delivered by Jason Segel. The screenplay incorporates Alice, further emphasizing the themes of family, grief, and love that underpin the episode.

Defying Defenses and Embracing Vulnerability

Paul’s advice to Brian (Michael Urie) and his future husband Charlie (Devin Kawaoka) in the previous episode resonates throughout Episode 7. “Stay open. If your defenses come up, you’re f*cked. But two vulnerable people, you’ll always find a way.” This week, the characters of “Shrinking” confront their deepest fears and memories, finding the courage to be vulnerable despite their circumstances. Alongside the show’s lighthearted tone, it is this vulnerability that sets “Shrinking” apart, capturing the hearts of viewers and leaving them eager for more.

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1. Is “Shrinking” exclusively available on Apple TV+?

Yes, “Shrinking” is an Apple TV+ original series and can only be streamed on the platform.

2. How many episodes are there in the entire series of “Shrinking”?

“Shrinking” consists of a total of seven episodes, with Episode 7 considered the show’s standout installment.

3. Who are the showrunners of “Shrinking”?

The showrunners of “Shrinking” are Bill Lawrence, Jason Segel, and Brett Goldstein.

4. What makes Episode 7 of “Shrinking” particularly special?

Episode 7 is regarded as the series’ best episode to date due to its impeccable blend of humor, meaningful moments, and the growth experienced by the show’s beloved characters.

5. Can you watch “Shrinking” without having seen the previous episodes?

While it is possible to enjoy Episode 7 on its own, watching the preceding episodes will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the characters’ journeys and relationships.