Shrinking Apple TV Episode 9 Review

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Apple TV+’s “Shrinking”: A Therapeutic Show for Healing and Growth

When it comes to Apple TV+ series “Shrinking,” it’s not just about therapists, but it’s a therapeutic experience in itself. In episode 9, the focus shifts to Paul (played by Harrison Ford), who finally opens up and allows others into his emotional fortress. This episode goes beyond character development, offering valuable insights into processing grief and finding healthy coping mechanisms that resonate with viewers and can be applied to their own lives.

Personal Connections to Loss

As I watch each episode of “Shrinking,” I can’t help but reflect on my own experiences with loss. The relationship between Jimmy (played by Jason Segel) and his daughter Alice (portrayed brilliantly by Lukita Maxwell) mirrors the dynamics I experienced with my own father after my mother’s passing during my teenage years. Seeing these depictions of grief on screen provides a sense of closure and reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles. It also guides us in facing our unprocessed emotions head-on.

Meaningful Interactions and Healing

Although episode 9 may not be the most eventful or surprising installment of the series, that doesn’t diminish its impact. We have become deeply attached to characters like Jimmy, Paul, Alice, Gaby, Liz, Sean, Brian, and the psychological vigilantes. Watching them engage in healthy interactions and slowly heal throughout the series feels rewarding and therapeutic for the viewers.

The episode primarily revolves around Paul’s difficulties in accepting a lifetime achievement award. He grapples with feelings of unpreparedness to be celebrated, allowing us to witness his personal growth. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Alice’s relationship strengthens as they both learn to remember and cope with the loss of their beloved wife and mother. Liz adapts to a changing life with her husband Derek’s constant presence. Gaby’s lunch with her ex has unexpected effects on her sex life, but it also sparks self-reflection and contemplation of her own happiness. Brian’s wedding preparations shed light on his complex relationship with his father. And Sean contemplates his future and identity.

Evolving Dynamics and Emotional Acceptance

It’s astounding to observe how the dynamics among the characters have shifted since the series premiere. Alice and Sean now share a tender sibling-like affection. Jimmy embraces his inner vigilante, fearlessly intervening in his patients’ lives without hesitation. Gaby continues to be her lovable, candid self, unveiling surprising aspects of her character. Moreover, this episode allows us to witness all three therapists—Jimmy, Gaby, and Paul—working with their respective patients, creating a sense of unity and mutual acceptance among them all. From Liz and Derek to Brian, Alice, and even Paul’s daughter May, everyone learns to embrace both their flaws and those of others, fostering a sense of understanding and emotional growth.


With just nine episodes so far, “Shrinking” has transformed into more than just a series about therapists; it has become a therapeutic experience, seamlessly blending wit, humor, and emotional depth. Each installment of the show prompts self-reflection, introduces valuable coping mechanisms, and offers reassurance that healing is possible. As the season’s finale approaches, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the journey of these complex characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I watch “Shrinking” on Apple TV+?

Yes, “Shrinking” is available to stream on Apple TV+.

2. How many seasons of “Shrinking” are there?

Currently, there is only one season of “Shrinking” available.

3. Does “Shrinking” address real-life psychological issues?

Yes, “Shrinking” explores various psychological issues and provides insights into therapy and personal growth.

4. Does “Shrinking” offer a realistic portrayal of grief?

Absolutely. “Shrinking” effectively portrays grief, allowing viewers to relate to the characters’ experiences and find solace through shared emotions.

5. How does “Shrinking” balance humor and emotional depth?

“Shrinking” strikes a delicate balance between humor and emotional depth, ensuring that the series remains engaging, relatable, and therapeutic for the audience.