Skinamarink Film Review

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Release: 2023-01-13Genre: HorrorDuration: 100 minsBudget: $ 11,131

Two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished.


Release: 2023-01-13Genre: HorrorDuration: 100 minsBudget: $ 11,131

Two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished.

An Unconventional and Chilling Experience

Skinamarink, a unique horror movie directed by Kyle Edward Ball, takes viewers on a journey into the realm of supernatural horror. This atmospheric and tension-filled film challenges traditional horror movie norms, offering audiences a refreshing and experimental cinematic experience. In the horror genre, innovation and the desire to break new ground have resulted in iconic films such as Saw and The Blair Witch Project. Skinamarink follows in their footsteps, pushing boundaries with its captivating directorial style and experimental approach.

A Mysterious Tale of Fear and Imagination

The story of Skinamarink revolves around two young children who find themselves alone in their home after their parents mysteriously disappear. They are left with nothing but the haunting voice of an unseen creature. While the premise may seem reminiscent of popular supernatural horror films like Paranormal Activity or The Conjuring, Skinamarink distinguishes itself through its fascinating directorial choices. Rather than presenting the action directly, the film captures extended shots of flickering screens, leaving much of the story to the viewer’s imagination. This unique filmmaking technique allows the audience to use sound and context to unravel the mysteries that lie just beyond the frame. Although the execution of this approach may not be flawless, it remains captivating and engrossing throughout the film.

Unleashing Pure Terror

One of Skinamarink’s greatest strengths lies in its ability to genuinely frighten its audience. Despite its flaws, the film successfully delivers moments of intense terror. By keeping the camera at a distance from the action, director Kyle Edward Ball creates a chilling atmosphere that invokes a sense of unease and fear. It is as if an unknown, malevolent force lurks just out of sight, intensifying the suspense and making the quiet moments more terrifying. Skinamarink effectively uses its unconventional style to its advantage, with certain scenes, such as a character peering under a bed, evoking pure terror through subtle distortions and an underlying sense of “wrongness.” Undoubtedly, Skinamarink stands as one of the most chilling films of the year, proving that fear can be evoked even when much of the runtime is dedicated to inanimate objects.

The Drawbacks of the Experimental Style

While Skinamarink presents an innovative and unique style, it is not without its criticisms. One of the significant issues lies in the film’s abstract approach, which leaves the characters mostly unseen. While this technique enhances tension and intensifies the scares, it also creates a barrier when it comes to emotional investment in the narrative. The detachment from the story makes it challenging to develop a deep connection with the characters. Despite Ball’s continual efforts to raise the stakes and keep things intriguing, the film sometimes goes too far, leading to a potential loss of audience interest. Skinamarink succeeds in discovering an innovative style, but fails to recognize that technical prowess alone may not be enough to carry an entire film.

Another drawback of Skinamarink is its slow pace and lengthy runtime. These factors contribute to the perception of the film as “boring” or “dull” by some viewers. While the film’s creative choices almost compel us to dismiss these criticisms, they do hold some validity. Watching the same shots for an extended period can naturally lead to feelings of boredom, which Skinamarink struggles to overcome. Regardless of its technical achievements and boundary-pushing nature, if the story fails to engage and captivate the audience, it falls short of its primary purpose as a source of entertainment.


Skinamarink deserves acknowledgment for its potential to impact the horror genre significantly. Although not without its flaws and yet to reach its full potential, this film will undoubtedly serve as inspiration to future filmmakers. Its concept possesses a five-star quality that, with further refinement, will shine even brighter. Skinamarink stands as an atmospheric and experimental horror experience that challenges conventions, offering viewers a unique perspective on fear and imagination.

Watch Skinamarink now on Shudder for a global audience, or catch it on-demand. The film is set to release on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital in the UK on July 3, 2023.


1. Is Skinamarink suitable for all ages?

No, Skinamarink is a horror movie that contains intense and disturbing scenes. It is recommended for mature audiences who can handle frightening content.

2. What makes Skinamarink different from other horror movies?

Skinamarink stands out due to its experimental style and unique directorial choices. The film’s emphasis on atmosphere and tension, combined with its unconventional approach to storytelling, sets it apart from traditional horror films.

3. How does Skinamarink create scares without showing the characters?

The film relies on sound, context, and the viewers’ imagination to build suspense and fear. By keeping the camera at a distance from the action, Skinamarink creates an eerie atmosphere, making the audience feel the presence of an unknown entity.

4. Is the slow pace of Skinamarink intentional?

Yes, the deliberate slow pace is part of the film’s artistic choices to enhance tension and create a unique viewing experience. While it may be challenging for some viewers, it contributes to the film’s overall atmosphere.

5. Will Skinamarink inspire other filmmakers?

Certainly! Skinamarink’s experimental style and boundary-pushing approach are likely to inspire future filmmakers to explore new techniques and storytelling methods within the horror genre.