Something From Tiffany’s Review: Prime Video Film

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Something From Tiffany’s: A Festive Romance Worth Watching

When it comes to Christmas romance movies, Prime Video’s Something From Tiffany’s may not offer anything groundbreaking, but it boasts a captivating performance by Zoey Deutch that makes it a worthwhile watch. This film effortlessly falls into the same realm as other holiday romances that are released this time of year, with its familiar formula of two individuals brought together by an unexpected event during the festive season. Yet, despite the clichés, Something From Tiffany’s manages to stand out, thanks in large part to Deutch’s portrayal of Rachel.

A Classic Holiday Romance

The story begins with Ethan (Kendrick Simpson), who visits Tiffany’s to purchase an extravagant ring for his girlfriend Vanessa (Shay Mitchell). Similarly, Gary (Ray Nicholson) is also at Tiffany’s, seeking the cheapest piece of jewelry for his girlfriend, Rachel (played by Zoey Deutch, known for her role in Not Okay). As fate would have it, Gary gets hit by a car and loses his memory, resulting in an unexpected gift bag mix-up with Ethan. This initial setup may seem absurdly silly, but it sets the tone for the predictable yet enjoyable holiday romance that unfolds.

Zoey Deutch, not only the star but also the executive producer of Something From Tiffany’s, aptly describes the film as a cheesy holiday rom-com that appeals to a specific audience. The first few minutes clearly establish the movie’s intended target demographic, while also hinting at its potential to offer more than just your typical Hallmark Christmas film.

Self-Awareness and Subtlety

Director Daryl Wein deserves credit for making Something From Tiffany’s subtly self-aware of its clichés and the overall absurdity common in the holiday romance genre. The film cleverly acknowledges and pokes fun at its own concepts while maintaining the elements that satisfy both die-hard holiday romance enthusiasts and skeptics alike. Wein skillfully blends visual cues with comedic moments to depict how a simple mishap like the gift bag mix-up could realistically occur.

Following the accident, the story shifts focus to Rachel, a successful bakery owner who rushes to the hospital upon receiving news of Gary’s condition. As the characters begin to interact with each other, it becomes apparent that both Rachel and Ethan’s relationships are far from perfect, especially when the topic of marriage arises. The instant connection between Rachel and Ethan leads them to question whether they are truly with the right partners. The natural chemistry between Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Simpson is vital for the success of this rom-com, and Deutch’s performance, in particular, shines throughout the movie, elevating a somewhat predictable screenplay.

An Efficient Narrative

One of Something From Tiffany’s greatest strengths is its efficient runtime of just under 90 minutes. Unlike many holiday rom-coms that fill their stories with extensive backstories and slower-paced scenes, this film opts for essential moments that keep the plot swiftly moving forward. The audience is treated to the necessary dramatic build-up, enjoyable comedic scenes featuring the supporting cast, and, of course, the gradual development of romance between the two leads.

However, a minor drawback of Something From Tiffany’s is its forgettable nature. While it offers more entertainment value than an average holiday film, it still lacks a lasting impact. Yet, within the context of the holiday romance genre, where a plethora of similar movies are released each year, being forgettable is not necessarily a negative aspect. Despite this, the film manages to stand out as an above-average romantic holiday option, one that can easily be the highlight of any Christmas binge for years to come.


Something From Tiffany’s may not revolutionize the Christmas romance genre, but it accomplishes what it sets out to do: provide an engaging and entertaining festive love story. Zoey Deutch’s magnetic performance, combined with director Daryl Wein’s subtle self-awareness, elevate the film above the typical holiday romance fare. Although it may not linger in the viewer’s mind, its brevity and enjoyable moments make it a suitable choice for anyone looking for a charming romantic escape during the holiday season.


1. Where can I watch Something From Tiffany’s?

Something From Tiffany’s is available for streaming globally on Amazon Prime Video starting December 9, 2022.

2. What makes Something From Tiffany’s stand out among other holiday romances?

While Something From Tiffany’s follows the familiar formula of a Christmas romance, its self-awareness, subtle humor, and the captivating performance by Zoey Deutch set it apart from the average holiday film.

3. Is Something From Tiffany’s suitable for all ages?

Something From Tiffany’s is generally appropriate for a high school-aged audience and above, as it falls within the romantic comedy genre and contains themes related to relationships and love.

4. Can I expect any surprises or unexpected twists in Something From Tiffany’s?

Something From Tiffany’s does conform to many of the conventions of a traditional holiday romance. While it may not offer groundbreaking surprises or twists, it delivers an enjoyable and heartwarming story that captures the essence of the season.

5. Does Something From Tiffany’s have a satisfying ending?

Something From Tiffany’s provides a satisfying conclusion that wraps up the romantic storyline in a fitting manner, ensuring viewers leave with a sense of warmth and holiday cheer.