Spy x Family: Thrilling Delights – Episode 15 Review

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Spy x Family: A Gritty Yet Cute Manga Worth Exploring

We’re past the point now where we can resist the allure of Spy x Family manga. As we dive deeper into the series, it seems that some of our initial suspicions are proving accurate. While the overall enjoyment of the series is evident, there is a limited tolerance for a specific character, Anya, which affects the overall experience. However, when Anya is at school, the presence of Damian and Becky, along with the context of the setting, brings a breath of fresh air. The moe pandering takes a backseat, making room for more slapstick comedy. But when it comes to the interactions between Loid and Yor, the focus on Anya often becomes overwhelming and somewhat exaggerated.

While the addition of a dog to the storyline may seem endearing, it sometimes backfires. The old adage about actors never wanting to work with kids and animals truly applies here, as writers tend to rely heavily on cuteness. One more lingering shot of Loid and Yor smiling beatifically at the dog would have been excessive. The ease at which various elements fall into place raises some questions about realism within the world of Spy x Family. The avoidance of injuring the dog during the anime’s production, Yor’s strategic positioning to capture Keith, and the coincidental appearance of all three Forgers at the same spot at the same time strain credibility, even within the established context of the series.

A Blend of Grit and Charm

Despite its occasional reliance on cuteness, the series shines when it dives into grittier territory. This may very well reflect the natural instincts of the mangaka as a writer. Anya’s occasional vamp-like behavior has its merits, but it works best as a side dish rather than the main course. However, it is important to acknowledge that Spy x Family has risen to become a highly popular commercial property in the industry. This, in itself, is a testament to the understanding of its target audience by Shueisha, the publisher.

There are several noteworthy aspects to appreciate in Spy x Family, including the interactions between Anya and Damian. Damian’s nonchalant reaction to Anya’s dog announcement triggers an unexpected chain of events. Anya’s distress at his indifference and Damian’s surprise at the impact of his casual remark (even if it impresses his henchmen) create an entertaining twist on the familiar tsundere trope. Furthermore, the clever pun involving dogs’ difficulty in differentiating consonants and Yor’s misinterpretation as “dogs being bad at determining causes of death” adds another layer of enjoyment to the narrative. This attention to detail and the authentic portrayal of characters’ backgrounds are some of the endearing qualities of the series.

While Spy x Family provides many enjoyable moments, one area that could be perceived as less appealing is the presence of a giant dog. Imagining such a large dog defecating inside a house may not be a common cultural norm, even in Japan. While cats have their litter boxes (and some can even be trained to use toilets), managing the excretory needs of a dog the size of a horse on paper seems impractical and unappealing.


Spy x Family is a manga that strikes a balance between gritty storytelling and adorable charm. While the prominence of certain characters and their dynamics may occasionally overshadow the overall narrative, the series has garnered immense popularity among its target audience. The endearing interactions between Anya and Damian, coupled with the clever writing that showcases the characters’ authentic backgrounds, make Spy x Family a manga worth exploring.


1. Is Spy x Family suitable for readers who prefer a mix of action and comedy?

Absolutely! Spy x Family offers a delightful blend of both action and comedy, making it an enjoyable read for fans of both genres.

2. Are there any other manga or anime series similar to Spy x Family?

While Spy x Family is a unique gem in its own right, fans of the series may also enjoy titles such as “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” and “Assassination Classroom” for their blend of humor and action.

3. Does Spy x Family maintain a consistent level of quality throughout its chapters?

Yes, the manga consistently delivers engaging and entertaining content throughout its chapters, providing readers with a captivating and enjoyable reading experience.

4. Are there any plans for an anime adaptation of Spy x Family?

As of now, there haven’t been any official announcements regarding an anime adaptation of Spy x Family. However, given its popularity and fan demand, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an anime adaptation in the future.

5. Can beginners in manga appreciate Spy x Family?

Absolutely! Spy x Family caters to a wide range of readers, including beginners. Its engaging storytelling, well-developed characters, and blend of genres make it accessible and enjoyable for newcomers to the medium.