SSSS.Dynazenon: Epic Finale and Captivating Series Review

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Anime, Creativity, and the Brilliance of SSSS.Dynazenon

As we reflect on the finale of SSSS.Dynazenon, it becomes clear that anime continues to produce series that captivate and amaze viewers. While it may not reach the heights of past iconic years in the medium, there is still a place for anime creators who are fans themselves and showcase their brilliance through stories that honor tradition, celebrate characters, and ignite the imagination. Anime thrives when it is crafted by individuals who possess a genuine love for the art form.

A Story of Real Emotions and Human Connections

The final episode of SSSS.Dynazenon may not have held many surprises, but that is a testament to its solid storytelling and well-developed plot. Compared to its predecessor, SSSS.Gridman, Dynazenon takes a more straightforward approach with a focus on character-driven narratives. While Gridman thrived on trickery and false realities, Dynazenon dives into the depths of genuine human emotions and showcases individuals who remain true to their identities.

Gauma, a central character in Dynazenon, may not have met his princess or reached his ultimate fate, but his journey throughout the series is profoundly impactful. His willingness to apologize to the children, knowing that they were not the ones responsible for the battles they faced, demonstrates his growth and self-awareness. Despite his personal motivations for involving them in the conflict, Gauma ultimately leaves a positive mark on their lives. His rejection of hatred and embrace of human connection set him apart from the Kaiju Eugenicists, making his character development consistent and compelling.

For the children who fought alongside Gauma, the scars they bear are symbols of honor and remind them of their involvement in something greater than themselves. The final moment of unity, with Gauma summoning his strength for one last battle, is both inspirational and visually spectacular. The showdown with Sizumu, powered-up by consuming his fellow Eugenicists, provides a formidable challenge. However, the power of impotent rage can only take one so far in allegorical battles like these.

Exploring Different Narrative Approaches

Dynazenon differentiates itself from Gridman in terms of narrative structure and character development. The Eugenicists, including Sizumu, may not be as fully fleshed out as the complex antagonist Akane from Gridman. However, this divergence in focus reflects the creative team’s intentional decision to present Dynazenon as a distinct story. Akane played a pivotal role in the overarching narrative, whereas the Eugenicists served as foils, representing themes of growth, acceptance of the past, and the importance of forming connections.

The epilogue of the series masterfully employs symbolism, with Yomogi and Yume walking across a bridge that initially separates them. However, Yomogi’s decision to backtrack and join Yume illustrates their deep connection and soulmate-like bond. The interactions between the characters at the school festival further solidify their relationship, showcasing their growth and emotional evolution. Meanwhile, Koyomi returns to a normal life, Chise embraces her individuality proudly, and Gauma’s legacy lives on through the bonds formed thanks to Dynazenon.

The Choice between Isolation and Connection

Central to SSSS.Dynazenon is the dichotomy between kaiju users and humans. Yomogi’s conversation with Sizumu highlights this divide, emphasizing the freedom associated with being a kaiju user and the importance of connections as a human. Choosing to embrace the connections in one’s life, despite potential pain, forms the crux of the series. It resonates with the universal struggle of growing up and deciding whether to isolate oneself from others or take the more challenging yet ultimately rewarding path of embracing human connections.

Dynazenon and Gridman: Different Yet Connected

When comparing SSSS.Dynazenon and SSSS.Gridman, it is difficult to choose a definitive favorite. Personally, I lean towards Dynazenon due to its character-focused storytelling. However, both series succeed on their own terms while retaining a connection beyond mere mythology. The sequel has managed to build upon its predecessor without imitating it, creating a unique and compelling narrative. The anime community is fortunate to have witnessed the treatment of two exceptional 2018 series, further solidifying the talent behind the franchise.

Looking Ahead: A Fascinating Combination

The excitement surrounding the sequel announcement for SSSS.Dynazenon increases as the story takes an unexpected turn. Rather than embarking on an entirely new premise, the upcoming installment will merge elements from both Gridman and Dynazenon. Bridging the gaps between these diverse narratives will undoubtedly be a fascinating challenge for the creators. While the return of the Dynazenon cast seems certain, the fate of the Gridman characters remains uncertain. However, with the trust earned by the creative team, viewers can eagerly anticipate the next installment.


With SSSS.Dynazenon’s captivating finale, viewers have experienced a series that incorporates real emotions, complex character development, and thought-provoking themes. The brilliance of anime shines through when it is crafted by individuals who possess a genuine passion for the medium. As we eagerly await the next chapter in the saga, the sheer creativity and storytelling prowess displayed in SSSS.Dynazenon make it a standout entry in the world of anime.


1. Will there be a third season of SSSS.Dynazenon?

While the popularity of the franchise in Japan may suggest a potential third season, there is no official confirmation at this time. However, the recent sequel announcement gives hope to fans who have fallen in love with the series.

2. What makes SSSS.Dynazenon different from SSSS.Gridman?

SSSS.Dynazenon diverges from SSSS.Gridman in its narrative focus. While Gridman revolves around trickery and false realities, Dynazenon dives deeper into genuine human emotions and character-driven narratives. Each series excels in its own way, maintaining a connection beyond their shared mythology.

3. Is it necessary to watch SSSS.Gridman before SSSS.Dynazenon?

While it is not essential to watch SSSS.Gridman before diving into SSSS.Dynazenon, doing so will enhance your understanding of the overarching narrative and character dynamics. Both series are worth exploring independently and as complementary parts of an interconnected franchise.

4. How does SSSS.Dynazenon explore the theme of human connections?

SSSS.Dynazenon dives into the idea of embracing human connections despite the potential pain they may bring. It invites viewers to reflect on the choice between isolating oneself or venturing into a path of connections. The series portrays the importance of personal growth and accepting the past in order to form meaningful relationships.

5. What can we expect from the upcoming sequel combining elements from Gridman and Dynazenon?

The combination of Gridman and Dynazenon in the upcoming sequel presents a unique and intriguing challenge for the creative team. It promises to bridge the gaps between these narratives, providing an exciting blend of different storytelling approaches. Fans can eagerly anticipate the seamless integration of these two remarkable series.