SSSS.Gridman: Finale & Series Analysis

The Finale of SSSS.Gridman: Wrapped-Up Stories and Predictable Surprises

I can’t help but feel a sense of uncertainty about the future of SSSS.Gridman, even though there haven’t been any official announcements. However, considering that anime is a cash-driven industry, it’s hard to believe that there won’t be more coming for this series, especially if it continues to garner success. The question then becomes, what could these future developments entail? Let’s explore the finale and explore the possibilities.

Eventful, Yet Surprisingly Predictable

The finale of SSSS.Gridman was undoubtedly eventful, but it lacked the element of surprise that one might expect. As someone unfamiliar with the Gridman empire, I couldn’t predict the exact details of what would happen in this episode. However, in hindsight, the outcome was not entirely unexpected. Some may view this predictability as a criticism, but I choose to see it as a testament to the consistent writing throughout the series. After all, endings are built upon the foundation of what has come before, and this finale stayed true to that notion. Although not as magical as the series’ best moments, it still had its merits.

Battle and Redemption

The confrontation between Akane and the kaiju provided an engaging start to the finale. The sound design in this series has consistently been exceptional, and the screams of Akane served as a chilling reminder. Gridman-Yuuta entrusts Gridknight-Anti to handle Akane while he attends to personal matters. As expected, a mecha battle ensues, flawlessly brought to life by the talented Gridman animators and artists. The overarching theme of this battle revolves around Akane’s self-recrimination, as she finds herself trapped inside the kaiju shaped by Alexis. However, Anti’s involvement goes beyond merely defeating Akane; he is determined to save her.

Questionable Character Transformations

It’s worth pondering whether the redemption of Akane and the actions of the other characters bother us in any way. To be honest, I’m still uncertain about my feelings on this matter, which indicates that it does indeed raise some concerns, albeit minor ones. While Akane’s redemption was inevitable, the story failed to earn it. There isn’t a convincing reason why these characters, particularly Anti, should feel such forgiveness towards their tormentor. Admittedly, they may not have a choice since Akane is responsible for their existence. However, as viewers, we can’t ignore the emotional disconnect and inexplicable leniency displayed by these characters.

A Bored Immortal and the Battle’s Climax

Alexis’ backstory reveals that he is an immortal being burdened with “endless” lives. He carries out his actions, including the control over Akane and the ensuing battle, out of sheer boredom. While I didn’t specifically predict this twist, it neatly aligns with the overall narrative. After Anti suffers a fatal blow, the original Gridman emerges to confront Alexis, resulting in yet another visually stunning showdown. The highlight lies in the transformation of Gridman into his nostalgic 90’s form. With the entire team, including the junior high boys and Anti, equipped with their own acceptors, Gridman wields his “fixer beam.” This powerful weapon not only restores the city but also eliminates Alexis.

Return to Reality

In the aftermath of the battle, the consequences unfold. Akane, consumed by remorse, finds solace in her “bedroom,” acknowledging her own flaws. The revelation of Akane’s connection to the “real” world adds an intriguing layer to her characterization. In that world, she is actually Rikka or bears a striking resemblance to her. Rather than continuing to escape reality within her fabricated city, Akane chooses to confront her true self, as evidenced by Rikka expressing her desire to remain apart from her. Additionally, as the digital world persists after her departure, the “real” Yuuta awakens, and he, along with the junior high boys, returns to their world. Thanks to the benevolent intervention of Anoshiras II, Anti also manages to survive.

Reflecting on an Evocative Journey

The intricate workings of SSSS.Gridman and its place in the broader landscape of 2018 anime demand careful analysis. Firstly, it is undeniably a remarkable series that deserves further discussion. Its ability to captivate me, despite my lack of familiarity with the show it pays homage to and the tokusatsu genre, speaks volumes about the exceptional work of director Amemiya Akira and the entire team. SSSS.Gridman’s homage extends beyond Ultraman and tokusatsu; it is also a heartfelt tribute to Evangelion, mecha anime, and Gainax as a whole. It celebrates its predecessors while paving its own unique path, further evolving the legacy established by Gainax and Anno Hideaki.

A Defining Series for Trigger

For me, SSSS.Gridman unequivocally stands as the finest series to emerge from Trigger studios. It surpassed my expectations and deviated from the typical Trigger formula, offering a glimpse of what this talented studio is capable of achieving in the future. The question now shifts to the franchise’s future—this commercially successful series is unlikely to conclude here. Whether through movies or another TV series, I personally hope to witness a fresh cast of characters, as the current ones have reached the end of their story. However, whatever the future holds, I eagerly anticipate it. The fact that I can confidently express such anticipation for a Trigger show is perhaps the highest praise I can give to SSSS.Gridman.


In conclusion, the finale of SSSS.Gridman delivered a satisfying conclusion to its intricate narrative. While some aspects were predictable, the consistent writing and exceptional production quality undeniably made it an engaging experience. The redemption of characters and the enigmatic blend of reality and digital worlds raised questions, but ultimately, the journey offered its own rewards. SSSS.Gridman has firmly established itself as a standout series, paying homage to its predecessors while injecting fresh ideas into the genre. As we eagerly anticipate future developments, we can appreciate the artistic merits of this evocative and thought-provoking production.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a continuation or sequel to SSSS.Gridman?

At this time, there have been no official announcements regarding a continuation or sequel to SSSS.Gridman. However, considering its commercial success and the potential for further stories within this universe, it is reasonable to assume that there may be future projects related to the series.

2. How does SSSS.Gridman pay homage to other anime series?

SSSS.Gridman pays homage to various anime series, such as Ultraman, Evangelion, and mecha anime in general. It celebrates these predecessors by incorporating similar themes, visual elements, and narrative structures while offering its own unique perspective and evolution of the genre.

3. What sets SSSS.Gridman apart from other Trigger series?

SSSS.Gridman stands out from other Trigger series due to its departure from the studio’s typical formula. While maintaining Trigger’s signature visual style and creative storytelling, SSSS.Gridman showcases a different side of the studio, captivating viewers with its homage to classic tokusatsu and mecha anime while forging its own identity.

4. Is SSSS.Gridman accessible to viewers unfamiliar with the tokusatsu genre?

Yes, SSSS.Gridman can be enjoyed by viewers who are unfamiliar with the tokusatsu genre. While it pays homage to the genre’s conventions and tropes, the series offers a fresh perspective and narrative that can be appreciated by both fans of tokusatsu and newcomers alike.

5. What makes SSSS.Gridman a standout series in 2018 anime?

SSSS.Gridman stands out in 2018 anime due to its exceptional storytelling, visually striking animation, and its ability to engage viewers on multiple levels. By paying homage to classic series while incorporating its own unique elements, SSSS.Gridman has left a lasting impression and established itself