Succession Season 4 Episode 10 Review

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Succession Season 4 Episode 10 Review: A Tragic and Breathtaking Finale

Season 4 Episode 10 of Succession served as the stunning conclusion to this thrilling and heartbreaking journey. This review contains spoilers for the episode, so proceed with caution.

The Culmination of a Complex and Fulfilling Story

The grand finale of Succession not only met but exceeded the expectations of audiences who doubted the writers’ ability to wrap up such an intense story in a fulfilling and tragic manner. Season 4 Episode 10 stands out as one of the show’s strongest and most emotionally gripping episodes. It masterfully brings together all the separate plot threads from Season 4, leaving no loose ends and providing a Shakespearean conclusion to the journeys of the central characters.

Last week’s episode hinted at a simple showdown between Kendall and Matsson for control of Waystar Royco, but it quickly became clear that things wouldn’t be that straightforward. “With Open Eyes” takes its time with a 90-minute runtime, allowing the writers to intricately maneuver the chess pieces on the board. The complex twists and surprise betrayals keep the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end. The episode follows the pattern of a traditional Succession episode, with hilarious comedy and high-stakes business decisions propelling the narrative forward while the fates of the Roy siblings hang in the balance.

Episode 10 reaffirms that Succession’s strength lies not only in the remarkable performances of the entire cast but also in the precision and momentum of its writing. Critical moments, such as Matsson appointing Tom and Shiv discovering the betrayal, unfold precisely as necessary for the story to make sense and reach its climax. The writers’ ability to orchestrate these pivotal moments is a remarkable feat of storytelling, regardless of whether viewers are satisfied with the show’s ending.

A Surprising Crown and a Reflection of Excessive Power

The decision to depose all the siblings and crown Tom as the ultimate winner comes as a surprise to those who expected Kendall, Roman, or Shiv to take the reins. This unexpected turn highlights how excessive power and unbridled ambition can tear people apart, making them blind to their own faults and solely focused on victory. The siblings’ own betrayals and whisperings behind the scenes have doomed their chances at becoming Waystar’s CEO. Instead, the victor is the one who can best follow orders. It is a biting commentary on real-life power struggles and a satirical condemnation of those who selfishly try to manipulate the system.

The Boardroom Confrontation: A Stark Representation of Sibling Dynamics

Among the many compelling scenes in the finale, the final confrontation between Kendall, Shiv, and Roman in the boardroom stands out as truly remarkable. It encapsulates the core beliefs and values of the Roy siblings. Shiv, realizing she cannot win the fight, betrays her own family to protect the company. Kendall, shattered by the realization that he sacrificed everything for nothing, descends into emotional turmoil. Roman, finally accepting his father’s verdict that they are not “serious people,” acknowledges the mockery they have made of their family legacy. Kendall’s pride blinds him to the truth even as their empire crumbles.

A Tragic and Inevitable End

The journey of Succession has been an incredible ride from start to finish. However, the tragic ending for these characters is perhaps a bitter pill to swallow, yet an inevitable one. In the most fundamental sense of the word, the show presents a tragedy, weaving narratives of hubris and egotism before shattering them. It exposes the unfitness of the Roys, despite their aspirations, to lead Waystar into a new era. They were destined to lose everything. As viewers bid farewell to this influential and timeless storytelling, they can appreciate the unmatched journey that Succession has taken them on.


The Season 4 finale of Succession left a lasting impact with its tragic and breathtaking conclusion. The episode surpassed expectations by skillfully tying up loose ends and delivering a profoundly emotional experience. It showcased the impeccable writing and storytelling that have made Succession a standout series. While viewers may grapple with the outcomes for the characters they have grown to love and hate, they can also revel in the thought-provoking commentary and remarkable journey the show has provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is Season 4 Episode 10 of Succession?

Season 4 Episode 10 of Succession has a runtime of approximately 90 minutes, allowing for a more expansive and thorough exploration of the story.

2. Does the finale wrap up all the plot threads?

Yes, the Season 4 finale of Succession effectively ties up all the plot threads from the season, providing closure and answering lingering questions.

3. Are there any standout performances in this episode?

The entire cast delivers remarkable performances in Season 4 Episode 10, showcasing their exceptional talent and adding depth to their respective characters.

4. Does the ending of Succession align with the overall tone of the show?

Yes, the tragic ending of Succession is in line with the show’s overarching themes of power, ambition, and the destructive nature of familial dynamics. It leaves a lasting impact on viewers and underscores the harsh realities of the characters’ world.

5. Does Succession Season 4 Episode 10 leave room for a potential continuation of the story?

While the Season 4 finale brings the current story arc to a close, it leaves some room for future exploration should the creators and network choose to continue the Succession saga.