Summertime Render: Reflecting on the Epic Finale

Summertime Render: A Drama That Masterfully Delivers a Captivating Ending

In the realm of dramas, especially those spanning multiple seasons, it is essential to provide a satisfying conclusion that goes beyond a simple ending. That is precisely what Summertime Render accomplished, thanks to the brilliance of its director, Watanabe. While the manga may have rushed its ending, Watanabe took the opportunity to remedy this flaw in the adaptation.

This intricate and compelling story deserved more than just an end; it demanded a coda. By allowing the audience to pause, absorb, and reflect on what they have witnessed, Summertime Render leaves a lasting impact.

A Bittersweet Timing: An Ending That Leaves Us Wanting More

However, the timing of this brilliant ending couldn’t be more unfortunate. With the busy anime season commencing right after the finale, it becomes challenging to embark on a re-watching journey that would undoubtedly unveil the intricate Easter eggs planted by Tanaka Yasunori and Watanabe. Numerous nuances and hidden details await discovery on a second viewing, and it’s a disservice to the creators not to indulge in this experience. Yet, for now, I must file it away in my “someday” collection, hoping that one day I’ll have the opportunity and motivation to revisit Summertime Render.

An Unveiling of the Resolution: Tying Up Loose Ends

The concluding episodes of Summertime Render didn’t offer many surprises, but that was precisely the purpose of a well-crafted coda. Through KageUshio’s intervention, the summer of 2018 was re-rendered, eradicating all shadows. Consequently, prominent figures such as Shinpei’s parents, Nezu’s wife, Ryuunosuke, Karikiri Iwao, Shiori, the teacher, and various islanders came back to life. Hizuru, of course, benevolently steps into this restored reality. However, two mysteries linger: why did Shinpei awaken with the peculiar eye on the ferry but not in this week’s episode, and how did the islanders survive the Kyouhou Famine of 1732, becoming intertwined with the shadows in the first place?

Traces of the Past: Shadows of an Alternate Timeline

The remnants of the previous timeline subtly persist in the current one, akin to lingering shadows. Both Ushio and Shinpei witnessed dreams that retained fragments of the alternate timeline, leading them to worry about each other and the island of Hitogashima as a whole. It was this shared dream that prompted Ushio to bridge the divide and reach out to Shinpei in Tokyo, ultimately bringing him back to the island. Shinpei’s knowledge of Hizuru’s secret identity, instigated by the dream, both annoys and fascinates her, given her penchant for mysteries. Additionally, Sou’s love for Mio endures, and Ryuunosuke now has a daughter named Haine.

A Deepening Emotional Connection: Love Prevails

Amidst the various unresolved questions, the emotional core of Summertime Render shines through – the enduring love between Ushio and Sanpei. Ushio, although a classic tsundere, shows her true affection when it truly matters. While it is intriguing to contemplate what would have led Shinpei to embark on a journey to Tokyo had his parents remained alive, the narrative does not explore this aspect. Shinpei finds Ushio’s lost pendant on the beach, extends his heartfelt apologies, and in the end, the two are inevitably drawn together by destiny. Some melancholy lingers in the air, echoing Shinpei’s sense of loss, but overall, it culminates in a genuinely satisfying conclusion.

From Dream to Reality: A Tale Worth Telling

Shinpei makes a curious reference to a book that shares similarities with his dream: “Strange Life of Ivan Osokin” by P.D. Ouspensky. Hizuru astutely identifies the reference before he even mentions it. Consequently, this strange tale inspires her to write the book that seemingly narrates the story we have just witnessed, ingeniously penned by Minakata Ryuunosuke. However, it raises a tantalizing question – if her twin is indeed alive, why does she choose to adopt his name as her pen name? In both a literal and metaphorical sense, Summertime Render completes its full circle, providing a fitting conclusion. Despite the presence of a sequel manga and an upcoming novel, it feels right to bid farewell here.

A Rare Gem: Summertime Render’s Perfection in Presentation

Among the sea of anime endings that leave room for improvement, Summertime Render stands out as an exception. It is an extraordinary tale that captivates from start to finish, and immense credit goes to Tanaka-sensei for crafting a complex supernatural mystery that remains air-tight while seamlessly guiding the audience towards its destination. However, it is Watanabe Ayumu’s masterful direction that elevates this anime adaptation to perfection. The pacing, exposition, and narrative flow all align immaculately. The execution is so flawless that it becomes indistinguishable from true perfection.

A Seldom-Achieved Feat: Creating a Solid Anime Saga

Summertime Render fulfills a longing that viewers often carry in their hearts, craving a series of this caliber. The anime graveyard is filled with failed attempts to deliver stories of this nature, often succumbing to shortcuts and lazy writing that ultimately doom their success. However, Summertime Render meticulously avoids such pitfalls, showcasing unwaveringly solid writing and exemplary direction. It is an anime that I can confidently say, “I wouldn’t change any part of it.” The journey of Summertime Render stands as a testament to the talents of Tanaka and Watanabe, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating their future works in the anime realm.


In conclusion, Summertime Render is a masterpiece of storytelling, delivering a gripping narrative that resonates deeply. Its carefully crafted ending ensures a sense of closure and allows viewers to reflect on the profound themes and intricate details woven throughout the series. Tanaka’s ingenious supernatural mystery, artfully complemented by Watanabe’s exceptional directing, makes Summertime Render an anime experience that surpasses expectations. Whether it’s the seamless execution, emotional connections, or the lingering mysteries, Summertime Render leaves an indelible mark and cements its place as a remarkable addition to the anime landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Summertime Render have a sequel manga?

While Summertime Render concluded with a satisfying ending, fans may be curious about the existence of a sequel manga. Yes, Summertime Render does have a sequel manga, expanding upon the intriguing story.

2. Will there be a novel based on Summertime Render?

Indeed, fans can look forward to a novel based on Summertime Render in the near future. The novel promises to dive deeper into the captivating world and characters crafted by Tanaka-sensei, providing new insights and adventures.

3. What makes Summertime Render stand out from other anime?

Summertime Render distinguishes itself through its exceptional storytelling, solid writing, and masterful direction. The authenticity of emotions portrayed, together with a complex supernatural mystery, captivates viewers and sets Summertime Render apart from other anime.

4. Is the ending of Summertime Render satisfying?

Absolutely! Summertime Render concludes with a deeply satisfying ending that wraps up the story’s major arcs while offering a glimpse into the characters’ futures. The careful blend of closure and intrigue leaves viewers content yet eagerly awaiting more.

5. What can we expect from the creators of Summertime Render in the future?

Both Tanaka and Watanabe have proven their remarkable storytelling abilities through Summertime Render. While we eagerly anticipate their future endeavors, their collaboration on this anime has undoubtedly set the bar high for their forthcoming projects.