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The Tricks and Cheating of Takagi-san

Have you ever come across a character that annoys you to no end? For me, that character is Takagi-san. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons to be annoyed by her, but one thing that stands out is her pretense of honesty. Let me tell you the truth: Takagi-san is a master at cheating, and she does it repeatedly and shamelessly. The worst part is that she takes advantage of Nishikata-kun’s gullibility. Although Nishikata brings some of it upon himself, Takagi-san is always the one who pushes him over the edge.

The Fitness Test Fiasco

Let’s take, for example, the fitness test. Nishikata has been preparing for it all year, putting in effort and hard work. But, guess what? Takagi-san pulls off a cheating move during the grip strength test. She distracts poor Nishikata, taunting him and throwing him off his game. The sad irony here is that Nishikata didn’t even need a year of preparation for this challenge. He already had enough dexterity and strength to win fair and square. What he should have focused on was practicing not to take Takagi-san’s bait. However, he falls into her traps every single time, even though he knows exactly what she’s doing. It’s doubtful that any amount of preparation could have saved him in this case.

The Deceptive Dodgeball Game

And let’s not forget about dodgeball. It’s just another example of Takagi-san’s brazen cheating. The whole trick with the back wall is not only dishonest but also completely unfair. Pushing Nishikata to try and catch the ball is within the bounds of the game, but Takagi-san’s manipulative tactics are crossing the line. Despite being fully aware of Takagi-san’s intentions, Nishikata willingly follows her lead. It’s quite amusing to witness the whole cycle of “Are we talking about dodgeball?” where they inch closer to acknowledging the truth. Yet, even in the midst of it, Nishikata remains ensnared in Takagi-san’s tricks.

Takagi-san’s Art of Seizing Opportunities

As the story progresses, we see Takagi-san’s ability to seize opportunities for her advantage, and it becomes even more apparent in the final chapter. After a comical encounter with a thieving cat, the main couple takes over a dagashi shop, with the kids’ nonchalant reaction to the grandpa humor adding a touch of humor. But it’s the “first time eating together” moment that showcases Takagi-san’s skillfulness. It almost feels like she orchestrated Kimura and Takao’s arrival at that exact moment, as if the universe is always smiling upon her. The best part of this scene is seeing Nishikata getting the “jimmy legs” under the table, a clear sign that the stress is taking its toll on him.


Takagi-san may present herself as an honest character, but her actions tell a different story. She cheats, manipulates, and takes advantage of Nishikata’s gullibility. From the fitness test to dodgeball, she always finds a way to outsmart him. However, Nishikata also bears some responsibility for constantly falling into her traps. Perhaps if he focused more on resisting her bait rather than training physically, he could have gained an upper hand. Only time will tell if Nishikata can break free from Takagi-san’s web of deception.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why does Nishikata always fall for Takagi-san’s tricks?

Nishikata’s susceptibility to Takagi-san’s tricks can be attributed to a combination of factors. Firstly, he underestimates her intelligence and cunning, thinking he can outsmart her. Secondly, Nishikata is easily flustered and becomes preoccupied with proving himself. This distraction makes it easier for Takagi-san to exploit his vulnerability. Lastly, there is an underlying sense of curiosity and attraction between them, which blurs Nishikata’s judgment and makes him more susceptible to Takagi-san’s manipulations.

2. Does Takagi-san genuinely care about Nishikata?

Despite her constant teasing and cheating, there are moments that suggest Takagi-san genuinely cares about Nishikata. Her actions, though mischievous, can be seen as a way of getting closer to him. She enjoys the playful back-and-forth banter and the thrill of outwitting him. Takagi-san’s keen interest in Nishikata’s reactions and her ability to create opportunities to spend time together demonstrate a deeper emotional connection.

3. Are there any instances where Nishikata manages to outsmart Takagi-san?

While Nishikata often finds himself falling into Takagi-san’s traps, there are occasional moments where he manages to turn the tables on her. These rare instances usually occur when he surprises Takagi-san with an unexpected response or catches her off guard with his actions. However, his victories are short-lived, and Takagi-san quickly regains control of the situation. Nevertheless, these small triumphs offer glimpses of Nishikata’s potential to challenge Takagi-san’s dominance.

4. Can Nishikata ever break free from Takagi-san’s web of deception?

The dynamic between Nishikata and Takagi-san is complex and constantly evolving. While it may seem unlikely, there is a possibility that Nishikata could eventually break free from Takagi-san’s web of deception. As he continues to learn from his experiences and grow as a person, he may develop strategies to resist her tricks and become more adept at reading her intentions. However, this process will require both self-awareness and a willingness to challenge the status quo of their relationship.

5. Is there a deeper meaning behind Takagi-san’s relentless teasing?

Takagi-san’s relentless teasing serves multiple purposes within the story. On the surface, it provides light-hearted entertainment and comedic moments between the characters. However, her teasing also serves as a way to keep the dynamic between her and Nishikata interesting and engaging. It creates a sense of anticipation and pushes the boundaries of their relationship. Additionally, Takagi-san’s teasing serves as a means of emotional connection, allowing her to express her feelings for Nishikata in a playful and indirect manner.