Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Review

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Review: Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11

An Analysis of the Frustrating Aspects of the Episode

Season 3 Episode 11 of Ted Lasso brings together some powerful monologues, but ultimately falls short, leaving viewers feeling frustrated and highlighting the smugness that has crept into the show. Despite its flaws, the episode does have its strengths, with brilliantly-written, emotionally charged speeches towards the end, reminding us of the exceptional acting prowess of Jason Sudeikis, who may very well earn an Emmy nomination for this performance. However, amidst the show’s best moments, this episode also showcases some of its worst, serving as a reminder of how much the series has declined.

The Plot and AFC Richmond’s Surprising Success

Five games after the “International Break,” AFC Richmond continues its winning streak, leaving journalists perplexed during the opening press conference. Contrary to expectations, Richmond finds itself in second place with two games remaining, trailing Manchester City, the real-life champions, by four points. The upcoming match against Manchester City is crucial, as a loss would dash Richmond’s hopes, while a victory would potentially enable them to secure the title. This situation brings to light some of the issues that have plagued this season. Throughout the Premier League’s 31-year history, only seven clubs have won the coveted title, with the “Big Six” typically dominating the league. The remaining two clubs, Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City, are celebrated for their exceptional victories. Thus, for a “smaller” club like Richmond to even contend for the title is a remarkable achievement.

Unaddressed Achievements and Ignorance towards Football Culture

Curiously, the episode fails to address the significance of Richmond’s potential Premier League victory, which no newly promoted team has ever accomplished. While it is true that Ted Lasso has evolved into a show that transcends football, this neglect of acknowledging the remarkable season the team is having feels like a misstep, displaying a disregard for the football culture it attempts to parody and emulate. Moreover, the episode’s inclusion of real-life football personalities, such as Pep Guardiola, further accentuates the show’s ignorance as their lines feel out of character. Moments like these underscore how the show’s writers have lost touch with the realism and charm that originally captivated audiences, replacing it with a smugness that detracts from its once-wholesome nature.

The Episode’s Key Events and Emotional Storylines

The main plot revolves around the pivotal match against Manchester City, intertwined with personal issues faced by both Ted and Jamie concerning their respective mothers. Ted’s unexpected visit from his mother initially appears odd for a penultimate episode, but it proves to be a rewarding addition, progressing his emotional journey towards a foreseeable, yet emotionally satisfying resolution that sets the stage for the series finale. Jamie’s storyline portrays his mother in a more positive light, highlighting his apprehension towards facing his former supporters and the potential reunion with his abusive father. This subplot adds depth to Jamie’s character, although it becomes overshadowed by the forced inclusion of Roy and Keeley in moments where their presence feels unnecessary and bloated.

Nate’s Arc and Disappointing Character Development

Nate, having left his managerial position at West Ham to work as a waiter, continues to play a significant role in this episode. However, his character arc feels rushed considering the amount of screen time devoted to him this season. Episode 11 underscores the negative impact of Ted Lasso’s commitment to maintaining a relentlessly nice atmosphere, which has hampered Nate’s development as a character. The writers’ haste in redeeming Nate and ensuring his return to Richmond has led to a regression in his character, reverting back to the timid and eager-to-please version seen in season 1. It is unfortunate because the direction his character was heading in the first two seasons showed promise and intrigue.

The Disappointing Conclusion: Middle Fingers to Football Culture

The episode’s climax is the highly anticipated match against Manchester City, which evoked conflicting feelings within me. While the integration of Jamie’s storyline initially captivates, the final moments fall short, once again disregarding aspects of English football culture. Furthermore, these moments defy believability, particularly regarding a certain player’s performance, stretching the boundaries of plausibility and giving the impression that the writers have abandoned any semblance of effort. It exemplifies the overall tone of Ted Lasso’s third season — moments of brilliance overshadowed by a parody of itself.


“Mom City,” Season 3 Episode 11 of Ted Lasso, has its share of remarkable moments, particularly in the form of emotionally charged monologues. When the show focuses and delivers, it proves its worth. However, more often than not, it becomes smug, seeming to mock its audience. While a perfect depiction of realism is not expected, a certain level of respect for the sport it portrays is warranted. Sadly, the episode fails to demonstrate such respect, diluting the show’s charm. With the series finale on the horizon, there are concerns that the predictable outcome may further tarnish the overall viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many episodes are there in Season 3 of Ted Lasso?

Season 3 of Ted Lasso consists of twelve episodes in total. Each episode explores different facets of the characters’ lives and delves into their personal journeys.

2. Is Ted Lasso based on a true story?

No, Ted Lasso is not based on a true story. However, the show draws inspiration from the character of Ted Lasso, who was initially introduced in a series of promotional videos for NBC Sports featuring Jason Sudeikis.

3. Will there be a fourth season of Ted Lasso?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding the renewal of Ted Lasso for a fourth season. However, given its immense popularity and critical acclaim, it is highly likely that the show will be renewed for another season.

4. Can I watch Ted Lasso on any streaming platform?

No, Ted Lasso is exclusively available for streaming on Apple TV+. To enjoy this heartwarming and comedic series, you will need a subscription to Apple TV+.

5. Does Ted Lasso appeal to non-football fans?

Absolutely! While Ted Lasso revolves around the world of football, its appeal extends beyond the sport. The show explores themes of friendship, personal growth, and perseverance, making it accessible and enjoyable for both football enthusiasts and non-fans alike.