Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 4 Review

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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 4: Exploring the Ted-Nate Dynamics

Ted Lasso’s Season 3 Episode 4 delivers the long-awaited Ted-Nate moments, intertwining them with a match against West Ham and unforeseen revelations. This review contains minor spoilers for the episode, but fear not, there’s still plenty to ponder as the story unfolds.

Complex Dynamics and Individual States of Mind

The approaching match between AFC Richmond and West Ham serves as the focal point of Episode 4, causing anxiety for both coaches and players. While Beard, Leslie, and Roy devise strategies to outthink Nate by thinking like him, Ted seems less concerned. Could Ted’s seemingly carefree demeanor be a reflection of a deeper understanding that others fail to grasp?

Indeed, there is more to Ted and Nate’s bond than meets the eye. They are the only ones aware of why the kitman-turned-coach left at the end of the previous season. Nate’s departure stemmed from feeling undervalued by Ted, a sentiment that led him to rip the “believe” sign in half. Nate’s disillusionment with Ted reveals the intricate dynamics and the rift between them, which Episode 4 exquisitely explores.

Unveiling Guilt and Reckoning

Ted carries a sense of guilt for not giving Nate the attention he deserved, and this guilt taints his reactions towards the wonder kid. Ted’s lack of anger towards Nate surprises those around him. However, this absence of anger stems from an inner reckoning with his own shortcomings as a coach. Ted’s remorse extends beyond the field, parallel to his personal life, where he grapples with his ex-wife’s newfound involvement with someone else. Episode 4 portrays Ted’s choice to confront his challenges head-on, foreshadowing more transformation to come in Season 3.

Nate’s Journey of Self-Discovery

Episode 4 delves deeper into Nate’s character, shedding light on his emotional state and providing important insights. Nate’s sudden change of attitude towards Ted in the previous season was a subject of debate among fans. However, Nate’s vulnerability surfaces during a significant conversation with Rupert, West Ham’s owner. Rupert’s toxic masculine outlook dismisses Nate’s willingness to express his worries and vulnerabilities, derailing his growth in the process. Nate’s journey towards finding his identity and building self-belief intersects with his relationship with Ted and Rupert.

Rupert: A Cartoonesque Antagonist

On the topic of Rupert, West Ham’s owner, an interesting development occurs. Despite his initial disdain, Rupert’s character slowly becomes endearing in a comical manner. The show capitalizes on his predictable failures and snarky remarks, resembling the slapstick humor often associated with characters like Wile E. Coyote. Adding to this, Rupert’s uncanny resemblance to a Sith Lord, emphasized through his dark coat and lair-like office, adds an intriguing layer to his presence. Viewers eagerly anticipate Rebecca’s response to his antics.

Enter Jamie: A New Fan Favorite

Episode 4 introduces a new character, whose name we won’t spoil, but who promises to bring excitement to Keeley’s storyline. Jamie emerges as a potential new favorite character, gradually shaping up to assume a role similar to Roy’s in the series. Zava, though not heavily featured in this episode, contributes entertaining moments through his exaggerated interpretation of the mantra “you can be whoever you want to be.” The return of the Diamond Dogs and a precious moment between Ted and Rebecca further enrich the episode, hinting at potential developments.

Anticipating Transformations and Cliffhangers

While there is much more in Episode 4 to discover, it’s best for viewers to experience the specific twists and turns firsthand. Major changes await both Ted and AFC Richmond in the upcoming episodes, potentially unveiling the role of Trent Crimm in Season 3. Brace yourselves for remarkable character developments and exciting revelations as Ted and Nate venture down unfamiliar paths, leaving us eagerly counting down the days until the next episode!


Ted Lasso’s Season 3 Episode 4 masterfully tackles the complex dynamics between Ted and Nate, offering profound insights into their characters’ states of mind. Bursting with entertaining moments and unexpected twists, this episode sets the stage for impactful transformations and further exploration of the show’s beloved characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the tensions between Ted and Nate resolved in Episode 4?

While Episode 4 provides valuable insights into Ted and Nate’s relationship, tensions are not entirely resolved. The episode deepens the complexity of their dynamics, leaving room for further growth and resolution in future episodes.

2. Does Rupert’s character evolve beyond comic relief?

Rupert’s character develops beyond mere comic relief as the season progresses. Though initially portrayed in a humorous light, there are hints of a more intricate role in shaping the narrative. Viewers will undoubtedly be intrigued by his ongoing presence.

3. Can we expect more memorable interactions between Ted and Rebecca?

Episode 4 offers a delightful scene between Ted and Rebecca, leaving fans of their dynamic with a glimmer of hope. While future interactions remain uncertain, the episode reminds us of the undeniable chemistry shared between these two characters.

4. Is Jamie destined to become a central figure in the series?

Jamie’s character shows great potential and the series seems to be building towards his emergence as a key figure. As the storyline unfolds, viewers will witness whether Jamie’s development aligns with their expectations.

5. Will Trent Crimm play a significant role in Season 3?

Trent Crimm’s role in Season 3 is yet to be fully revealed. As the season progresses, we can anticipate the intertwining of his character with the overarching narrative, potentially bringing surprises and revelations.