Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 5 Review

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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 5 Review: New Directions and Smart Storytelling Choices

The latest episode of Ted Lasso, Season 3 Episode 5, offers a glimpse into the future direction of the Apple TV+ show. In this review, we’ll explore the pivotal moments and changes that take place, as well as the impact on the characters and storylines. Please note that this review contains minor spoilers for the episode.

AFC Richmond’s Evolution

Season 3 Episode 5 picks up one month after the loss to Richard West Ham, with AFC Richmond now facing a match against Manchester City. However, despite the arrival of Zava, the avocado-loving prophet, the team experiences a new string of losses. The dynamics within the team have shifted, as predicted by Jamie, and this change sets the stage for further developments.

Initially, many wondered about Zava’s impact on AFC Richmond and how the writers would handle his presence in a way that promotes growth among the other players. It appears that the decision has been made to reduce Zava’s presence, which creates an interesting twist. The players, including Jamie, Colin, Dani, and Isaac, understand that they must step up and work together as a team, knowing that they are capable of more than just helping Zava score goals.

Keeley’s Journey

In this episode, we witness significant developments in Keeley’s storyline. Her character arc as a manager begins to earn the respect of her co-workers, particularly with her handling of the challenges posed by her new hire, Shandy. Keeley’s actions result in comic relief and mark a turning point for her character and the dynamics within her PR firm.

Furthermore, Keeley’s relationship with her manager, Jack, takes an intriguing turn. This development not only adds depth to Keeley’s story but also leaves us eager to discover how it will shape her interactions and relationships moving forward. Additionally, it may shed light on her separation from Roy and introduce captivating dynamics for the rest of Season 3.

Nate’s Awkwardness and Ted’s Emotional Journey

Nate’s enduring awkwardness continues to charm viewers, and in Episode 5, we witness a heartwarming scene that reveals a more likable side to his character. This shift presents an opportunity for further exploration of Nate’s personality and growth.

Ted, on the other hand, grapples with the challenges of divorce and maintaining a relationship with his son, Henry. This episode focuses on Ted’s realization that even though he may not be physically present at all times, he has instilled important values in Henry. Ted learns to trust that his son will navigate life with these core principles and grow from the experiences he encounters.

Believing, Confidence, and Growth

As always, Ted’s slogan of “believe” plays a significant role in this episode. However, the characters begin to understand that belief goes beyond a mere sign. Nate’s decision to tear apart the “believe” sign in the Season 2 finale foreshadows a deeper exploration of belief and its impact on AFC Richmond.

AFC Richmond is in desperate need of a confidence boost, and regaining respect from both within and outside the team is crucial. As the season progresses, we can expect to witness the core themes of growth and belief take center stage. Season 3 Episode 5 sets the groundwork for future storylines, building anticipation for further character development and revelations.


Episode 5 of Ted Lasso’s third season may not feature major events, but it serves as a crucial episode that lays the foundation for what’s to come. We eagerly await more screen time for characters like Colin, Jamie, Rebecca, and Nate, as their storylines promise exciting developments. Additionally, the mysteries surrounding Rebecca’s psychic phase and Keeley’s past with Roy intrigue viewers and leave us eager for answers. As the characters embrace their true selves, believing in the possibility of improvement and the universal need for love, we can expect an emotionally charged and compelling season ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Zava continue to play a role in Season 3?

While Zava’s presence has initially had a significant impact on AFC Richmond, it appears that the spotlight will shift away from him in future episodes. However, the consequences of his time with the team will continue to shape the dynamics and growth of the players and coaches.

2. How will Keeley’s managerial role influence her relationships with her co-workers?

Keeley’s emergence as a manager begins to earn her the respect of her colleagues, marking a significant shift in her interactions within her PR firm. We can anticipate that her newfound responsibilities will create opportunities for engaging dynamics and character development in subsequent episodes.

3. How will Ted’s relationship with his son, Henry, progress throughout Season 3?

In Episode 5, Ted realizes that although he may not always be physically present for Henry, he has instilled valuable values in his son. Ted’s journey as a father will continue to be explored, offering insights into the challenges and growth he experiences while maintaining a relationship with his child.

4. What does “believing” mean for AFC Richmond?

“Believing” remains a significant theme in Season 3, but the characters start to understand that true belief goes beyond a mere slogan. The team will delve deeper into the concept of belief and its profound impact on their confidence and success. AFC Richmond understands that building true belief requires more than a sign; it necessitates trust, resilience, and a collective effort.

5. What can viewers expect from the rest of Season 3?

As Season 3 progresses, viewers can anticipate further exploration of the characters’ personal journeys, both on and off the field. With intriguing storylines, unresolved mysteries, and the ongoing pursuit of growth and success, Ted Lasso continues to captivate audiences and deliver heartfelt moments of humor, emotion, and inspiration.