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Terrifier 2: A Bloody Feast for Gore Hounds

The Rise of Art the Clown

Many horror villains have attempted to achieve the iconic status of characters like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees. In the 21st century, Art the Clown, created by American director and special makeup effects artist Damien Leone, emerged as a haunting and unique presence in the horror genre. Unlike other well-known villains, Art relies on his mime-like expressions and mannerisms to instill fear in viewers before exploring into his devilish acts of torture and depravity. While he may appear to be just another clown in a horror movie, his silence alone sends shivers down the spines of those who encounter him.

Terrifier 2, the sequel to the original Terrifier, continues to showcase the terrifying presence of Art the Clown. With a larger budget and a lengthier runtime of two hours and eighteen minutes, Leone and the rest of the crew have created a film that amplifies the level of creative splatter and horror antics. The sequel builds upon what fans loved (and loathed) about the original, escalating the shock factor to new heights.

A Disturbing Experience: Vomiting and Fainting

What sets Terrifier 2 apart is the extent of its impact on viewers. Reports of people vomiting and fainting while watching the film grabbed the attention of horror enthusiasts. While it’s not uncommon for movies to elicit strong reactions from audiences, the sheer magnitude of these physical responses is quite rare. Even my favorite movie, Raw, known for causing fainting during its festival premieres, didn’t generate such widespread and extreme reactions.

The Relentless Horror Unleashed

Terrifier 2 picks up immediately after the events of its predecessor, wasting no time in establishing Art the Clown’s brutal kill count. As Art makes his way through various victims using an arsenal of weapons ranging from scalpels and scissors to hammers and sulfuric acid, the film introduces a dream-like sequence in which a little girl dressed like Art appears. This haunting figure exists solely within Art’s imagination, a presence only visible to those who are being haunted by her.

Leone deliberately stretches the film’s runtime to build an air of mystique and nightmare elements reminiscent of Freddy Krueger’s character development. A year has passed since Art’s last appearance, yet his look and presence continue to captivate and terrify the public. Sienna, the film’s heroine, and her mother are deeply unsettled by the idea of her brother, Jonathan, dressing up as a serial killer, as they still bear the emotional scars from Art’s previous reign of terror. While the connection between Sienna’s father, Art the Clown, and a mysterious blade remains unanswered in Terrifier 2, it foreshadows the potential revelations in the eagerly anticipated Terrifier 3.

Terrifier 2 weaves multiple story threads together, juxtaposing Sienna and her brother’s debates about their father’s sword with graphically intense murder sequences orchestrated by Art the Clown. Although the narrative can be somewhat nonsensical, Leone’s ability to make these seemingly absurd choices translate into thrilling and grotesque horror set-pieces is commendable. The film’s practical effects are larger, bloodier, and more brutal than ever before, considering its modest quarter-million-dollar budget. The gore aficionados will find themselves fully immersed in a spectacle of decapitations, limb dismemberment, eye removals, and heart-wrenching moments, both figurative and literal.

A Stellar Cast and Unforgettable Scenes

Terrifier 2 thrives not only due to its visceral horror but also the performances delivered by the talented cast. David Howard Thornton shines as Art the Clown, masterfully balancing facial expressions and mannerisms that elicit both laughter and terror. Lauren LaVera, portraying Sienna, emerges as a powerful final girl and scream queen in the making, injecting dashes of sympathy into the blood-soaked narrative. While the script itself may warrant improvement, the actors elevate their roles and deliver compelling performances despite the limitations of their dialogue.

The film surprises its audience by incorporating a self-aware comedic tone, resulting in unexpectedly humorous moments. One scene, set in a clown’s cafe, stands out as a hilariously surreal blend of children’s entertainment and a food truck commercial. Art the Clown rides a tricycle while the people sing about the absurdity of the food offerings, including a cereal laced with glass, insects, and razor blades. Terrifier 2 pays homage to low-budget, nonsensical horror movies from the 80s, embracing its ultraviolent nature with pride and offering a bloody feast for fans of gore and midnight movies.

Leone successfully capitalizes on the increased production scope, indulging in sheer ambition without allowing the film to drag or lose its momentum. The two-hour-plus runtime never feels excessive, and viewers are continuously engaged by the gruesome makeup effects and the film’s impressive sound design, which evokes visceral reactions.


Terrifier 2, with its heightened levels of violence, dark humor, and homages to horror classics, delivers an experience that will either enthrall or repulse audiences. The film’s practical effects, bigger and bloodier than ever before, showcase the creativity that can be achieved even with limited resources. The performances, particularly David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown and Lauren LaVera as Sienna, elevate the sometimes flawed script, injecting much-needed depth and emotion into the narrative. While Terrifier 2 may not be for the faint of heart or those who shy away from extreme splatter, it resonates with horror fans looking for a thrilling and audacious cinematic experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Terrifier 2 suitable for all audiences?

No, Terrifier 2 is a highly graphic and violent film. It contains scenes of intense gore, bodily mutilation, and disturbing content. This movie is intended for mature audiences who appreciate extreme horror.

2. Does Terrifier 2 continue the story from the first film?

Yes, Terrifier 2 picks up immediately after the events of the original Terrifier, following the continuing reign of terror by Art the Clown. However, it expands upon the narrative and introduces new elements to the story.

3. Can Terrifier 2 be enjoyed as a standalone film, or is it necessary to watch the first one?

While it is beneficial to watch the first Terrifier to fully understand the background and development of Art the Clown, Terrifier 2 can be enjoyed as a standalone film. The sequel contextualizes important information and provides a thrilling experience even for those unfamiliar with the original.

4. How does Terrifier 2 compare to other horror movies in terms of violence?

Terrifier 2 is known for its extreme violence and graphic content. It pushes the boundaries of gore and practical effects, offering a spectacle that caters to fans of extreme horror. It is not recommended for those who are sensitive to violence or easily disturbed.

5. Will there be a third installment in the Terrifier franchise?

At this time, a third Terrifier film is in development and expected to continue the story of Art the Clown. While specific details have yet to be revealed, fans can eagerly anticipate further exploration of the enigmatic connection between Sienna’s father, the mysterious blade, and the terrifying presence of Art the Clown.