The Blackout: Invasion Earth Review

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The Blackout: Invasion Earth – A Sci-Fi Film with Glaring Issues

The Blackout: Invasion Earth is a Russian sci-fi/action film that presents a unique concept but struggles to deliver a cohesive and satisfying narrative. Despite its effective aesthetics and homage to classic science fiction films, the movie falls short in several aspects, raising questions about its overall impact. In this article, we will explore the positives and negatives of The Blackout: Invasion Earth, exploring into its visuals, plot, and controversial perspective on the military.

Homage to Classic Science Fiction

The Blackout: Invasion Earth pays homage to the late 20th-century science fiction genre, incorporating elements reminiscent of iconic films like Blade Runner, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Matrix. These nods to classics are skillfully implemented, allowing the film to carve out its own identity. While some references may feel slightly forced, such as the mention of Predator, overall, the film successfully captures the spirit of its predecessors.

Impressive Visuals on a Modest Budget

Considering its modest budget of a little over $4 million USD, The Blackout: Invasion Earth surprises with its visually appealing aesthetics. The filmmakers employ solid CGI, skillfully blending it with creative prosthetics and makeup effects. The result is a visually satisfying experience that immerses audiences in the post-apocalyptic world of the film. The cinematography deserves praise as well, effectively using shifting focus and perspective to enhance the overall visual impact.

An Uneven Plot with Missed Opportunities

Unfortunately, The Blackout: Invasion Earth suffers from an uneven plot that could have benefitted from a more defined main character or focal point. While the absence of a central protagonist is not necessarily a flaw, the film introduces several characters and plot points without sufficient explanation or development. This lack of coherence indicates that the initial plan of turning this story into a series might have provided a better platform for these elements to flourish. Additionally, the film’s pacing falters towards the ending, dragging out unnecessarily. Trimming approximately thirty minutes from the runtime could have tightened the narrative and improved the overall viewing experience.

A Controversial Perspective on the Military

One significant issue complicating The Blackout: Invasion Earth is its portrayal of the military and structures of authority. The story is told primarily from the perspective of the armed forces, creating a sympathetic lens through which the audience views the events unfolding. While differing perspectives and opinions in movies can be intriguing, the timing of the film’s release and its portrayal of the military’s actions make it feel tone-deaf and tasteless. In an era marked by global protests against police brutality and the militarization of law enforcement, scenes depicting the military gunning down thousands of civilians come across as insensitive. The framing of these acts as noble and necessary further exacerbates the problem, leaving a bitter taste in the viewer’s mouth.


While The Blackout: Invasion Earth does have its positives, such as its homage to classic science fiction and impressive visuals, it falls short on various fronts. The disjointed plot, missed opportunities for character development, and the controversial portrayal of the military all contribute to its overall lackluster impact. In a year marked by global sociopolitical unrest, the film’s perspective on violence and authority clashes with the prevailing sentiment. As a result, it is challenging to recommend The Blackout: Invasion Earth without some reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is The Blackout: Invasion Earth related to any other films or franchises?

No, The Blackout: Invasion Earth is an original film directed by Egor Baranov. While it incorporates elements from various classic science fiction films, it is not directly connected to any existing franchises.

2. Why does the film feel uneven in terms of pacing and plot?

The film’s uneven pacing and plot can be attributed to its initial development as a potential series. The lack of a central character and the introduction of unresolved plot points indicate that the original plan might have been to delve deeper into these aspects over a longer storytelling format.

3. How does the portrayal of the military in The Blackout: Invasion Earth affect the viewing experience?

The film’s sympathetic portrayal of the military, coupled with scenes depicting the mass killing of civilians, can be disturbing and controversial, especially considering the current sociopolitical climate. It raises questions about the film’s insensitivity towards ongoing global protests against police brutality and the misuse of authority.

4. Are there any standout performances in the film?

While The Blackout: Invasion Earth lacks a clear main character, several actors deliver commendable performances within their respective roles. However, due to the film’s fragmented storytelling, it is challenging for any particular actor to truly shine.

5. How does the film’s budget impact its visual effects?

Despite its modest budget, The Blackout: Invasion Earth impresses with its visual effects. The filmmakers effectively utilize CGI alongside prosthetics and makeup, resulting in a visually appealing experience. It showcases that skillful execution can outweigh financial limitations in filmmaking.