The Conclusion of Horror Flick WOUNDS

Exploring the Ending of Wounds

Have you watched the horror movie Wounds on Netflix and Hulu and found yourself perplexed by the ending? If so, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll delve into the ambiguous ending and offer our own take on the film, while also providing some insights based on clues scattered throughout the movie. Please note that there will be spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution.

Unveiling the Meaning of the Movie

According to the film’s director, Babak Anvari, Wounds can be seen as a breakup horror film, much like Midsommar. The protagonist, Will, finds himself in a loveless and trustless relationship, leading to a sense of emptiness within him. This emotional vulnerability makes him an easy target for the supernatural forces that begin to torment him.

The Strange Behavior of Will

Throughout the movie, Will exhibits peculiar and erratic behavior, leaving viewers to wonder why he acts the way he does. Will’s shallow personality and lack of fulfillment in life make him susceptible to the influence of the supernatural entity. In a text message, Will learns that a ritual had taken place, opening a portal that allowed something malevolent to possess him. The entity has fixated on Will as the perfect vessel for further possession. Even as he sleeps, it looms in his bedroom, watching him.

The Significance of “The Translation of Wounds” Book

During a pivotal moment in the film, Will discovers a collection of unsettling photos on a phone, with a book titled “The Translation of Wounds” visible in the background. Digging deeper, Will uncovers that his girlfriend, Carrie, has been researching Garrett, one of the college students involved in the ritual. Garrett shared a revelation on an internet forum, linking the visions of a tunnel to the study of “The Translation of Wounds.” Another forum member suggests that it relates to a Gnostic ritual of human sacrifice.

Understanding Gnostic Rituals and Wounds

Gnosticism, an ancient belief system, holds that bodily wounds can serve as gateways to transcending physical limits and establishing connections with higher beings for power and enlightenment. When Will investigates Eric’s wound on his chin, he inadvertently opens a portal to another realm. As the film’s conclusion reveals, Will willingly embraces whatever malevolent force seeks to emerge through this gateway.

Joseph Conrad’s Influence on Wounds

Interestingly, the film Wounds begins with a quote from Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness,” a tale that explores the transformative influence of the jungle on its characters. The quote states:

“It had whispered to him things about himself which he did not know, things of which he had no conception… and the whisper had proved irresistibly fascinating. It echoed loudly within him because he was hollow at the core.”

This introductory quote draws a parallel between the changes experienced by Kurtz in “Heart of Darkness” and the transformation undergone by Will in Wounds. In both cases, the protagonists are profoundly affected by external forces, leading to a personal metamorphosis.

The Complex Simplicity of Will’s Transformation

While it may seem simplistic that a smartphone can have such a drastic impact on a person, it is essential to consider Will’s state prior to encountering the supernatural. Will’s existence lacks purpose, as he numbs himself with alcohol and merely drifts through life. When he gains access to the otherworldly realm through the smartphone, it offers him a newfound sense of purpose and a chance to escape his bleak reality. This overwhelming allure compels him to surrender himself fully to the unknown.

A Recap of the Wounds Ending

In conclusion, the ending of Wounds leaves much room for interpretation. Will’s vulnerability and dissatisfaction with life make him an ideal target for the supernatural forces that manipulate and possess him. By delving into the occult and embracing the mysterious, Will undergoes a profound transformation, relinquishing his former self and succumbing to the allure of the unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Wounds Ending

1. Is the ending of Wounds open to interpretation?

Yes, the ending of Wounds is intentionally ambiguous, allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions and interpretations based on the suggestiveness and symbolism throughout the film.

2. What makes Will susceptible to the supernatural entity?

Will’s shallow and unfulfilled life, coupled with his emotional vulnerability, makes him an easy target for the malevolent forces that seek to possess him and exploit his weaknesses.

3. How does the book “The Translation of Wounds” tie into the story?

The book serves as a catalyst for the supernatural occurrences in the film. It represents ancient knowledge and rituals that unlock a gateway to another realm, captivating and ensnaring Will’s curiosity.

4. What is the significance of Joseph Conrad’s quote at the beginning of the movie?

The quote from “Heart of Darkness” establishes a thematic connection between Kurtz’s transformation in Conrad’s story and Will’s metamorphosis in Wounds. It underscores the potential for external factors to influence and change an individual at their core.

5. Can Will’s transformation be explained simply by his encounter with the supernatural?

While it may seem straightforward, Will’s transformation occurs due to his pre-existing dissatisfaction with life and his yearning for a sense of purpose. The supernatural elements provide an escape from his mundane reality, leading him to embrace the unknown fully.

Remember, the ending of Wounds is meant to leave viewers perplexed and engaged in the film’s enigmatic nature. It invites individual interpretations and sparks discussions about the consequences of embracing the dark forces that lurk beneath the surface of our lives.