The Curse of Wolf Mountain Review

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The Curse of Wolf Mountain: A Lackluster Horror Film

A Disappointing Cast

When I initially heard about The Curse of Wolf Mountain, I was excited. As a devoted horror fan, the inclusion of Tobin Bell from the Saw franchise, known for his exceptional portrayal of villains, and the seasoned horror regular Danny Trejo had me intrigued. However, despite their involvement, the lackluster screenplay and poor execution of the film hindered its potential. Bell’s moments on-screen showcased his brilliance, but unfortunately, he had a mere five minutes of screen time. Trejo suffered a similar fate, with his appearances sparse throughout the movie.

A Familiar Premise

The film follows Aj (played by Keli Price), who begins experiencing dreams about his parents’ tragic death at Wolf Mountain when he was a child. He believes these visions hold meaning, prompting him to return to the location with his brother and girlfriend in search of answers. The film’s creator, Keli Price, and director David Lipper took inspiration from 90s slashers, aiming to recreate the atmosphere of those films in a modern-day setting.

A Nod to Friday The 13th

The Curse of Wolf Mountain clearly draws inspiration from the Friday the 13th franchise, opting for a campsite setting where a vicious killer lurks in the forest. The film also incorporates classic horror tropes, including intimate moments between the characters and their obliviousness to the impending danger.

However, there are distinct differences. The film suffers from a tighter budget, resulting in poorly lit night scenes that obscure the visuals. Additionally, the killer’s identity is masked by a gimmicky wolf mask that lacks any real scare factor, unlike the menacing presence of Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th.

Underwhelming Deaths and Cheap Scares

Though the film aims for gory deaths, each one falls flat, lacking impact and creativity. I had hoped that Lipper would employ unique and imaginative kills to heighten the intensity, but unfortunately, they were unremarkable and swiftly forgotten, accompanied by predictable jump scares. Surprisingly, some of the best camera work occurs during daylight scenes, offering visually pleasing shots of the mountain range.

Failing to Deliver Drama

One of the biggest letdowns of The Curse of Wolf Mountain lies in its inability to effectively deliver the drama woven into the storyline. The cheesy dialogue and uninteresting characters dilute any potential impact. While the inclusion of humor suggests that the film doesn’t take itself too seriously, it ultimately falls short, feeling more like a parody of a horror movie than a genuine scarefest.

A Disappointing Wolf-Man Reveal

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the film is the underwhelming wolf-man reveal. The execution of the reveal is cartoonish and fails to elicit any fear or suspense. Despite the presence of industry heavyweights like Bell and Trejo, their limited roles cannot salvage The Curse of Wolf Mountain from its shortcomings.


In conclusion, The Curse of Wolf Mountain fails to live up to its promising premise. Despite the inclusion of horror veterans Tobin Bell and Danny Trejo, the lackluster screenplay and poor execution undermine the potential of the film. Drawing inspiration from 90s slashers, the movie attempts to recreate the atmosphere of those films, but falls short in delivering effective scares and engaging characters. The low-budget constraints are evident in the dimly lit scenes and the ineffective wolf-man reveal. Ultimately, The Curse of Wolf Mountain fails to rise above its problems.


1. Is The Curse of Wolf Mountain a suspenseful horror film?

While The Curse of Wolf Mountain attempts to be a suspenseful horror film, it falls short in generating genuine suspense and fails to deliver impactful scares.

2. Are Tobin Bell and Danny Trejo prominently featured in the movie?

No, both Tobin Bell and Danny Trejo have limited screen time in The Curse of Wolf Mountain, despite their notable presence in the cast.

3. Does the film effectively recreate the atmosphere of 90s slashers?

The Curse of Wolf Mountain does make an attempt to recreate the feel of 90s slashers, but its execution falls short, lacking the intensity and memorable elements that defined those films.

4. Are the deaths in the movie memorable and creative?

Unfortunately, the deaths in The Curse of Wolf Mountain are unremarkable and lack creativity, failing to leave a lasting impact on the audience.

5. Does the movie successfully balance horror and comedy?

The film incorporates humor into its screenplay but struggles to strike a balance between horror and comedy, at times feeling more like a parody than a genuine horror experience.