The Dress Up Gang Interview

The Dress Up Gang: A Heartwarming Comedy Journey

Introduction: Meeting the Comedy Trio

We had the pleasure of interviewing Robb Boardman, Cory Loykasek, and Donny Divanian, the brilliant minds behind the heartwarming show, The Dress Up Gang. This comedy trio, initially experimenting with portraying “versions of themselves,” never anticipated that their first sketches would evolve into a popular web series. The success of this web series led to the creation of a TV show, which premiered its first two episodes as part of the renowned Sundance Film Festival’s Indie Episodic Program. In this interview, we explore their creative process, the show’s development, and their unforgettable Sundance experience.

The Dynamic Roommates: Donny and Cory

The Dress Up Gang revolves around the lives of roommates Donny and Cory, played by Divanian and Loykasek themselves. Their fascinating dynamics and undeniable chemistry serve as the backbone of the show, making it both highly entertaining and relatable. Donny, a responsible adult with a childlike innocence, often seeks guidance and life advice from his long-term friend Cory, who embodies the role of the dad-like figure in his thirties, unexpectedly residing on Donny’s couch.

The Origin of The Dress Up Gang

When asked about the origins of the show, the trio revealed that their journey began with their shared passion for creating comedy sketches. Prior to The Dress Up Gang, they produced numerous videos, gradually refining their storytelling style. Eventually, they moved to Los Angeles together, where they shared a house that they now feature prominently in the show. It was during this time that they released a sketch called “My Roommate, My Friend,” which laid the foundation for what would eventually become the TV show. Unexpectedly, ideas kept flowing, fitting perfectly into the world they had created. Over the span of a few years, amidst their day jobs, they dedicated themselves to crafting episodes and inviting fellow comedians to play fictionalized versions of themselves.

Transition from Webisode to TV Show

Crafting the transition from a web series to a television show posed both artistic and logistical challenges for the team. Artistically, they faced the task of preserving the distinct tone and spirit of the web series while remaining open to growth through collaboration with new members of the production team. As a primarily self-made endeavor, it took some time for the trio to adapt to the larger crew and the transformed work environment. The show was filmed on a set that meticulously replicated their real house, generating a surreal experience for them. Adjusting to the more structured workflow, with a precise timeline and increased external involvement, demanded a higher level of preparedness compared to their previous DIY approach.

The Art of Casting

With regards to casting, the trio had the opportunity to bring on board talented actors like Andie MacDowell and Jorge Garcia, who also appear in the show’s trailer. The notion of having Andie MacDowell as their neighbor, a whimsical idea conceived during the web series phase, became a reality when she enthusiastically joined the project. The team initially referred to the desired character as an “Andie MacDowell-type,” never imagining that she would eventually participate. Jorge Garcia’s inclusion came about from the need for a celebrity presence in one of the episodes, as the characters in the show were avid fans of the TV series Lost. Approaching Jorge, they were thrilled when he accepted the offer to be a part of The Dress Up Gang.

An Unforgettable Sundance Experience

Reflecting on their experience at the Sundance Film Festival, the trio expressed their excitement and gratitude. The festival proved to be an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow filmmakers, attend captivating events, and share their work with enthusiastic audiences. The immersive atmosphere of Sundance, filled with parties and inspiring encounters, left an indelible mark. Meeting Stephen Merchant, known for his roles in The Office and Extras, was one of the highlights, along with the unforgettable moment when Robb got to hold the owl from the Harry Potter films and White Chicks.

The Future of The Dress Up Gang

Looking ahead, our readers can anticipate a future for The Dress Up Gang beyond its initial episodes. The trio aspires to find a new home for the show, enabling them to create more captivating episodes for their dedicated audience. While they work on bringing their ideas to fruition, they continue to produce new shorts and develop innovative concepts for television. To catch a glimpse of their hilarious world, make sure to follow The Dress Up Gang on Instagram, where they regularly share show clips and updates.


In conclusion, The Dress Up Gang exemplifies the creative synergy that can unfold when like-minded individuals come together to craft comedy. Robb Boardman, Cory Loykasek, and Donny Divanian, through their endearing characters and unpredictable scenarios, have captivated audiences with a show that resonates at an authentic level. From its humble beginnings as a web series to its remarkable stint at Sundance, The Dress Up Gang exemplifies the power of passion, perseverance, and the willingness to push creative boundaries. Stay tuned for more laughter-inducing episodes and future endeavors from this extraordinary comedy trio.


Q1: When did Robb, Cory, and Donny first start collaborating?

Robb and Cory initially crossed paths during high school, while Donny joined them in the world of stand-up comedy a decade ago. Since then, they have been working together, channeling their comedic talents into various projects.

Q2: What inspired the creation of The Dress Up Gang?

The idea for The Dress Up Gang emerged organically from their experimentation with portraying flawed yet lovable characters. Through their webisodes and subsequent TV show, they aimed to build a world where characters could genuinely care for each other, despite their evident imperfections.

Q3: How did the transition from web series to a TV show affect their creative process?

Transitioning from a self-produced web series to a television show required the trio to adapt to a more structured production workflow. They had to balance preserving the spirit of the original series while embracing new collaborators and working in a larger production setting.

Q4: How did the casting process unfold, and how did they secure actors like Andie MacDowell and Jorge Garcia?

The casting process involved bringing on talented actors who shared the team’s vision for the show. Andie MacDowell’s involvement initially seemed like a dream, with the team even referring to a character inspired by her as an “Andie MacDowell-type.” To their delight, she joined the cast, bringing the character to life. Jorge Garcia’s inclusion stemmed from the show’s narrative, which involved a celebrity presence, and fortunately, he accepted the invitation.

Q5: What were some memorable moments for the team at the Sundance Film Festival?

The team thoroughly enjoyed their experience at the Sundance Film Festival, cherishing the chance to connect with fellow filmmakers, attend incredible screenings, and be part of the vibrant festival atmosphere. Some highlights included meeting Stephen Merchant, the thrill of sharing their works with appreciative audiences, and unforgettable encounters with beloved film props.

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