The Essex Serpent Episode 2 Review

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Episode 2 of The Essex Serpent: Exploring Fear and Faith

Episode 2 of The Essex Serpent dives deeper into the fears and faith of its characters, exploring into the intricate nuances of human emotion and belief. This episode continues to captivate viewers with its supernatural central mystery while emphasizing the psychological thriller aspect. Let’s explore the key developments and themes of this intriguing episode.

Deepening Relationships and Unveiling Secrets

The episode opens in Essex, where the community mourns the loss of Naomi’s sister while she grapples with a secret burden. Cora, having chosen to stay in Essex, spends more time with Will, engaging in spirited debates about the rumors surrounding the mysterious ‘serpent.’ Cora also takes it upon herself to educate the local children about evolution and science at the village school. Meanwhile, Martha travels back to London to retrieve the rest of Cora’s belongings and witnesses an awe-inspiring heart surgery performed by Luke.

Belief, Grief, and Faith

Three central narrative threads intertwine throughout this episode, focusing on the essence of human existence. Cora and Will engage in thought-provoking discussions about the intersection of science and theology, recognizing that both rely on the faith of the individual. Naomi, consumed by grief and guilt, confides in Will that she believes she has encountered the serpent as a punishment for her sins. On the other hand, Martha, driven by her socialist ideals, urges Luke and Dr. George Spencer to understand the hardships faced by their patients and believe in the possibility of change.

These thematic elements reinforce the notion that The Essex Serpent revolves around the human experience rather than simply being a supernatural tale. As Cora attempts to enlighten the children about evolution, their fervent desire for a definitive answer regarding the serpent’s existence sparks unrest. Naomi, overwhelmed by the taunting, experiences a fit, which in the context of the episode’s tone, appears more like a case of collective hysteria than a supernatural occurrence. The town, immersed in grief, paranoia, and devoutness, finds Cora’s introduction of science challenging their beliefs. Even Will, torn between his attachment to Cora and the escalating tensions within the community, grapples with fear, not of the serpent but of his growing feelings for Cora.

Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston deliver captivating performances as their characters’ connection deepens. Cora’s revelation of her past abusive relationship, coupled with their shared passion for literature and nature, brings them closer together. Will’s apprehension about the town’s escalating hysteria reflects his internal struggle and hints at the possibility of succumbing to his desires outside of his marriage. Their chemistry is palpable, complemented by the underlying tension of forbidden attraction.

The Unfolding Complexity of the Serpent Mystery

Episode 2 expands upon the intricate layers of the serpent mystery, exploring the rising fear, unease, and mistrust within the community. While the claustrophobic atmosphere of Essex dissipates slightly, a sense of anticipation for something momentous, even horrifying, lingers on the horizon. The fear doesn’t stem from an imminent serpent attack but primarily from the anticipated reaction of the townsfolk. The relevance of Martha’s socialist agenda in London to the mystery in Essex remains unclear, yet it seamlessly intertwines, enhancing the overall momentum of the narrative. The Essex Serpent adeptly maintains its intrigue, setting the stage for heightened tension in the upcoming episodes.


Episode 2 of The Essex Serpent delves deeper into the fears, faith, and human dynamics of its characters. While the supernatural central mystery remains at the core, the episode distinguishes itself through its exploration of the individual’s belief systems and the influence of grief. The performances by the talented cast, particularly Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston, continue to captivate viewers, with their burgeoning relationship providing an additional layer of intrigue. As tensions rise within the community, the anticipation for what lies ahead intensifies, promising a compelling and enthralling continuation of this mesmerizing series.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Essex Serpent based on a true story?

No, The Essex Serpent is not based on a true story. It is a fictional novel written by Sarah Perry, which has been adapted into a television series.

2. Where can I watch The Essex Serpent?

The Essex Serpent is available for streaming on Apple TV+.

3. How many episodes are there in The Essex Serpent?

The Essex Serpent consists of multiple episodes, with each episode exploring deeper into the captivating storyline. The exact number of episodes may vary depending on the season and production decisions.

4. Who are the main characters in The Essex Serpent?

The main characters in The Essex Serpent include Cora, played by Claire Danes, and Will, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. Other significant characters include Naomi, Martha, Luke, and Dr. George Spencer.

5. When was The Essex Serpent first published?

The Essex Serpent was first published as a novel in 2016. The television adaptation followed later, bringing the intriguing story to life.