The Haunting Melodies of The Accursed

Interview with Emoi: Scoring the Horror Film ‘The Accursed’

recently had a chance to speak with Emoi about his score for Screen Media’s new horror film, The Accursed. In this chilling movie, Elly, played by Sarah Grey, agrees to spend a few days looking after an elderly woman in a remote cabin. Little does she know that the cabin holds a demonic presence, waiting to break free and blur the lines between reality and her nightmares.

Starting a horror film with a bang is crucial. Emoi emphasizes the importance of an exciting prologue in horror, as it not only sets the tone but also gets the audience into a cautionary state of mind from the start. The first impression is crucial in capturing the viewers’ attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Creating Themes for the Characters

Emoi reveals that he not only created specific themes for the main characters but also assigned unique combinations of instruments to each of them. Elly’s theme, a sad and broken piano piece, resonates throughout the film. Other characters, such as Ms. Ambrose, are represented by low strings and unique drones, while the demon is characterized by sub-frequency bass and ethereal pads. Each character’s musical motifs enhance their presence and contribute to the unpredictability and chaos of the story.

The Musical Journey: Hours of Composition

To fully immerse the audience in the terrifying world of The Accursed, Emoi created a staggering amount of music. He composed precisely 1 hour, 9 minutes, and 19 seconds of spine-chilling melodies and haunting tunes. This extensive score ensures that the film remains atmospheric and engaging from start to finish.

Pushing Musical Boundaries in Nightmarish Sequences

The flashback sequences and nightmares experienced by Elly allowed Emoi to push the envelope and explore experimental sounds. With the goal of augmenting Elly’s warped sense of reality, Emoi incorporated unconventional instrumentation and layered unnerving sounds. These creative choices enhance the unnerving and unsettling nature of these scenes.

Ms. Ambrose’s Haunting House

In The Accursed, Ms. Ambrose’s house serves as a character in itself. To emphasize its significance, Emoi created a specific theme for the house. The main title theme, played during the opening credits, contains motifs closely tied to the cabin. Specifically, Emoi used five recurring notes that warn the audience of imminent danger or the lingering effects of the Ambrose curse.

Exploring the Horror Genre and Beyond

While Emoi has made a name for himself scoring horror films like Benny Loves You, Willy’s Wonderland, and The Accursed, he is not limited to this genre. He expresses interest in working on a variety of genres, including fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, action, and dark comedy. Emoi’s versatility as a composer allows him to bring his unique style to different storytelling genres, enriching the cinematic experience.

The Essence of a Horror Film Score

Emoi highlights that the requirements of a horror film score vary depending on the specific needs of each movie. However, in general, music plays a crucial role in the horror genre. Sound has a profound impact on our psyche, and even without visuals, a haunting sound can instill fear. Music builds suspense and anticipation, key components of creating a scary atmosphere. For a horror score to be successful, it must utilize sounds that sell the horror and make the audience believe in the terrifying scenarios unfolding on the screen.


Emoi’s score for The Accursed perfectly complements the film’s terrifying narrative, enhancing the audience’s sense of unease and anticipation. Through carefully crafted themes, unique instrument combinations, and experimental sounds, Emoi has created an immersive musical journey that captivates viewers from the first moments to the final notes. His ability to adapt to various genres further demonstrates his talent and passion for storytelling through music.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emoi’s Score for The Accursed

1. How did Emoi approach scoring the opening scene of The Accursed?

Emoi recognized the vital role of the opening scene in establishing the tone and captivating the audience. He put extra emphasis on scoring this scene to create a chilling and intense experience for viewers right from the start.

2. Did Emoi have creative freedom in designing the music for the nightmare sequences?

Yes, Emoi had the freedom to experiment and push the boundaries in the nightmare sequences. These unworldly scenes allowed him to incorporate unconventional instrumentation and layer unnerving sounds, further amplifying Elly’s distorted perception of reality.

3. How did Emoi create a sense of dread and impending danger through music?

Emoi strategically utilized motifs and specific combinations of instruments to convey a sense of dread and imminent danger. By using recurring notes and low strings, he effectively warned the audience about the perils lurking in the story. These musical elements heightened the suspense and contributed to the overall horror experience.

4. Can we expect Emoi to continue exploring different genres beyond horror?

Absolutely! While Emoi has established his presence in the horror genre, he expresses interest in working on diverse projects spanning fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, action, dark comedy, and more. His versatility as a composer allows him to bring his unique musical style to a range of storytelling genres.

5. How essential is music in creating a truly terrifying horror film?

The role of music in horror films cannot be overstated. It not only enhances the scare factor but also elicits emotional responses, builds suspense, and contributes to the believability of the horror scenarios. A well-crafted horror score plays a vital role in immersing the audience in the terrifying world portrayed on screen.