The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 3 Review

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Season 3 Episode 3 of The Mandalorian: A Disappointing Detour

Season 3 Episode 3 of The Mandalorian, titled “Chapter 19: The Convert,” falls short of expectations and proves to be the weakest installment of the series thus far. In this episode, we are presented with a side story that lacks the captivating allure of the show’s main narrative. Let’s explore the reasons why this episode fails to capture the audience’s attention and explore its shortcomings.

A Detour to Mundanity

Some viewers have drawn comparisons between this episode and Andor, another prominent Star Wars series on Disney+. While I haven’t watched Andor in its entirety, I couldn’t bring myself to finish even the second episode. However, it is worth noting that many people praise Andor, which gives me hope that it may be worth revisiting in the future. If “The Convert” is an accurate reflection of Andor’s quality, then I have no desire to subject myself to another lackluster hour of television.

“The Convert” seems like the type of episode that critics should applaud. Many shows nowadays dedicate an entire episode to a separate storyline, diverting attention from the main characters and their arcs. This approach allows for world-building and creative experimentation with the show’s format and structure. The third season of Atlanta and the recent episode of The Last of Us brilliantly executed this concept. However, in the case of “The Convert,” it only serves to frustrate and bore the audience.

A Disconnected Interlude

The episode begins with Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze on Mandalore, having completed their mission and restored Djarin’s Mandalorian status. Although there was a setup for an encounter with a Mythosaur in the previous episode, it seems that this moment will be reserved for a later climax in the season. As they depart, they find themselves engaged in an intense aerial combat sequence against TIE Interceptors, which stands out as one of the episode’s few highlights.

The narrative then abruptly shifts to Coruscant, where the remainder of the episode unfolds. We are introduced to Doctor Pershing, a former scientist for the Galactic Empire who conducted experiments on Grogu. Seeking amnesty from the New Republic, he now works an office job where he encounters Elia Kane, a former member of Moff Gideon’s faction. Pershing convinces Kane to aid him in continuing his research, leading to a risky break-in.

While there are glimpses of potential in exploring the New Republic’s politics and the incorporation of Easter eggs for die-hard Star Wars fans, the episode ultimately falls into the trap of being simply uninteresting. The former Imperial scientist’s journey to pursue his previous work lacks compelling characterization, leaving viewers without any emotional investment in the storyline.

A Lackluster Execution and Overextended Length

When comparing “The Convert” to The Last of Us, we see a stark contrast in the effectiveness of their respective approaches. The Last of Us presented a beautiful love story that evoked genuine attachment and emotions from the audience. Similarly, Atlanta’s episodes featured absurd yet captivating stories that were impossible to look away from. In contrast, “The Convert” feels emotionally and visually cold, lacking any engaging elements.

Furthermore, the episode’s runtime is a staggering 59 minutes, which is unreasonably long. Trimming down the second half would have significantly improved its overall entertainment value. While the conclusion of the New Republic storyline is commendable, the journey to reach that point feels burdensome. Just as the episode finally cuts back to Djarin and Kryze as they arrive at a hidden Mandalore sanctuary, there is a glimmer of hope, only for the episode to end almost immediately.

A Blip in an Otherwise Exceptional Series

While it may sound like an exaggeration, I truly believe that “The Convert” is the weakest episode of The Mandalorian to date. Hopefully, this episode will serve as a minor setback in an otherwise stellar season, as deviating from the show’s core elements would be a disservice to its success. The characters and their interactions are what make this show special, and substituting them for a single episode is not a welcome change. It is also worth noting the disappointingly minimal presence of Grogu in this particular installment, leaving fans yearning for more.


In conclusion, Season 3 Episode 3 of The Mandalorian, titled “Chapter 19: The Convert,” falls short in several aspects. The decision to focus on a separate storyline detracts from the main narrative and fails to capture the audience’s interest. The episode lacks engaging characters, emotional depth, and satisfactory visuals. Additionally, its extended runtime contributes to a sense of tedium. However, we remain hopeful that this episode is merely a blip in an otherwise exceptional series.

Unique FAQs

1. Will future episodes of The Mandalorian return to the main storyline?

Yes, it is highly likely that future episodes will refocus on the main narrative and the central characters that audiences have grown to love. “The Convert” appears to be an experimental departure rather than a permanent shift.

2. Are there any significant connections or references to other Star Wars stories in this episode?

Yes, “The Convert” includes Easter eggs and nods to the broader Star Wars universe that dedicated fans will appreciate. These references add a layer of depth to the episode, despite its other shortcomings.

3. Should I continue watching Andor despite the similarities to this lackluster episode?

While individual preferences may vary, it’s worth giving Andor a chance, especially considering the positive feedback it has received from viewers. Don’t let the underwhelming nature of “The Convert” discourage you from exploring other Star Wars series.

4. Will the New Republic storyline explored in this episode have future relevance?

Although the New Republic storyline reaches a satisfying conclusion in this episode, it is possible that its implications and consequences will continue to be explored in future installments of The Mandalorian. Keep an eye out for potential developments.

5. Can we expect more screen time for Grogu in upcoming episodes?

As an integral part of The Mandalorian’s appeal, it is highly likely that Grogu will have more significant involvement in future episodes. “The Convert” may be an exception rather than the norm in terms of Grogu’s presence within the series.