The Menu Review: 2022 Satire Horror Film

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The Menu: A Darkly Comedic and Terrifying Satire

The Menu is a horror satire that combines dark comedy, suspense, and a stellar ensemble cast. While it falls short in delivering an intriguing punch line, the film captivates viewers with its clever choice of casting and outrageous plot twists. The story follows a couple who journey to a remote island to experience an exclusive and lavish menu that promises shocking surprises. The intentionally vague synopsis sets the tone for a movie that thrives on keeping its audience in the dark, making it even more intriguing.

The Power of Casting and Character Dynamics

One of the highlights of The Menu is its talented ensemble cast, featuring popular actors such as Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes. These two actors bring depth and personality to their roles, making them the heart and soul of the film. The story revolves around a group of rich and egocentric guests who gather on a coastal island for a special dinner prepared by the renowned Chef Slowik, portrayed by Ralph Fiennes. Anya Taylor-Joy’s character, Margot, adds a touch of eccentricity and exuberance to the mix, becoming a captivating presence alongside her unexpected companion.

In the first 30 minutes, the movie immerses us in the superficial world of the luxurious guests. Each character is carefully designed to provoke annoyance and eye-rolling, effectively raising the viewer’s disdain for them. The film skillfully showcases their obnoxiousness and superiority complex, creating a strong desire to see their masks torn off. Chef Slowik’s purpose, and by extension, the film’s intention, is to expose the true nature of these pretentious individuals. The Menu successfully manipulates the audience’s emotions, alternating between moments of satire, humor, and shocking violence.

A Darkly Humorous Take on Satire and Violence

The Menu can also be labeled as a horror film due to its graphic violence and suspenseful scenes. However, the execution of these violent moments often falls short. Rather than serving a purpose beyond shock value, they become predictable and meaningless, failing to add depth to the narrative. These mishandled moments undermine the film’s potential impact and leave the ending feeling lackluster.

Despite this shortcoming, The Menu’s fast-paced narrative keeps viewers engaged. The characters remain true to their egocentric personalities until the end, offering occasional moments of laughter amidst the chaos. The film effectively conveys its messages and the cast excels in delivering the unnatural and self-indulgent dialogues that make the satirical elements shine. As the guests’ masks begin to fall, The Menu reaches hilarious extremes while exploring into each character’s twisted motivations, creating some of the most memorable moments.


The Menu balances dark comedy, suspense, and satire, propelled by a remarkable ensemble cast. While it falls short in fully utilizing violence for comedic effect, the film delivers compelling performances and thought-provoking commentary. By exposing the pretentiousness of the rich and exploring the unpredictable dynamics between characters, The Menu successfully engages audiences and offers moments of both hilarity and horror.


1. Is The Menu a horror movie?

Yes, The Menu incorporates elements of horror into its satirical narrative. It features graphic violence and suspenseful scenes, although they may not always hit the mark in terms of delivering a compelling punch line.

2. Who are the standout actors in The Menu?

Among the notable actors in The Menu, Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes steal the show. They bring depth, wit, and intensity to their respective characters, making their on-screen chemistry truly captivating.

3. How does The Menu approach satire?

The Menu tackles satire by zeroing in on the rich and their pretentious nature. It effectively exposes the superficiality and masks worn by these characters, creating a darkly humorous take on the “Eat The Rich” concept.

4. Does The Menu rely heavily on violence?

The Menu incorporates instances of violence to enhance the narrative, but its execution doesn’t always provide the intended impact. While violence is present throughout the film, it is not the sole focus and may not always serve a deeper purpose beyond shock value.

5. When and where can I watch The Menu?

The Menu was screened at the Festival do Rio on October 7-15, 2022. It is set to be released globally in theaters on November 18. Check your local listings for showtimes and availability.