The Mind-Bending Climax of Netflixs THE PLATFORM Explained

The Burning Questions

After watching the thought-provoking and unsettling movie The Platform on Netflix, many viewers have been left with numerous questions, particularly regarding the plot and the ending. We understand your confusion and have compiled a comprehensive FAQ to shed light on the enigmatic conclusion. Beware, major spoilers await as we dissect the intricacies of the film and explore its perplexing finale.

Why was the panna cotta the message?

Throughout the film, we witness the absence of food reaching the lowest levels of the vertical prison. However, the appearance of the panna cotta, a delectable dessert rich in fat and sugar, at level 0, signifies a powerful message. Its presence suggests that people can overcome their individual desires and work together, proving that cooperation can prevail even in dire circumstances. By safeguarding the panna cotta, someone deliberately conveyed this significant message.

Trivia: In its original Spanish title, El hoyo, which translates to “The Hole,” the focus is on the physical structure rather than the platform itself.

Why is the girl the message in the actual ending?

The journey of our two protagonists from the relatively privileged level 6 to the depths of the prison, and their subsequent return with a young girl, conveys a profound message. This feat signifies that people can endure and triumph when they assist one another. While it may seem that the girl could have ascended without any help, her presence alongside the panna cotta enhances the impact of the message. The choice to use a child, a symbol of innocence, ascending to the top level (possibly Heaven), exemplifies the ultimate triumph of innocence amidst darkness.

How is the girl even alive at the bottom?

Indeed, this is a pertinent question that demands exploration. Surviving the bottommost level without sustenance, the girl’s survival seems implausible. To fully comprehend the ending of The Platform, we must delve into the true nature of the vertical prison and its purpose.

It’s important to acknowledge that The Platform is a work of science fiction, which allows for the suspension of traditional rules. Plausible explanations for the girl’s survival could involve unseen mechanisms within the prison, such as advanced technology or supernatural forces. While we may never obtain a definitive answer, the film encourages speculation and offers multiple interpretations.

How is the platform moving?

Remarkably, the platform seems to levitate and move freely between levels without any visible physical connections. As The Platform resides within the realm of science fiction, the mechanisms driving these movements remain open to interpretation. Whether through supernatural means, advanced technology, or another unexplained phenomenon, the platform’s movements exist outside the usual constraints of our reality.

Is The Platform happening in virtual reality?

An intriguing possibility is that the events depicted in The Platform occur within a virtual reality environment akin to The Matrix. This theory suggests that all participants are connected to a simulated world, prompting profound existential questions. The intricacies of the narrative and its enigmatic elements lend credence to this interpretation, but the film deliberately leaves room for individual speculation.

Are aliens behind it all?

Considering the unorthodox nature and purpose of the vertical prison, the involvement of extraterrestrial beings is a plausible explanation. It is conceivable that aliens orchestrate this enthralling experiment to observe human behavior under extreme duress, seeking to understand what drives human connection and the limits of solidarity.

Could The Platform be purgatory?

Another perspective is to view The Platform as a metaphorical representation of purgatory. Within this framework, the actions and choices made within the prison determine an individual’s path to either redemption or damnation. Alternatively, this interpretation could align with various religious beliefs, such as reincarnation or the balance between good and evil.

Where does Goreng go at the end of The Platform?

The closing scene of The Platform depicts the main character, Goreng, descending into the abyss below the bottom level. Interpreting this poignant moment presents multiple possibilities, depending on the lens through which one views the film.

In a religious context, this descent may symbolize a journey towards enlightenment or a quest for salvation, comparable to seeking light in darkness. Alternatively, in a virtual reality scenario or under alien influence, Goreng’s fate may be less conclusive, suggesting an eternity wandering through the darkness or a return to his initial state.

The ending of The Platform embraces ambiguity, affording viewers the freedom to shape their own understanding. This open interpretation aspect resonates differently with viewers, ensuring diverse responses to the film’s conclusion. While it may not suit everyone’s taste, we applaud the film’s commitment to thought-provoking storytelling.


The enigmatic ending of The Platform has left audiences captivated and contemplative. By exploring questions about the panna cotta, the girl’s role, the plausibility of survival, the platform’s movement, potential virtual reality, alien involvement, and purgatorial symbolism, viewers are encouraged to actively engage with the film’s underlying themes and messages.

Ultimately, The Platform offers an immersive experience that provokes introspection and sparks conversations. Whether you embrace one interpretation or appreciate the ambiguity, this Netflix movie leaves an indelible mark on the mind, inspiring dialogues and encouraging a second watch armed with newfound insights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can the existence of a prison hierarchy be justified by the presence of the panna cotta alone?

The panna cotta serves as a powerful symbol within the film, demonstrating the potential for unity and collaboration. However, it is crucial to remember that The Platform explores complex themes beyond a singular dessert’s significance. The prison hierarchy is a multifaceted construct influenced by a multitude of factors, including scarcity, self-interest, and power dynamics. While the panna cotta delivery carries weight in the narrative, it is not the sole justification for the hierarchical system depicted.

2. Is there a deeper meaning behind the girl’s solitary ascendancy?

While the girl’s ascent alone may diminish the potency of the message, it is important to consider the broader implications. Her journey signifies the potential for innocence and purity to prevail, even amidst darkness and despair. By focusing on the triumph of the young girl’s spirit, The Platform offers a glimmer of hope within an otherwise harrowing environment.

3. How does The Platform tackle social commentary?

The Platform serves as an allegorical depiction of societal struggles, inequality, and the persistence of human nature. By emphasizing the importance of collective action, empathy, and solidarity, the film prompts viewers to reflect on the consequences of our choices and the potential for positive change. It serves as a potent reminder of the impact we can have when we strive for equality and justice.

4. Is The Platform based on a true story?

No, The Platform is not based on true events. However, it raises poignant questions about the human condition and the dynamics of power, resonating with real-world inequalities and social injustices. While the film’s narrative is fictional, its messages and themes hold relevance beyond the screen.

5. What measures were taken to create the intricate set design of the vertical prison?

The creation of the vertical prison required meticulous planning and innovative production design to bring it to life. The film’s art department worked diligently to construct a multi-level structure that captured the essence of the prison’s starkness and confinement. Detailed attention was given to the platform’s movement and the portrayal of each level’s distinct environments, contributing to the film’s immersive and claustrophobic atmosphere.

Now equipped with insights into the ending of The Platform, we encourage you to revisit this thought-provoking film on Netflix, armed with a deeper understanding of its themes and narratives. Prepare to embark on a journey that challenges your preconceptions and sparks enlightening discussions.