The Mind-Bending Finale of Netflixs LOCKE & KEY

The Mind-Blowing Twist Ending of Locke & Key Season 1

The twist ending of the Netflix series Locke & Key has left audiences shocked and thrilled. The season finale delivered a whirlwind of plot twists, some of which may have gone unnoticed. In this feature, we will delve into the core elements of the Locke & Key ending and provide an in-depth explanation.

The Kids’ Shocking Act at the Black Door

As the Locke siblings push the person through the Black Door in the season finale, viewers might assume it is Dodge, the main antagonist who possesses the face-changing key. However, the truth is revealed later. Dodge had used the key to assume Ellie’s face, leaving Ellie as the one being thrown into the unknown void beyond the door. This heartbreaking twist solidifies Dodge’s continued presence in wreaking havoc.

Ellie’s Fate on the Other Side

The fate of Ellie on the other side of the Black Door is left uncertain. She may be suspended in some form or potentially transformed into a demon herself. The showrunners purposely leave this question unanswered, leaving room for exploration in future seasons. The enigmatic nature of Ellie’s situation adds to the intrigue and anticipation for what lies ahead.

The Sinister Secrets of the Omega Door

The Omega Door, also known as the Black Door, is a source of mystery and malevolence throughout the series. In the season 1 finale, the door is finally opened, but its contents remain unknown. It exudes a sinister aura, and even Dodge, the primary antagonist, fears being trapped on the other side. One of the showrunners cryptically refers to it as “Demon jelly,” further heightening the sense of impending danger.

Unleashing Darkness: What Came Through the Black Door

We discover that something has indeed come through the Black Door, as evidenced by a beam of light hitting Eden, a brief love interest of Tyler. This parallels a similar incident from a generation earlier, where the Locke kids’ father and his friends opened the door, resulting in Lucas being struck by a similar beam of light, transforming him into a demon. Rendell, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode’s father, had to take the grim task of ending Lucas’ demonic existence. The traumatic experience led to the erasure of Duncan’s memories to safeguard himself and those involved.

The Return of Lucas

In Season 1, it appears that Lucas resurfaces but retains his youthful appearance. However, it is revealed that Ellie mistook “Dodge” for an echo of Lucas when, in reality, it is simply Dodge using the Identity Key to switch between her various personas. The Identity Key plays a pivotal role in many of the plot twists, allowing Dodge to manipulate and deceive.

Eden’s Transformation into a Demon

Eden falls victim to a demon bullet when the Black Door is opened, resulting in her transformation into a demon herself. In the final scenes of the season, we witness Eden devouring a table full of food at the diner, mirroring Dodge’s behavior when she was initially released from the well. Eden’s fate aligns with Dodge’s manipulation and the consequences of meddling with the supernatural forces within the world of Locke & Key.

The Presence of Other Demons in Matheson

Gabe, another character in the series, is revealed to be a demon as well. He becomes the second love interest for Kinsey, who finds herself torn between Gabe and Scot. However, Gabe’s true nature as a demon is unveiled. Like Dodge, Gabe is merely one of the many faces utilized to navigate the small town and interact with its inhabitants. Once again, the Identity Key plays a significant role in this revelation.

Insights from the Showrunners

For those seeking further clarification and a deeper understanding of the Locke & Key twist ending, Netflix has released a video on their official YouTube channel. In the video, the showrunners provide insights and explanations that shed light on the various elements of the series. It offers an opportunity to put faces to the names and gain a more intimate understanding of the creative decisions behind Locke & Key.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will we ever find out Ellie’s fate?

Ellie’s fate beyond the Black Door is intentionally left open-ended, creating anticipation for future seasons. The showrunners have indicated that her story may be further explored, allowing viewers to uncover the truth about Ellie’s ultimate destiny.

2. What lies behind the Omega Door?

Though the Omega Door is opened in the finale, the exact contents behind it remain a mystery. Its foreboding appearance suggests something malevolent, perhaps even otherworldly. Future seasons may unveil the secrets locked away behind the Omega Door.

3. How many personas did Dodge assume?

Dodge, using the power of the Identity Key, assumes various personas throughout the series. The exact number is hard to determine, as she seamlessly switches between identities to deceive and manipulate those around her. Each identity adds a layer of complexity to Dodge’s menacing presence.

4. Will we see more demons in Matheson?

The presence of demons in Matheson is not limited to Dodge and Eden. As shown with Gabe, the potential for encountering other demons within the town remains. The supernatural aspects of Locke & Key open the door for further exploration and encounters with dark forces lurking in the shadows.

5. Can memories be restored, or are they lost forever?

The erasure of Duncan’s memories serves as a protective measure for both himself and those involved in the traumatic events surrounding Lucas. While memories can be erased, the possibility of restoring them remains uncertain. The repercussions of tampering with memories and the delicate balance between protecting loved ones and preserving the truth are integral to the narrative.


The twist ending of Locke & Key Season 1 leaves viewers with a myriad of questions and a burning desire for more. Through unraveling the mysteries of the Black Door, Dodge’s deceptive nature, and the supernatural transformations of key characters, the show captivates and ensnares our imagination. The Locke siblings and the inhabitants of Matheson face a perilous future as they navigate the tangled web of magic, demons, and the consequences of their choices. As we eagerly await future seasons, one thing remains certain—Locke & Key has left an indelible mark on the landscape of supernatural storytelling.