The Righteous Gemstones Seasons 1 & 2 Recap

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A Quick Recap of Seasons 1 and 2

The Righteous Gemstones, a comedic masterpiece created by Danny McBride, is set to return for its highly anticipated Season 3 in mid-June. This absurdist megachurch comedy has garnered a devoted following who either love or hate McBride’s unique brand of humor. Personally, I find him hilarious despite his crude and child-like antics. In The Righteous Gemstones, McBride introduces us to the extravagant, immature, warped, and hypocritical world of the uber-rich Memphis televangelist family, the Gemstones. With Season 3 just around the corner, let’s take a moment to recap the outrageous events that unfolded in Seasons 1 and 2.

Meet the Gemstone Family

The Gemstone family is portrayed by a phenomenal cast, including the talented Danny McBride as Jesse Gemstone, Adam Devine as Kelvin Gemstone, and Edi Patterson as Judy Gemstone. The incomparable John Goodman portrays the family patriarch and pastor, Eli Gemstone. Together, they bring the Gemstone family dynamics to life with their bickering, backstabbing, and larger-than-life personalities. The show also features the remarkable Walton Goggins, known for his roles in Sons of Anarchy and Justified, who adds his exceptional talent to the mix.

Season 1 Recap: A Wild Ride Begins

The first season of The Righteous Gemstones starts with a hilarious baptism scene that is sure to leave you in stitches. Jesse, Kelvin, and Eli Gemstone find themselves in the midst of a 24-hour mass baptism marathon in China’s wave pool. As they conduct baptisms, they can’t help but critique each other’s methods. Just when tensions rise, chaos ensues as the wave pool transforms into a party atmosphere, leaving everyone bewildered. But the hilarity doesn’t end there.

Upon their return home, a blackmail video surfaces, revealing Jesse’s indulgence in cocaine and strippers. Little does Jesse know that his own son is behind this scandalous video, demanding a hefty ransom to keep it hidden. Jesse, determined to save the family’s reputation, enlists the help of his siblings, and a series of misadventures unfold.

From a failed robbery attempt on the megachurch to a misguided attempt to soften the blow of the blackmail video by showing it to Jesse’s wife, Amber, in front of her friends, chaos ensues. Judy finds herself in trouble after vandalizing the wrong car, Kelvin’s unconventional relationship with his security guard takes a tumultuous turn, and the Gemstone kids’ efforts to protect the family only lead to more embarrassment.

In the season finale, Jesse, Judy, and Kelvin confess their sins to Eli, resulting in their expulsion from the church. Eli tracks down the thief who stole his money, revealing a surprising connection. The end of Season 1 sets the stage for a thrilling and unpredictable Season 2.

Season 2 Recap: Unveiling Secrets and Looming Threats

Season 2 delves deeper into the Gemstone family’s past, exploring the events that led to their massive fortune. Eli Gemstone, preoccupied with protecting his legacy, faces new challenges as he fights to regain control of his church.

While the Gemstones seem to have smoother sailing in Season 2, appearances can be deceiving. Jesse and Amber work towards reconciliation, Judy and BJ are now married and back at Eli’s church, and Kelvin embarks on a peculiar quest as he develops a messiah complex. However, all is not well behind the scenes.

Jesse and Amber join forces with a new mega-church pastor, Lyle Lissons, and his wife to invest in a churchy tropical resort named Zion’s Landing. Little do they know that the Lissons have ulterior motives and seek to undermine the Gemstones at any cost.

Season 2 takes unexpected turns with the emergence of Eli’s shady past, embodied by Junior Marsh, who believes Eli owes him something. A tense confrontation brings forth a side of Eli we have never seen before. Additionally, a nosy investigative reporter threatens to expose the corruption within the Gemstone church, further endangering Eli’s legacy.

Ultimately, it is revealed that Lyle Lissons is responsible for much of the chaos surrounding the Gemstones. His actions lead to a climactic and comedic showdown between Lyle and the reporter, resulting in unexpected consequences. The Lissons’ true colors are exposed, and their fate is left hanging in the balance.

What’s Next? Season 3 and Beyond

With Season 3 on the horizon, The Righteous Gemstones promises more immoral high jinks, intense power struggles within the Gemstone church, and confrontations with new adversaries. Uncle Baby Billy continues to stir up trouble, and the Gemstones find themselves entangled in the world of NASCAR. They must also navigate the challenges posed by a fervent religious movement and its outspoken right-wing supporters.

To add to the excitement, Season 3 introduces an array of new characters portrayed by talented actors such as Steve Zahn, Lukas Haas, Robert Oberst, Iliza Shlesinger, Stephen Dorff, Shea Whigham, Casey Wilson, and musician Sturgill Simpson.

As we eagerly await the premiere of Season 3, take the time to catch up on Seasons 1 and 2, which are available to watch on Max. Prepare for more laughter, absurdity, and surprises as the Gemstone family continues their hilarious and unpredictable journey.